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Bainimarama’s daughter free rides to see Fiji’s new plane

May 20, 2013


No mention of her in the official releases about the Air Pacific delegation that went to France to collect the new A320, but Frank Bainimarama’s daughter is flying high as well.

The daughter of Fiji’s self-appointed leader, Bernadette Bainimarama, gave it away herself posting these pictures on her Facebook along with a note saying she was in Lourdes to see ‘Fiji Airways newest plane’.

No mention of whether she paid her own way, but is that reallylikely? More probable she was part of the group, thanks to theperks of being Daddy’s Girl and her trip is being paid for by our taxes, just as the new plane is being paid for by the pensioner’sfunds.

Bainimarama and the Air Pacific team have officially taken possession of the second A330 aircraft from the Airbus outlet in Toulouse after meeting Airbus’ vice president for contracts anddelivery transactions,Thierry Van Der Heyden.

The plane is being named Namuka-I-Lau, in honour of the designer of the Masi motif now used on the aircraft, Makereta Matemosi, despite the huge outcry over the decision to commercialize the traditional designs for the exclusive use of Air Pacific.

The aircraft is due to fly into Nadi this Thursday.

Source – Coupfourpointfive – Posted by Rusi Varani for SWM
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