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What are we really celebrating on FIJI DAY?

October 10, 2017

Fiji day 10 October 2017, this should be a day of celebration, but what are we actually celebrating?

The coat of arms depicts the dictator with his puppet master, Fiji’s own terrorist bomb-maker and queer Khaiyum who have ruled Fiji for the past 10 years.

Under the Bainimarama dictatorship Fiji has experienced its highest ever levels of National debt and corruption!  There is no rule of law, no independent judiciary, no equal citizenry, no free speech, no free and fair elections, no freedom of association, and no human rights where the military and police attack their own people but the military quickly surrenders when the opposition also has guns!  Some suggest the ransom paid for the poor soldiers was a trick to get money to terrorists.

Fiji’s military commander is also a human rights violator and so is the arsonist police commissioner who burnt Justice Gordon Wards house and beat up citizens on Bainimarama’s orders!   JV Bainimarama committed treason, sedition, murder, rape, corruption and nepotisim and is running from the law!

Many corrupt and far less educated of society, like children, exalt the dictator for the lies and free gifts and goodies they receive and for serving kava at a funeral. The word ‘Free’ has been used loosely by the regime to fool the gullible, and they have. The Free medicine got many excited until they tried to access it. It was only free to a select few. Free bus fare has stopped. Free milk was a great idea but the reality is that it benefits the supplier, a close associate of the corrupt and megalomaniac AG khaiyum. Schools reported receiving no milk or outdated milk. Free school means many students have to buy their own text-books and equipment.

A good number of children still live and school in leaky tents, over a year after TC Winston destroyed their homes and schools. The cash donations of over $150 million given to help them never reached them!  Khaiyums associates benefited from the high price charged for building materials given to the few victims who did benefit.

The Auditor General highlighted unaccounted govt spending totaling well over $200 million. That’s just the nice way of saying stolen!

New fancy looking highways have easily washed away during heavy rains that are common for Fiji. Built, it seems, all for show when the real crime is in the 100’s of millions of dollars allocated to, but do no reach, the project and are not reflected in the quality of work. Where did it go?

Air Pacific, now Fiji Airways, was once owned by the people, their pensions were used to buy new planes. Bainimarama said it was bought and paid for and belonged to the people, but ownership tags in the planes state that the planes belong to Waqavuka Financing Limited who lease the planes to Fiji Airways.  Meanwhile the Fiji pensioners who paid for the planes had their pensions arbitrarily reduced by 50%!  Some living on $25 a month.  Meanwhile Bainimarama’s FNPF exceeds a million dollars in just a few years!  Remember he was almost bankrupt in 2006, living of the military commander’s salary.

Fiji’s dictator JV Bainimarama and his megalomaniac puppet master earn over a million dollars while the minimum hourly wage has been increased by 36 cents, $2.68. Bainimarama also gave himself an extra overseas travel allowance of $3,000 per day, on top of all other costs of accommodation, travel and credit card.  Meanwhile, hospitals are bare of basic essentials, patients must take their own bed sheets, blankets, food, utensils and are told to buy their medicine and bandages because the hospital has none.

Public servants are frustrated with all the lies and inequality in citizenry, some taking their frustrations out through poor services. Remember, that Bainimarama and khaiyum have also appointed their unqualified family and friends to senior government positions, above more qualified and more experienced public servants. All key positions are now held by khaiyum’s kind.

The sugar, mahogany and fishing industries have also collapsed under Bainimarama and Khaiyum’s corruption and incompetence!

In addition, JV Bainimarama and his puppet master, the queer Khaiyum, continue to attack indigenous Fijians. They:
Removed the indigenous Fijian Great Council of Chiefs while the Muslim league continues
Changed the name and race of indigenous Fijians to iTaukei meaning the owners of something, anything
Banned the indigenous Fijian language from being spoken in Fiji’s Parliament
Continue to steal indigenous Fijian lands
Called indigenous Fijians monkeys
are slowly but surely removing indigenous Fijian cultural autonomy.

These are just a few of the many issues facing Fiji. So what exactly are we celebrating on Fiji day?….Its not a free Fiji,  its not our human rights!  Its not our equal citizenry! It’s not even a Fiji governed by the rule of law! Nor is it a democratic Fiji with free speech and freedom of association and freedom of religion!  So what are you celebrating?………..

Source – Truth For Fiji; Posted by Rusi Varani for SWM
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