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Davis email blasts ‘cocksucker’ Fiji Sun

September 10, 2016

A leaked email sent to Coupfourpointfive confirms what is the

talanoa around the grog bowls – the Fiji Sun is a puppet of Government and is expected to obey the commands of its master at all times – especially when it receives financial support in the form of exclusive advertising believed to be worth $5 million annually.

It should not be forgotten that this is not Frank Bainimarama or Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum’s money, but the dollars of taxpayers.

The email sent to C4.5 reveals Government propagandist Graham Davis acted like he was bleeding profusely when the Fiji Sun did not run on its front page a news story about the Climate Change discussions between Frank Bainimarama and the Commonwealth Secretary-General Baroness, Patricia Scotland,  during a meeting at the United Nations in April.

In an email on 25th April to Fiji Sun publisher Peter Lomas (Government bootlicker since 2009!), Davis laments the fact that the newspaper did not headline the climate change story, unlike other news media.

Davis snivels that it is a particular shame that a disappointed Bainimarama had returned to Fiji from New York expecting to see the Fiji Sun headline climate change story on its front page.

In what can only be seen as behaving in an idiotic fashion, Davis whinges about the paper for its coverage of well-known lawyer, Richard Naidu, NFP leader Biman Prasad and SODELPA, albeit ‘adverse publicity’, in its Coconut Wireless column.

Davis tells Lomas that no one believes them and that the Sun gives undue publicity to the trio, especially Naidu and his 1,411 Twitter followers.  He writes that he had explained this to ‘Jyoti’ (Jyoti Pratibha) and yet this has continued. He says the attacks just makes readers sympathise with the ‘Government opponents’.

Davis adds he is deeply concerned about the Fiji Sun being labelled as having zero credibility or ‘cocksucker’ by people around Suva.

He tells Lomas the Sun will have credibility if it continues to support the Government’s reform programs – conveniently forgetting that the Fiji Sunis being labelled (in his words) a ‘cocksucker’, precisely because it acts as a puppet of Government.

Davis then forwards the email to a select group of people (the identities of the recipients were blocked out in the email received by us) and says while Lomas will be upset by his comments, the AG concurs with his sentiments!

He also tells certain recipient that he was meeting Lomas to discuss the issue in detail and advises the recipient(s) to delete the email because of the confidential nature of the message.

The fact that top brass of the Fiji Sun allows itself to be dictated to by Government or its agents like Graham Davis confirms the paper’s zero credibility, its absolute loyalty and support to Government at the expense of blackout of coverage to Government’s critics – even if it means violating ethics and fairness.

source – C4.5posted by Mere Varani for SWM

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