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Bainimarama taking to tweets as ‘PM’ before he even announces his political party

February 24, 2014

No political party yet but he’s already dubbing himself ‘PM”.

Dirty dealing: and paid for by taxpayers.

Fiji’s self-appointed prime minister has been kissing babies and asses since it hired Qorvis and started the Fiji Ministry of Information – his office is now unashamedly sending ‘vote for me’ tweets.

Bloggers will see the tweets also pre-empt the supposed decision at the ballot box: @Fijipm.

Frank Bainimarama made himself leader after he couped the country in 2006 so no surprises about his audacity and the propaganda machine to keep him in power.

The campaign to bring chiefs onside is also not new but even media are noting that Frank Bainimarama’s office and MINFO are also now releasing pressers about chiefs who support the coup leader.

The chiefs are passing on Bainimarama’s campaign messages.

Encouraging to see that political parties and officials are not

STRIKE BACK: Reply from Waqavonovonovono.

giving up the fight: SODELPA’s newly appointed interim youth leader, Pita Waqavonovo, was quick to jump on the tweet and to fire a letter off to the Fiji Sun.

The fight for democracy in FIji is not over and Bainimarama could be in for a few surprises – if he ever has the guts to allow the elections to be ‘clean’.

News, today, too that a laptop containing some very important information for the upcoming elections was stolen during the weekend.

The laptop was being held by one of the election officials and contained crucial data.

The media has not been alerted yet: we wonder why?

Bula Vinaka 

It was with great interest that I read your newspaper’s piece by MAIKA BOLATIKI, titled ‘Chief denies SODELPA Support’ 
 I am amazed that I have never come across the name of Wainunu district chief, Ratu Orisi Baleitavea, in any SODELPA news pieces. A question of SODELPA support, posed to the Wainunu Chief by Mr Bolatiki that was ‘furiously’ denied, is said to have come from the Party. 
One thing is for sure, Wainunu like many other Villages around Fiji have been given considerable attention over the recent months. A flood of so called development for a public endorsement of the PM’s unannounced Party. 
One thing is for sure, there are SODELPA supporters in Wainunu and throughout the nation. SODELPA supporters do not blindly follow Chief’s, or the type that decide to publicly turn a blind eye to 
– the failing economic situation we are in as a Nation
– the poor Human Rights Track record of the Regime 
–  the corrupt misuse of public funds and unaccounted use of tax payers money since 2008 
– the full militarisation of the State 
– and the development of a few Villages, while Villages that don’t support the Regime are left to Suffer 
So do persons like Ratu Orisi of Wainunu or any other Chief that supports Frank Bainimarama really have the best Interests of Fiji Citizens at Heart when they raise their hand’s to Support Bainimarama? Or are they just interested in developing their own Village and getting some prime time media attention for doing so?
Well its great news that Wainunu’s Ratu Orisi Baleitavea, is good friends with the Prime Minister anyway. I guess in the end, its all about who you know! 
Peter Waqavonovono
Source – C4.5; Posted by Rusi Varani for SWM
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  1. Timoci Gaunavinaka permalink
    February 26, 2014 11:39 AM

    Sa rauta mada na useless kakase……. Tou cakava mada edua na ka meda toso kina i liu. At least Bainimarama is doing a lot of things that is moving the country forward.

    SODELPA is just full of people who have not contributed anything constructive for Fiji when they had the chance. All they brought was racism, discrimination and disunity.

    Tou sogota mada na gusu and let us do some work to take our country forward.

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