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Military pays tribute to ‘David’ – Yeah right!!

March 10, 2014



The RFMF dutifully sent off its outgoing commander and Fiji’s dictator Bainimarama after 15 years of his thug leadership, treason, sedition, murder, corruption, oppression of the people of Fiji and dictatorship.

The Fiji Times reports the 3FIR commanding officer, Lieutenant Colonel Manoa Gadai, as saying the army was thankful to God for preserving Bainimarama’s life during the 2000 mutiny when rebel soldiers stormed the Queen Elizabeth Barracks. He also claimed that the dictator Bainimarama was chosen by God to lead the army and that he had been a good and capable leader.  What a load of rubbish!

This form of blind praise has fast become the norm for anyone talking about Fiji’s corrupt, lying and criminal dictator, Bainimarama.   It’s all lies, but what’s the alternative for these tough (?) Fijian soldier(s),…loss of rank and income and may be a jail sentence on trumped up charges like with Brig-General Pita Driti?…

Lt-Col Gadai also paid tribute to the dictator’s wife, Mary Kean-Bainimarama, for her part in assisting him in what can only be his lying and stealing from Fiji through multiple salaries, corruption, theft of native lands, and oppression and torture and murder of the people.  Mary knows all about the dictator’s evil deeds but she is too smitten by greed and that kai-loma “koco”, illegal perks and the corrupt high life she couldn’t before enjoy.

But what is really interesting is Lt-Col Gadai portraying the lying, corrupt and lamusona dictator Bainimarama as the biblical King David, the hero of Israel – saying that the dictator had triumphed over many odds and beaten many different Goliaths.   What the?!

It was Bainimarama, with all the guns and military thugs, who ordered his CRW soldiers into parliament in 2000 to take government hostage, pretended to be Fiji’s saviour, overthrew his Commander in Chief the president, committed treason and sedition, ordered the deaths of CRW soldiers, murdered an unborn child, raped and beat-up women and men, and insulted the indigenous Fijian people and their Lord and God Jesus Christ!   the list goes on…

So what God is Lt-Col Gadai thanking??  ….it can only be SATAN! ……unless the true loving, Lord and God, sent Bainimarama to teach the people of Fiji how to fish and feed themselves for a lifetime?

I always thought there could only be one Commander RFMF at any one time….but is Lt-Col Gadai vying to be the first to share command or is he after a bollywood OSCAR award?!   Manasa Tagicakibau set that standard for a quick easy promotion by betraying fellow officers for his 30 pieces of silver, which was a promotion to Lt-Colonel!

The new Brigadier General Mosese Tikoitoga [Fisher] also paid ass-licking homage to the dictator saying he had dealt with some of the most challenging events in Fiji’s history, while conveniently ignoring the fact that it was Bainimarama himself behind all nasty and evil challenging events in Fiji’s history!

But Brigadier General Mosese Tikoitoga [Fisher] goes on to say that there was the overthrow of the government in 2000 [caused by Bainimarama, RATu Epeli Nailatikau, RATu Epeli Ganilau, RATu Kubuabola and Punjas, etc] and the ensuing chaos, which Bainimarama successfully brought to an end […by betraying his fellow conspirators George Speight and his supporters] and the subsequent mutiny [because Bainimarama had betrayed his CRW, ordering them into parliament and later blaming them for the coup]

The history of Fiji would certainly have been very different had either of these events succeeded. BUT Bainimarama and his nasty, evil conspirators didnt give up and continued their attempts to usurp power and control over Fiji.  Finally, they succeeded in December 2006!  ……so the military insults King David!

Source – TFF; Posted by Rusi Varani for SWM
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  1. Timoci Gaunavinaka permalink
    March 11, 2014 10:58 AM

    Your blog is full of shit and those who agree with you must be blind.

    The Great Council of Chiefs and the Methodist Church were the two “Goliaths” who instigated and supported the Coup of 2000 that brought Bainimarama to the front picture of news. Before that he just a commander of the RFMF.

    Bainimarama took reactive measures to the pro-actions of George Speight and his thugs backed by members of the GCC and the Methodist Church…. They were the ones who wanted Ratu Mara out and demanded a Pro-Fijian racist government which Qarase then obliged to form.

    Bainimarama could have easily took the power from 2000, but no, he gave it to Qarase to take Fiji forward. When Qarase did the opposite, he took over again to map our the route that Fiji Should take and he has proven this very well in his last 7 years of leadership. When Fiji is in the best position it has ever been since independence, he step down again from RFMF after installing one of the best constitution ever for our beloved country.

    Bainimarama is now on his way to a land-slide victory in this coming elections simply because most of Fiji’s voters today are young and educated citizens with no racist bias. We can now see the truth in moving Fiji forward as a united country.

    Ro Teimumu thinks she can turn back the clock to old days where chiefs rule no matter how they mismanage and misuse land lease money of tax payers funds that was meant to upgrade the standard of living of the people. The Roko Tui Dreketi is in for a surprise.

    The first people to bully others with their guns were the supporters of George Speight and supported by the GCC and the Methodist Church. They were the Goliaths cut down by our David Bainimarama.

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