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Election Updates

September 18, 2014

Coup leader Frank Bainimarama and his party, Fiji First, have taken almost 70 per cent of the vote but the full count isn’t expected for a few days.

SODELPA is second with about 26% of the vote. NFP has less than five per cent of the votes with PDP at 3.53% and FLP at just 2.39%.

The figures suggest Fiji First will get 30 of the 50 seats.

Media, both local and international, are reporting euphoria but it’s not across the board – sadness and disbelief is coming through.

Ballot boxes at the wharf, what were they doing there?

Questions are also already being asked about why  ballot papers were stored in a container when it was stipulated everything would be kept at SOE offices or with the police?

SODELPA leader Ro Teimumu Kepa casting her vote

Interest has been shown, too, in the number of votes for the illegal attorney general, Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum, who reportedly polled better than NFP leader, Biman Prasad.

Note as well the votes for candidates 297, 397, 277 – did they mistakenly get Bainimarama’s votes? They are unknown candidates but are leading their line-up.

Fiji First appears to have got 90 percent IndoFijian votes and 30 to 40 percent of the itaukei votes.

Ro Kepa’s votes will be worth looking at. At one point last night she was polling fourth, then second and then third.

Female candidates have meanwhile apparently received 16% (63089 votes) of the total provisional tally of 387400 this morning:

2.6% of votes for Fiji First gone to women (6145 out of 233005)

46.5% of votes for SODELPA gone to women (48056 of 103453)

16.1% of votes for NFP gone to women (3524 of 21910)

21.1% of PDP votes gone to women (2890 of 13684)

12.2% of FLP votes gone to women (1133 of 9256)

11.7% of OneFiji votes gone to women (509 of 4340)
Roshika Deo has 0.2% of total vote (832)

More to come but one thing is clear: the Opposition parties should’ve formed a Coalition as we were urged instead of splitting votes. 

What people are saying:

If SODELPA becomes the opposition, then let it be the best Opposition Fiji needs for Frank’s kind of government. The world will not end tomorrow if Frank wins this. There are other means and processes to verify the results, then there is the next 4 years to think about. There’s always 2018 around the corner. So don’t lose heart. We are in this for the long haul, not just for now. So still keep the faith.

On the way to vote

Isn’t it a sad day for Fiji that we were unable to get a truly honestly democratically elected government.

Again we voted under duress, on vote rigging, false promises, treating and bribery and sympathies.

And this was done knowing full well that they will never be touched or prosecuted because they have provided immunity for themselves.  

Candidates were disallowed at the eleventh hour because they were studying overseas for the past year; NGOs were not permitted to do voter education, the media and the public were bombarded with one party’s PR, facts were twisted, pre-polling of 60,000 people occurred 6 weeks before election day and before candidates or manifestos were finalised – that’s not free and fair and it’s not a real choice when people don’t have all the facts.

Khaiyum had it all planned out and our poor people were hoodwinked once again.

When are we going to learn our lessons in life and not be taken for granted. 

The devil never sleeps. He has reaped his rewards with evil, now those who sold their souls will have to pay the price and that price maybe beyond their expectations.

Source – c4.5; posted by Rusi Varani for SWM

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  1. Timoci Gaunavinaka permalink
    September 19, 2014 10:19 AM

    The ballot boxes for voting on 17th September were counted in front of all party agents in their respective polling stations. This means SODELPA, NFP, Labor and etc all witnessed the “Provisional Counting” and any objection they made were recorded and decisions made there and then in the presence of the International Observers.

    The ballot boxes are then locked in containers inside or beside Police Stations compounds for safekeeping overnight and even party agents can sit there whole night if they wish to and assist Police in looking after the containers and ensuring no rigging is done.

    This provisional count is then later crossed checked by another full count when the ballot boxes reach the HQ to ensure that the Provisional count agrees with the real count or not. Again the International observers and party agents are allowed access to witness this. Only after the confirmation of this count can then an official winner and results be officially declared.

    That is similar to how its done all over the world. These observers are not new to this task, they have monitored dozens of elections all over the world and know exactly where to look and what to look for.

    If they have declared FijiFirst the winner, it is not surprising because all the pre-election polls by Fiji Sun and Fiji Times have predicted this result. Ro Teimumu, Mahen, Biman and Ms Draunidalo may have been dreaming that the people of this country are stupid to vote them into government. They are lucky to win seats in parliament because now Fiji First have known the kind of lies they spread and will be waiting fully prepared to counter that in 4 years time.

    Next election, they will be lucky to win a combined total of 10 seats.

    The people have voted and have had their say. Is it too difficult to swallow the truth now ?

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