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British tourist’s sky diving accident exposes Fiji’s lax tourism practices and inadequate hospitals

January 24, 2014

A story that shows all is not idyllic in Fiji, contrary to regime boasts about tourism numbers and how far it has taken the country since it ousted the last government.

Skydiver, Ben Nornick, had to be evacuated to New Zealand after a jump went wrong at the last minute.

Nornick, who nearly had his leg amputated, collided with van that had been left on the landing area, with the boot up.

“If I had been a foot high it could have taken my head off…”

Nornick says neither Nadi nor Suva hospital could do anything for him and it was thanks to his friends he got to New Zealand.

Watch the video here –

Source – C4.5, Posted by Rusi Varani for SWM
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  1. Timoci Gaunavinaka permalink
    January 28, 2014 2:02 PM

    Similar accidents occur to tourists in Australia, New Zealand and all over the world all the time. Why try to point Fiji out as if its the only place on Earth where accidents to tourists occur.

    This month alone 29 Tourists Boats each carrying thousands of tourists visit Fiji. We are expecting over 400 ships by the end of the year.

    During previous governments, we are lucky to have 20 in one whole year.

    If we are not a good tourist destination, how come we are breaking tourist numbers visiting our shores every year ?

    Action speaks louder than words my friend…..

    You can say what ever crap you want to say on this blog, it will always remain a crap.

    It will not even tickle Bainimarama or The Fiji Government a bit. The coming election and its results will testify to this once and for all.

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