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The Lies that we will never forget as we cast our vote in two days time

September 16, 2014
Military sources report that many people are turning up to the dictator’s FijiFirst party rallies out of shear curiosity.  They claim that a lot of the people, from all political parties, are very curious to see what a lying dictator and murderer looks like.  The person responsible for their misery, poverty and hardship!

Fiji’s STATE RUN FBC TV4 ran a story about Fiji’s illegal and corrupt, lying dictator, the FijiFirst Leader Bainimarama saying that as part of his campaign he is trying to correct the lies spread by other politicians.  This is tantamount to Satan himself trying to tell the people that he is only an angel out to save them!

The corrupt, lying dictator, Bainimarama, said a lot of lies had been spread about the programs carried out by his illegal government.  YEAH RIGHT, what a load of bullshit!  There is too much proof about Bainimarama’s illegal and corrupt activities and deals!  BUT Bainimarama has tried to HIDE the truth from the rural people of Fiji through his illegal MEDIA decrees and corrupt media officials.

Bainimarama is running from the law for treason, murder, rape, corruption and disobeying a lawful order by his Commander in Chief.  NOW he and Khaiyum are desperate to save themselves so he is lying to the face of the rural people in an attempt to FOOL the rural people into believing their lies.

Bainimarama’s many lies include:

  • his role in the 2000 coup – Bainimarama sent his CRW soldiers into parliament tooverthrow the indo-Fijian led Chaudhry Government than, when it failed, he betrayed the CRW and had them arrested claiming he had saved Fiji
  • Bainimarama said he overthrew the Qarase Government to stop corruption, BUT he and Khaiyum have become the most corrupt BASTARDS in Fiji’s history. They have also stopped the Auditor General from releasing Audited Reports of Government spending – instead they get the Finance Ministry run by Khaiyum to issue FAKEreports signed by the Auditor General as being the Audited accounts – What Rubbish!
  • Bainimarama telling the people in the rural areas that this is a very important election for them and they need to make the right choice.  Its a very importan election for Baianimarama and Khaiyum for if they lose they go to prison for life!

Bainimarama hasn’t done any favours for the people, its all been a trick to fool them into believing that he is helping them with cheap roads, water and developement that HE and Khaiyum have stolen from – taking massive portions of the loans for themselves and their corrupt family and friends.

Bainimarama’s record also says how he has treated the people of Fiji:

  • Bainimarama drastically cut off most of the 19,000 recipients of the Family Assistance Scheme from the welfare programme. Sentencing them to extreme hardship and indignity.  According to a statement issued by the Director Social Welfare, Rupeni Fatiaki, the cuts will extend to the unemployed who may have assets and property. The decision comes at a time of rising unemployment and growing poverty in Fiji.  Meanwhile Bainimarama’s unqualified children and family are given senior roles they know nothing about
  • Bainimarama removed over 500 families from its list of recipients for State assistance.  And the guillotine came down on the rest
  • Bainimarama is paying himself more than any other PM in Fiji’s history and Ministers are paid super salaries, and hundreds of thousands of dollars of public funds are being frittered away each year on overseas travels and the exuberant lifestyles of Bainimarama, his illegal Cabinet and some senior civil servants
  • Baianimarama has no accountability and transparency in his handling of public moneys
  • Bainimarama’s has created Political instability and total disregard for the rule of law that have contributed directly to the economic decline Fiji is facing today
  • Private investment is at its lowest because no-one wants to invest in a country run by corrupt politicians who easily throw childish tantrums
  • Bainimarama has created the lowest ever levels of exports and sugar production, while telling the world that sugar is the best its ever been
  • Bainimarama’s corrupt, lying dictatorship has depreciated the Fiji dollar,
  • thousands of jobs have been lost
  • living costs have escalated phenomenally.
  • Poverty stands at almost 50% of the population compared to the pre-coup level of about 35%. The situation has worsened following FNPF’s illegal and arbitrary decision to cut pension rates by 50% across the board, sentencing almost 90% of pensioners to extreme financial hardship in their old age
  • The cut off in family assistance on such a massive scale has undoubtedly added to growing social problems such as crime, child prostitution, human trafficking, domestic violence, child abuse and suicide in an increasingly frustrated society.

So HOW can Bainimarama claim that he is building a better Fiji. He is NOT building a better Fiji.  Bainimarama is dangling cheap sewing machines, brush cutters, rubbish bins and roads that wash away in heavy rains to reveal  they are only cosmetic so that people can be easily fooled into believing Bainimarama and Khaiyum are doing good for them.

REMEMBER Matthew 7:15-16 that says, Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves. 16 Ye shall know them by their fruits. What is produced from all their activities and lies!  …….and now hear the lies in Bainimarama’s own words, “I want to clear and tell the people listen to me let me tell you what is exactly happening in our country with regards to the economy, with regards to the Land Bank, with regards to the Constitution and so when you vote, you don’t have to be lied to – to make that tick. And its most unfair I have been telling them where I go to, whenever I speak to the people I tell them that it is most unfair when people – supposedly people who have held positions in the government – Ratu’s and Adi’s and they sit down with the community and they tell them this is what is happening – knowing full well that most of our people in the rural areas have not read the constitution so they interpret the constitution in such a way to get the people feeling very shaky about what we have done – the government that is – so on that note they say don’t vote for FijiFirst – there are lot of lies being spread so I go around and tell them – this is what is in the Constitution.” Bainimarama says this opportunity to choose a government won’t come around for the next four years.

Source – TFF; Posted by Rusi Varani for SWM
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  1. Timoci Gaunavinaka permalink
    September 16, 2014 10:23 AM

    Your blog is full of shit everyday and the many lies you give shows the stupidity you have thinking that people are stupid like you to believe these lies….

    In a few days time you will be licking your wounds after realising that people are not stupid like what you think they are. Its easy to tell the truth from a pile of crap like your blog site have…….

  2. Timoci Gaunavinaka permalink
    September 18, 2014 1:06 PM

    Now that that the people of Fiji have voted and FijiFirst have won, with Bainimarama beating his closest rival Ro Teimumu with more than 100,000 votes in a small country like Fiji, where do you go to from here ?

    Ro Teimumu even loss in Rewa to PM. That shows that even her own people do not trust her….. hahahaha… I bet she will be again be dropping some crocodile tears now…..

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