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Time is on our side, yes it is and…………………

March 18, 2009


After the coup of 2000 and its aftermath, court cases that followed with CRW soldiers confirmed that a soldier havea right to disobey an unlawful order from a superior officer. This was also drummed to every soldier and members of other discpline services (the Police and Prison Service) in a National Security Service and Human Rights Handbook funded by NZAID and jointly developed by the three service and the Fiji Human Rights Commission. This was later launched in pomp and ceremony at the Officers Mess during a Retreat Ceremony by their Commander in Chief Iloilo in 2005.

Straight after the aftermath of the 2006 coup, the Fiji Human Rights Commission with its half dead new Chairperson Rodney Acraman making headlines launched a pocket version of these handbooks translated in Fijian for field use by the security forces during the state of emergency. This led to a major fall out between the Human Rights Commission and NZAID with the latter sending a senior officer to Shaista Shameem to deliver a letter from the High Commissioner expressing his concern among other things wrong with the Commission’s reaction to the coup and the Fijian translation of the said Human Rights Handbook.

This Fijian Translation together with re-assurance from the evil Gang of Five at Delainabua (Voreqe, Teleni, Ului, Driti and Aziz) misled that soldiers must follow all orders no matter if they are illegal because the president has signed an immunity decree and they are now immune from everything on this earth. If they refuse to follow order, one, they will either be given the marching orders straight away or two, they will be tortured first like sevens rugby superstar Niko Baleiverata before being booted out.

Which brings us to the Rabaka case. The soldiers could not believe their collective ears when they were dished out custodial sentences and doomed to an enforced diet of dhal and rice and solo sexual satisfication for the next three years until they qualify for parole.

Latest is that there are now unrest among the class 8 and form four school dropouts other ranks at the RFMF as the collective penny dropped on them that there is no immunity. They now know that when a fully democractic government is once again in office, human rights cases of torture, bullying and murder will surface to be prosecuted in proper courts of law. Courts that will pass sentence to lock up those that are ignorant of the law that was re-affirmed during the CRW trials. Those that argue they were merely following orders that led to violation of the Penal Code  will not be exenorated from prosecution.

Imagine the horror that has now dawned on them that while the Rabaka murderers cane be prosecuted and jailed while Vore is in power, imagine what can happened to other violaters when a government by the people takes over.

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  1. Mark Manning permalink
    March 18, 2009 5:19 AM

    The thing I’m concerned about , is that the next government , which again could be led by Mr. Qarase , elects to appease Frank and Co. by offering all involved a pardon or amnesty , which is one of the things that created an excuse for Frank to do the coup in the 1st. place ( an amnesty of some of George’s mob ) !
    It has to be made clear , here on this site and the other blog sites , that no pardon or amnesty will be tolerated by the public , otherwise the coup coup culture will continue forever and a day .
    And what of those responsible for the various other murders since 2006 and the CRW soldiers in 2000 , when will they’re deaths be investigated by a competent Police Force and warrants for their arrests issued , or will the DPP and the Judiciary decide that they are innocent of murder also ?
    It’s time all Fijians , set the parameters for their leaders . God knows the leadership in Fiji has been wanting since 1970 and maybe it’s time for a new Political Party and new blood . But it’s definitely time that Fijians speak out and make it quite clear that no deals will be done this time nor in the future . The full force of the Law must be brought to bare on all the people involved in these illegal acts of Frank and Co.

  2. Mark Manning permalink
    March 18, 2009 5:22 AM

    Small soldiers , not so brave now , George must be laughing his head off .
    As for having sex with themselves , well maybe not , because aren’t they trained in the art of having oral sex or does one need to be unconscious 1st. ?

  3. March 18, 2009 6:25 AM

    Its all about the human right of a person irespective of his status and thats got to be respected.
    You abuse his rights, you face the consequence, they are lucky to get four years, for man slaughter they should get at least fifteen years.
    Nobody is above the law and the military and police should be aware of this.
    Their job is to see that the law is kept and they work within the confines of the law with procedures that should be followed.
    If this case is appealed then the sentence should be increased to fifteen years. That will set the preceduce for taking the law into you own hands.

  4. Celua Niumataiwalu permalink
    March 18, 2009 7:02 AM

    Driti, you’re time will come. The Ladies that you tortured at the Barracks on Xmas Eve 2006 recognised your voice in the dark.

  5. Celua Niumataiwalu permalink
    March 18, 2009 7:02 AM

    sorry should be “your” time will come.

  6. EnufDictatorship permalink
    March 18, 2009 8:12 AM

    God’s hands moving people.

    And I do concur with Mark….it’s time these leaders of sorts start putting down some REAL benchmarks….the time to RECONCILE is over! It’s now time to FACE THE CONSEQUENCES of illegal and cowardice actions and at the same time pass laws that will see future coupsters GO STRAIGHT TO JAIL!

  7. Na Qo permalink
    March 18, 2009 8:20 AM

    @ CN

    And he had the cheek to present himself and mitigate on behalf of those
    soldiers at the Rabaka trial !!! What arrogance or just plain stupid – I believe more of the latter.

    O cei e vunau ? Sa guilecavi na veivakalolomataki ?

    Io – waraka namaka !

  8. March 18, 2009 8:47 AM

    hahahahaha….!!!!!…. pants down…. hahhahhaha, now no gun… ok gun maraow!!!!!!!…. vuki….vuki….now my turn…

    MM our time will come…..iPM vuki,mmmmmm, qai nomu sara ga yani…kaila mada…

  9. EnufDictatorship permalink
    March 18, 2009 10:17 AM

    And to read the sentiments of those who mitigated for these murderers, it’s really Namaka Police ONLY functions with that police murderer there….jeez what kind of a security force do we have? And Vore cannot see that this is the product of his holier-than-thou-saviour-like syndrome?!!!

    HAHAHA indeed! And where’s the Pressie and his stupido immunity clause now??…

    wheels of justice slowly turning! Thank God!

  10. Tim permalink
    March 18, 2009 11:27 PM

    I feel a spiel from Bubba and Shaista coming on

  11. Peace Pipe permalink
    March 18, 2009 11:38 PM

    First of all by looking at these low life murders I am dumbfounded at how can 8 large men inflict pain torture humiliation and death on a slightly built youth of Rabaka. Bully and overkill is my overview of the situation. After all it the modus operandi of their top brasses at Nabua when the used the guns and military might to rob the people of their rights and everything else.

    Then the army goes and waste govt money by attending court in large numbers led by that oaf aziz. Further evidence of the bullying behaviour of these goons.

    We must not let this be another Francis Kean injustice where they might be set free on some concoction of reasons. Keep an open eye on this for any funny business that may pop up in the near future.

    If we cannot get justice for our citizens then who will save us when it the stakes are raised. It is a helpless and vulnerable feeling.

  12. Keep The Faith permalink
    March 19, 2009 2:49 AM

    Dayum Tim – it’s almost as if you’re living in The Shyster’s house 😉

    Ta Da!

  13. Mark Manning permalink
    March 19, 2009 3:07 AM

    What Fiji needs :-
    If all these qualities were at the forefront of Fiji Politics , then perhaps , coupled with further new and innovative measures , there would be a new era in Fiji Politics .
    Perhaps it’s time to implement a new type of investigative body into Fiji society , whereby , internal security can be at the forefront , for stability’s sake .
    Maybe it’s time to set up an Agency similar to the CIA / FBI !

  14. Mark Manning permalink
    March 19, 2009 3:09 AM

    It may be time now , for someone to start outsourcing people who are willing to prosecute all those involved in this and past coups as well as those involved in any associated illegal activity , such as torture , murder , detaining of citizens .

  15. Mark Manning permalink
    March 19, 2009 7:42 AM

    So these band of cowards now want the Justice which they denied their victim :-

  16. Fiji Democracy Now permalink
    March 19, 2009 9:16 AM

    Yes! Free Fiji and SWM: You are right, time is definitely on our side!

    Because, as we can see now, Bainimarama’s absurd escapade, from his coup to today, has been enabled by criminality.

    His coup was criminal, as were the actions of his minions in its aftermath, and as are the various acts of corruption by Bainimarama and his chosen few.

    While justice has been done in the case of the brutal torture and killing of Sasiuka Rabaka, the elephant still in the room is the fact that counsel for the nine convicted men did not invoke the “immunity” provision so infamously included in Justice Gates’s ruling in the Qarase Vs Bainimarama case.

    We think the reason for that is clear: our dictator is happy for the world to think that his regime is adhering to the rule of law.

    More importantly, when his day in court finally arrives, our dictator plans to use the “immunity” provision for his own defence.

    He’ll do what ever it takes to save his own hide, but the men under his command are expendable.

    One day, when we are once again a democracy, the rule of law
    will be back and Bainimarama will be judged.

    We are confident that the “immunity” defence will never save Bainimarama simply because the evidence of his criminality will be overwhelming and, like all criminals, he will be punished.

    Time IS on our side and our time certainly WILL come!

  17. Tim permalink
    March 19, 2009 10:22 AM

    @ KtF: – I’ve always thought they had a different definition of “transparency” from everyone else. To most it means being open and honest. To them it is just resignation of the fact that everyone can see right through them.

  18. March 20, 2009 10:32 PM

    @ PP – You’re right. We cannot allow the ‘yellow ribbon’ farce to be used to free these soldiers.

    But don’t forget – those soldiers acted on orders.

    Vore needed the entire population to be too afraid to rebel. So he had his soldiers kill innocent civilians for no apparent reason. That way, we would be hesitant to protest publicly, or take strike action, or speak about against him and his regime because we are too wary of the fact that the soldiers could very well kill us too.

    Vore (and Chodo) made cowards of us, so that we would allow him to become ruler.

    Mr Verebasaga, Mr Rabaka and Mr Malasebe were innocent lambs, slaughtered on the altar of Vore Bainmarama’s vanity.

    What can save us now is a combination of rebellion and leadership against this regime. If the soldiers would rebel against Vore. If we would rebel against the junta …

    … We could reclaim our beloved country.

    God bless Fiji

  19. Asgrocky permalink
    March 21, 2009 7:46 AM

    @Peace Pipe
    They are trying to give back to the compromised justice system their credibility to pacify the people. If so, is this a sacrifice by these bunch, how much and how long despite what the courts say?

    Just a thought.

  20. EnufDictatorship permalink
    March 21, 2009 9:23 AM

    So true FijiGirl!!! Me thinks that it’s our lawyers and leaders who are part of the Forum now that should have acted PEACEFULLY way back. IT WAS POSSIBLE but we have people who call themselves our leaders SO WEAK TO STAND-UP!!! If Vili can stand-up alone PEACEFULLY with just his banner protecting him, why can’t these leaders do the same??? Really irks me. Now we read about their squabbling about vote blocking, it just doesn’t make sense.

    And where did the army get their intel on instability and civil unrest??? hmmmmmmm

    Army did not mean to intimidate, says Kinivuwai

    Saturday, March 21, 2009

    Update: 4:14PM SDL national director Peceli Kinivuwai says he did not think the military meant to intimidate him when he was invited to the barracks on Thursday.

    Speaking to Radio Australia, he said the military called him and made an appointment for him at the Queen Elizabeth Barracks in Nabua to talk about rumours of instability and civil unrest.

    When contacted today by Fiji Times Online, Mr Kinivuwai refused to comment on the issue.

  21. Jean d'Ark permalink
    March 22, 2009 10:38 AM

    You’re right ED – I’m getting fed up of this rubbish!

    Surely the time must be coming soon when our opposition starts to “man up” and protest like Vilisi Nadaku!

    I have already pointed out before, the only things we’re facing here are a couple of rocks through our windows, and an interview or two with Tabakau!

    What is that compared to our future, our nation, our dignity and our self-respect?

    The Regime is strapped financially, and now there is a whole lot of doubt and resentment in Nabua regarding the following of illegal orders.

    If this is not the best time to challenge the status quo, then it must be coming pretty soon!

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