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International report endorses blog revelations of Fiji torture practices

December 7, 2016

Revelations by blogs such as Coupfourpointfive re the torture of Fiji citizens have culminated in a report on the ‘darker side of Fiji’ by Amnesty International.

The report cites the torture cases revealed by us in recent years, saying under the military’s dominance, ‘Fiji has seen an ingrained culture of torture take root among its security forces.’

The Amnesty International report says a decade after the 2006 coup, the military remains in control of key institutions, including the police, ‘with a militarization of the justice system that allows torture and other ill-treatment to go unpunished.’

Beating Justice: How Fiji’s Security Forces Get Away with Torture details how uniformed officials have inflicted severe beatings, rape and other sexual violence, attacks by police dogs, shootings and other forms of torture and ill-treatment or punishment in violation international law.

The report endorses ongoing revelations by Fiji’s blogs and helps keeps the pressure on the military government and former coup leader Frank Bainimarama and police commissioners who have continued to mouth platitudes about bringing an end to the brutality meted out on Fiji citizens.

Source – C4.5; Posted by Wais Varani for SWM



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