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June 27, 2016

Roland Koroi
Monday, June 27, 2016

THE National Federation Party is the only party fit enough to contest the 2018 general elections because none of its members or its leaders had ever planned or taken part in any coups.

Speaking at length on what she termed the coup culture during the opening of the party’s working committee meeting in Nadi yesterday, NFP president Roko Tupou Draunidalo said it was time they made some tough decisions about how they moved forward.

“If you’re tired of these milestones just know that we are all travelling this odyssey together,” she said, adding that it was a disgrace how we had let Fiji go into the hands of coup makers.

She said 2018 was the time for the NFP to take over, outlining some of the decisions she claimed the party made in the past which helped Fiji get to where it was today.

“Our party has a rich history and we all know it. The national body that government wrongly borrows money from, the FNPF was an idea from the NFP. Our former leaders and MPs made that happen through the government of the day plus other great things that brought Fiji peace, stability and prosperity, thing’s that stood the test of time in spite of the madness going on around us. USP and Housing Authority were again our ideas and hard work that’s still being used in the majority of land leases and the national economy. Did this government bring it? No. Did the SVT? No. Did the SDL? No. That was our people, the NFP.”

She clarified their stand that they would never endorse another party that had a leader or people whose focus brought ruin to Fiji over the last ten years.

“The people of Fiji are sick of coups and coup makers because they have brought us 30 years of disaster. If our party cannot or does not have the courage to disassociate itself from parties and people with the wrong focus, then I’m afraid that I’m wasting my time here in Fijian politics.”www

She even took a swipe at Sitiveni Rabuka’s new leadership of the SODELPA party, saying their support remained with the former leader.

“I have heard nothing but scorn and disgust at what has transpired in the other opposition party and we should keep well away from the new party leadership. A leopard does not change its spots.

“Let’s give the honourable leader of opposition elected by 49, 000 votes all of the support that she needs because we are a party that honours the votes of the people. But please make no mistake, we must not give any comfort whatsoever to leopards that won’t lose their spots. The arrogant and chaotic has cost this nation too much, to be indulged in any way.”

When contacted, Mr Rabuka opted not to comment, saying he will only do so once the comments by the NFP president was made public.

Calls were made to Attorney General and Fiji First general secretary Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum but we were told that he was busy.

Questions sent to his GMail account remained unanswered.

Source – The FT; Posted by Rusi Varani for SWM

This blog believes that the appointment of Rabuka as head of SODELPA will only further erode support for the party than resolve the differences within. Indirectly the appointment has strengthened Fiji First through disharmony and resignations. The fact that Rabuka has sought apology for his part in the 1987 coup, which was accepted, is laughable and a mockery to the standing of the party and to democracy itself. It is akin to accepting Bainimarama for his part in the 2006 coup. Something unimaginable.

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