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TC Winston in 2016 and in 2018 its TC Josie

April 1, 2018


What are people really expecting from the corrupt and lying dictator JV Bainimarama and his puppet government in post TC Josie?  His record is clear, lots of fancy words, photos with victims and empty promises!  Don’t believe me? Look at the victims of TC Winston!

Tropical Cyclone Winston caused widespread damage in Fiji on 20-21 February 2016 states Australia’s DFAT website. It was the strongest tropical cyclone ever recorded in the southern hemisphere, causing 44 deaths and affecting more than sixty per cent of the population of Fiji.  Millions were donated by Australia alone and millions more by other nations and relief agencies.  Over 150 million was cash donations, but today, over two years later many victims still live in tents and their children still school in tents!

Why is this many have asked, especially how the millions were spent to help victims. But no one is allowed to audit the Prime Minister’s cyclone relief fund so the money could have easily gone into his private bank accounts in Fiji and overseas.  Without transparency and a proper audit we will never know the truth. But reality provides an insight into that truth, with people still living and schooling in muddy tents, more than two years after the cyclone. And now another cyclone, Josie, has caused more damage.

So if the FijiFirst government couldn’t help the victims of TC Winston, then what chance have the victims of TC Josie?  Customers of any service provider expect continuous improvement, and government is no exception. But not in Fiji, and not under the corrupt Fiji First government of JV Bainimarama.

Since JV Bainimarama committed treason in 2006 and took power in a coup, he has broken every promise made to the people and to the international community. He lied about his intentions and reasons for the coup, lied about his salary, paid himself over 180,000 in back-pay for annual leave he had already used, promised not to add VAT to basic food items but did so soon after he won his rigged 2014 election. There is much more of his corruption that has put Fiji into its highest ever level of national debt, poverty and cost of living. He also destroyed the Sugar and Fishing industries,! So any decent person with half a brain knows that this is not the actions of a person who cares for Fiji and its people.

So be warned and avoid making any donations to the PM’s relief fund, it’s not going to go to the people you are trying to help. There are many citizens working in groups helping the victims, check with them first.


The villagers in the district of Noemalu in the upper reaches of Wainimala River, reported the FijiTimes, are asking dictator Voreqe Bainimarama ​WHERE are the 100 horses he had promised them on January 21, 2016, over two years ago!

Being the typical CONMAN, JV Bainimarama, after hearing of their troubles, promised he would provide the village with 100 horses to ease the burden of transporting supplies to and from their Village. The promise was well-received by more than 600 villagers, reported the FijiTimes.

BUT two years later the villagers are still waiting to see the first horse!  Maybe, since its election year, the first horse may magically appear in an effort to gain votes!

69-year-old Aminiasi Rakula, who lives in Nasauvere Village, accessible via a four-hour trek which involves crossing the Wainimala River 32 times, spoke on beahalf of villagers, “We carried dalo and yaqona from the village to the school because the Prime Minister was coming to visit us. We were so happy when he old us that he was going to give us 100 horses to help carry our supplies while we waited for a road to be built. But we are still waiting, we don’t know whether we will be given the horses, or maybe the horses have not been born, or maybe waiting for the horses will be like waiting for the road to reach us”.

JV Bainimarama has made many EMPTY promises since he overthrew the last democratically elected government of Fiji in December 2016. Its all said in an attempt to make himself look and sound intelligent while having no intention of delivering them. This is the act of a conman, a LIAR, JV Bainimarama!

Remember his false promises of holding free and fair elections in 2014? It never happened, it was rigged! And his other promise that no military officer would benefit from his coup, or that he would not stand in the election, more lies!  He promised to reduce corruption yet he has made Fiji more corrupt than ever before!  He promised to reduce nepotism, crime and debt but has taken them to their highest levels than ever before!  Anyone continuing to believe Bainimarama’s lies is either corrupt, stupid or escaped from St.Giles Hospital!


March 2018


Prof Wadan Narsey explains in his article “Is FBS losing its independence? (edited version in FT 3/2/2018)” why Neutral national statistics, both economic and social, are absolutely necessary in order for any society to know if the economy and the well-being of the poorest and marginalized are improving.  This statistical data on economic growth and distribution,  including a wide range of other social statistics, can be used to measure, in an evidence-based way, the changes in well-being of all sections of the society.

The Australian Bureau of Statistic (ABS), writes Prof Narsey, says explicitly on their website that their purpose is to “deliver relevant, trusted, objective data, statistics and insights”. Their role as Australia’s national statistical agency is, among others, to provide “trusted official statistics on a wide range of economic, social, population and environmental matters of importance to Australia” and “developing and maintaining community trust”.

But this is  NOT the case in Fiji and NOT under a corrupt and lying dictator like JV Bainimarama, who is running from the law for his crimes of sedition, treason, murder, rape and corruption!

The statistical data, writes Prof Narsey, also enables society to assess government’s performance based on the “evidence” of the data collected.  So it is paramount that the collection of data is carried out by a “neutral” institution, totally independent of all political parties who are in government or the opposition.

So what does it mean when some political parties asked the Fiji’s Bureau of Statistics [FBS] for ethnic break-downs of the 2017 Census, the Government Statistician (Epeli Waqavonovono), “gave what was to me”, continues Pro Narsey, “an alarming answer: We did ask about people’s ethnicity, but the decision to release it has to come from higher authority. Once we are instructed then we will release it.”

This is a clear sign that the FBS is not a “neutral” institution!  Nor is it independent of the corrupt and lying AG-Khaiyum, who is also the self-appointed minister for multiple portfolios that have all failed society since he took over.  But he and his puppet dictator, JV Bainimarama, became multi-millionaires in the process and continue to rob Fiji and slowly steal native lands!!

Sadly, the indigenous Fijians sit silently by, watching their lands being stolen from under their noses, while they “taki” the next round of kava, because they are either too scared or too stupid to do anything about it. As a people they appear clueless on what to do about it, many naively think that their political party will win the next rigged election solely by having the most support and votes! This mentality is how they lost the rigged 2014 elections, with help from the corrupt observers from Australia and New Zealand!  Einstein aptly described this level of intelligence, of doing the same thing over and over again, while hoping for a different result, as the definition of stupid.

Speaking of stupid, JV Bainimarama and his puppet master, in their arrogance and incompetence, have destroyed everything they touched, including the Fiji rugby union, the economy, education, roads, land and health!  They also destroyed the Sugar industry, destroyed the fishing industry and the mahogany industry. Thousands of Fijians [both indigenous and non-indigenous] from across all backgrounds have been affected by their stupidity, with Fiji reaching its highest level of poverty, than ever before!

To make matters worse they added VAT to basic food items after they had promised during the 2014 elections that they would not increase VAT if they won!  They broke that promise too, like all their other promises, and Fiji is experiencing its highest ever cost of living! They have also opened Fiji up to many of Khaiyum’s “kind” and others who support their dictatorship, to keep them in power. In addition, Khaiyum is also implementing his sunset clause to rid Indigenous Fijians of their cultural autonomy and their much sort after lands!

Statistics will provide the evidence and the proof of Bainimarama and Khaiyum’s mismanagement, corruption and lies!  So it’s no wonder that Khaiyum LIED about it in parliament proclaiming that no data had been collected in the 2017 census based on ethnicity. Even though the Government Statistician, Epeli Waqavonovono, had stated earlier that they had collected the data on ethnicity!  This proves that Khaiyum deliberately LIED to parliament and to the people of Fiji.

Meanwhile, JV Bainimarama keeps getting paid his 30 pieces of silver, more like millions of dollars through the highest ever salary paid to a PM in Fiji, plus another $3,000 per day in overseas travel allowances for official visits and while on holiday, this does not include his taxpayer funded expense accounts, credit card, free travel, free house, free cars, free food and free jobs to more of his unqualified and incompetent family and military officers!

JV Bainimarama is the biggest con-artist to the people of Fiji – making false promises and lying to their face, while robbing them and doing and saying everything and anything to hide the truth from them!

Click HERE to read more in Prof Wadan Naresy’s article on “Is FBS losing its independence? (edited version in FT 3/2/2018)”


Fiji’s megalomaniac, corrupt and natural-born-liar, Sayed-Khaiyum, LIED in parliament when he stated that no data had been collected in the 2017 census based on ethnicity.

According to Fiji TV, however, the Fiji Bureau of Statistics had stated earlier in the year that “data on ethnicity in the 2017 census was collected and was waiting on a directive from a higher [no points for guessing who this is] to release the information”.

​When Fiji One News approached the corrupt Minister for Economy for a comment he replied that the Fiji Bureau of Statistics would release a statement and that he did not wish to comment any further. The two-faced hypocrite, AG-Khaiyum, has been caught out in yet another lie to the people of Fiji!  Click HERE to read more.

We have also reproduced below a facebook post by ‎Aklesh Vince Singh‎ in Fiji Exposed Forum who reveals #CROOK_KHAIYUM_MISLEADS_PARLIAMENT.
“Opposition MP Bulitavu & NFP Leader MP Biman Prasad raise Point of Order against the AG today for misleading Parliament & the Fijian people on the collection of data on ethnicity in 2017 & 2000. AG lied by saying no data was collected on ethnicity in the 2017 census, he further lied that a census was done in 2000; there was none, only in 2007 and the 2007 census confirmed data was collected on ethnicity. The evidence tabled is before the Speaker and she has said that she will make a Ruling by the end of the week.” wrote Aklesh Vince Singh.‎

Unfortunately, most educated people across Fiji and the world already know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that Fiji’s Speaker, the FAKE-doctor Jiko Luveni, is nothing more than another puppet of Fiji’s corrupt and lying dictatorship, more specifically the megalomaniac AG, Khaiyum. In his arrogance, Khaiyum was rude to the poor fake doctor and insulted her by calling her a bloody academic! [See copy of transcript of parliamentary debate in the following image].  So with there being no rule of law in Fiji it is more than reasonable to think that this can only mean that the FAKE-doctor Luveni will now wait for Khaiyum to tell her what to officially say and do about the evidence.

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