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PM’s worry…..and he should be

July 15, 2016

PRIME Minister Rear Admiral (Ret) Voreqe Bainimarama says he’s a bit worried about continuing with development projects in the Northern Division because a lot of voters there didn’t vote for the FijiFirst party in the recent general election.

While addressing government officials and some villagers at Naulumatua House in Nabouwalu, Bua yesterday, Mr Bainimarama said a lot of people didn’t want developments to take place in their respective settings, prompting them to vote for SODELPA (Social Democratic Liberal Party).

Accompanied by wife, Mary and Labour Minister Jioje Konrote and some government officials, this was Mr Bainimarama’s first official tour of the North after the election.

“Dua na i wiliwili levu ni koro e Vanua Levu e ra sega ni vinakata na veivakatorocaketaki baleta ni ra sega ni digitaka na FijiFirst. E ra a digitaka ga na SODELPA (A high number of villages on Vanua Levu don’t want developments because they didn’t choose FijiFirst. They only chose SODELPA).”

Mr Bainimarama said such voters only wanted the restoration of the GCC and discussions about the church but they didn’t want free bus fare, among other developments and incentives his government had provided for the people of Fiji.

“That’s the bit that I am worried about right now, whether we should continue with developments or not in Vanua Levu.”

However, Mr Bainimarama said this would be an inclusive government.

“This will be an inclusive government as I have said earlier but at the same time, we’ll have to be worried about those people who don’t want developments. Let’s not shove developments down their throats.”

He added development projects tabled out by the Commissioner Northern were basically the government’s but unfortunately, a lot of people in the North didn’t want them.

Mr Bainimarama said they would have to relook at the list of developments and prioritise those who needed them in the North.

Meanwhile, Mr Bainimarama and his entourage will attend the FijiFirst party’s thanksgiving church service at Labasa’s Subrail Park today.

source  – FT; Posted by Rusi Varani for SWM

Man relives ordeal

July 15, 2016

Felix Chaudhary
Thursday, July 14, 2016

ONE of the three men caught allegedly cultivating marijuana by a team of police and military officers in 2009 says he still does not understand why they were tortured and then forced to walk for six hours to a village to be transported to hospital.

He also claimed the security forces team used racially derogatory remarks while torturing him because they thought he was a Fijian of Indian descent. Jim Kusi, a resident of Sigatoka, claimed he still had trouble sleeping because of the trauma invoked by the combined police and military squad.

“I had already admitted to them that we were looking after the farm and we were all prepared to go and face court over any charges but what they did to us that evening is something I will never forget,” the 47-year-old shared.

“It was sometime in June. Because we were up in the highlands, we had no idea there was an operation to sweep for drug farms. Around dusk as we were preparing to have tea, about seven or eight men attacked us.”

“All we could see was police and military uniforms as they began punching and kicking us and using sticks to poke us,” Mr Kusi alleges.

“I was expecting to get a beating because of what we were doing, but what I did not expect was for one of the police officers to pour the boiling water from the kettle over my body.

“And while I was screaming in pain, they poked sticks into my back and were laughing as they did it. They must have thought I was Indian because they used very foul language against my mother and kept saying they were doing it because I was a ‘kai dia’.”

Mr Kusi alleged he and the other two victims were tied up like animals as the beating continued.

“One of the men used burning ember to burn off my long hair while the others laughed. After that they tied our hands together and made us walk for six hours to a village.

“We were taken to hospital and kept isolated from other patients. While I was in hospital, a man came to me with some papers.

“He said they had the right to kill me and do whatever they wanted with me because I was growing drugs.

“He forced me to sign some papers and then I never saw him again,” he claimed.

Mr Kusi spent a few weeks in hospital recovering from severe burns, cuts to his back and bruising all over his body before being released. He now stays at home and looks after his four young children.

Source FT; Posted by W.Varani for SWM

NFP says PM using government resources to campaign

July 1, 2016

The National Federation Party (NFP) has accused the Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama of using Government resources for the publicity of his FijiFirst political party.


In a statement, NFP President Hon. Tupou Draunidalo said that being the Prime Minister and Head of Government was a separate role from being the Leader of the FijiFirst Party.

DARUNIDALO: “He is not free to mix-up his Prime Ministerial role with that of Fiji First…Mixing up his Prime Ministerial trip with the campaign and votes of Fiji First must end.”

Hon. Draunidalo’s statement came after Fiji Sun published an article on the PM’s two-day visit to Gau yesterday,  reporting that villagers had apologised for not voting for Fiji First.

Ms Draunidalo stated that the villagers of Gau were entitled to state or public resources irrespective of who they voted for.

Government Whip, Hon. Ashneel Sudhakar told Newswire that he was not aware of the statement given by Draunidalo and that a proper response should be obtained from the Prime Minister’s office.

Questions have been sent to the Prime Minister’s office, and this article will be updated when we receive a response.

Source – Newswire – posted by Waisea Varani for SWM


June 27, 2016

Roland Koroi
Monday, June 27, 2016

THE National Federation Party is the only party fit enough to contest the 2018 general elections because none of its members or its leaders had ever planned or taken part in any coups.

Speaking at length on what she termed the coup culture during the opening of the party’s working committee meeting in Nadi yesterday, NFP president Roko Tupou Draunidalo said it was time they made some tough decisions about how they moved forward.

“If you’re tired of these milestones just know that we are all travelling this odyssey together,” she said, adding that it was a disgrace how we had let Fiji go into the hands of coup makers.

She said 2018 was the time for the NFP to take over, outlining some of the decisions she claimed the party made in the past which helped Fiji get to where it was today.

“Our party has a rich history and we all know it. The national body that government wrongly borrows money from, the FNPF was an idea from the NFP. Our former leaders and MPs made that happen through the government of the day plus other great things that brought Fiji peace, stability and prosperity, thing’s that stood the test of time in spite of the madness going on around us. USP and Housing Authority were again our ideas and hard work that’s still being used in the majority of land leases and the national economy. Did this government bring it? No. Did the SVT? No. Did the SDL? No. That was our people, the NFP.”

She clarified their stand that they would never endorse another party that had a leader or people whose focus brought ruin to Fiji over the last ten years.

“The people of Fiji are sick of coups and coup makers because they have brought us 30 years of disaster. If our party cannot or does not have the courage to disassociate itself from parties and people with the wrong focus, then I’m afraid that I’m wasting my time here in Fijian politics.”www

She even took a swipe at Sitiveni Rabuka’s new leadership of the SODELPA party, saying their support remained with the former leader.

“I have heard nothing but scorn and disgust at what has transpired in the other opposition party and we should keep well away from the new party leadership. A leopard does not change its spots.

“Let’s give the honourable leader of opposition elected by 49, 000 votes all of the support that she needs because we are a party that honours the votes of the people. But please make no mistake, we must not give any comfort whatsoever to leopards that won’t lose their spots. The arrogant and chaotic has cost this nation too much, to be indulged in any way.”

When contacted, Mr Rabuka opted not to comment, saying he will only do so once the comments by the NFP president was made public.

Calls were made to Attorney General and Fiji First general secretary Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum but we were told that he was busy.

Questions sent to his GMail account remained unanswered.

Source – The FT; Posted by Rusi Varani for SWM

This blog believes that the appointment of Rabuka as head of SODELPA will only further erode support for the party than resolve the differences within. Indirectly the appointment has strengthened Fiji First through disharmony and resignations. The fact that Rabuka has sought apology for his part in the 1987 coup, which was accepted, is laughable and a mockery to the standing of the party and to democracy itself. It is akin to accepting Bainimarama for his part in the 2006 coup. Something unimaginable.

Reddy’s sweeping generalisation reeks of itaukei purge

June 6, 2016

Mahendra Reddy’s approach to education has long been known to be cock-eyed – now comes an audio recording that shows him making derogatory remarks against Indo-Fijian head teachers and principals.

The recording obtained by C4.5 is of a meeting between the Education Minister and QVS Old Boys Anasa Vocea and his deputy, Akuila Waradi, last month at the Warwick.

In the recording, where Reddy also uses the racial slur ‘Kai India’, he defends his decision to order QVS principal Silivio Tawake to leave the school immediately and be transferred to a school in Kadavu, after a parent complained directly to him about his sons being bullied.

Anasa Vocea and Akuila Waradi ask Reddy why he transferred a good teacher without consultation or an investigation into the allegations.

Reddy says he received another complaint from a committee member who claimed an itaukei teacher “is not in the school most of the time” and goes on to say “she just goes to the village to drink grog”.

Later, he tells the pair he hopes they are not defending ‘incompetence’ and reiterates his intention to ‘clean up.’

source – c4.5; posted by waisea varani for swm

Reddy implies Opposition ‘dumb natives’ but Draunidalo to be suspended

June 3, 2016

Fiji’s Parliament is debating whether to accept a recommendation by the Parliamentary Privileges Committee for NFP President and MP Tupou Draunidalo to be suspended with immediate effect from today.

The recommendation follows a complaint by Attorney General Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum after Ms Daunidalo called Education Minister a fool and an idiot after what she says he called the Opposition ‘dumb natives’.

“HON. DR. M. REDDY.- If there were any toppers on the other side Madam Speaker, they wouldn’t have raised this issue of petition, Madam Speaker. Unfortunately. They need to have some toppers there, Madam Speaker. I tell you in another ten years or 5 years’ time there’ll be some toppers seated on that side but they’ll be part of this government, Madam Speaker.

According to the audio transcript from Parliament:

(Chorus of inaudible interjections)

HON. A. SAYED-KHAIYUM.- Hey don’t call him a fool. You called him a

HON. DR. M. REDDY.- Madam Speaker as the Finance Minister said, this is the last…
(Inaudible interjections)

HON. DR. M. REDDY.-…I was a topper

HON. A. SAYED-KHAIYUM. – Point of order Madam Speaker, Hon. Draunidalo called the Minister for Education a fool.

HON. T. DRAUNIDALO. – And he implied first in his speech. Calling us dumb natives. You idiot!

The Committee has recommended Ms Draunidalo formally apologise to Mahendra Reddy and to the people of Fiji and be suspended for the remainder of her term of Parliament, effective immediately.

Source – C4.5; Posted by Wais Varani for SWM

INTERVIEW Transcript proves Sudhakar LIED when he berated Fiji Times: ‘…Phasing out or retirement, replacement of appointments without merit and transfer within ministries. I never made any statements to this effect.’

May 17, 2016

THE FFP GOVERNMENT WHIP AND NOW PAC CHAIRMAN MADE STATEMENTS TO THIS EFFECT: Ashneel Sudhakar to Nasik Swami: “…Probably there is few options — we will let the people who are in there, phase them out, like retire, they will slowly retire out,retire off or we will advertise again for the positions…[or] transferred to the other – that’s one option

“What could happen is — they’ll all, everyonewill be asked to re-apply…” – Sudhakar
Read Full Story below:


Ashneel Sudhakar to Nasik Swami: “…Probably there is few options — we will let the people who are in there, phase them out, like retire, they will slowly retire out,retire off or we will advertise again for the positions. So if somebody is, for example the deputy secretary of finance, and he’s been there just because of his experience and there is somebody who is a better candidate, they apply and of course, his experience will be counted in there, his qualifications will be counted in there – so not necessarily lose their job, I mean there’s no need to panic that you’ll be losing the job, but maybe a better person can replace you in that position while you are transferred to the other – that’s one option.”

Ashneel Sudhakar:Not possibility. The possibilities are endless — but what could happen is — they’ll all, everyone will be asked to re-apply, right. Like, this is something that is not confirmed yet, it’s still being worked out.”

Fijileaks: Sudhakar, while demanding a retraction from the Fiji Times, had claimed that he had made no comments on the readvertising of any positions currently held by civil servants; yes, he did – he mentions in the interview (quoted above], as an example, the deputy secretary of finance, unless he doesn’t consider his position as a civil service position? And, you have his master Aiyaz Khaiyum telling the media that the Ministry of Civil Service has never planned to re-advertise any existing positions or have civil servants reapply for their jobs. But read Sudhakar [ re Deputy Secretary of Finance]


An analysis of the interview transcript released by the Fiji Times proves ASHNEEL SUDHAKAR, the Government Whip, and chairman of Public Accounts Committee and the Law, Justice and Human Rights CommitteeLIED when he denied making no [any] statements about offers to civil servants of phasing out or retirement, replacement where appointments were without merit or transfer within ministries. The Fiji Times, fearing reprisals from Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum and his side-kick Ashwin Raj, MIDA chairman, plays it safe by declaring:

“The Fiji Times reported, as a certainty, that all civil service positions would be readvertised. We acknowledge that this was to overstate what Mr Sudhakar said. He did not say that this would definitely occur. What he said was: “the possibilities are endless — but what could happen is — they’ll all, everyone will be asked to re-apply, right. Like, this is something that is not confirmed yet, it’s still being worked out. Mr Sudhakar says that he made no statements about offers to civil servants of phasing out or retirement, replacement where appointments were without merit or transfer within ministries. However, he clearly made a number of comments on those issues.”

EXTRACTS from Fiji Times interview with Ashneel Sudhakar:

Nasik Swami: And, you know, when these new procedures and new criterias kick in, are there possibilities of them losing their jobs if theydon’t qualify on merit?

Ashneel Sudhakar:Not possibility. The possibilities are endless — but what could happen is — they’ll all, everyone will be asked to re-apply,right. Like, this is something that is not confirmed yet, it’s still being worked out.”

Source – Fijileaks; Posted by Waisea Varani for SWM


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