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Reddy’s sweeping generalisation reeks of itaukei purge

June 6, 2016

Mahendra Reddy’s approach to education has long been known to be cock-eyed – now comes an audio recording that shows him making derogatory remarks against Indo-Fijian head teachers and principals.

The recording obtained by C4.5 is of a meeting between the Education Minister and QVS Old Boys Anasa Vocea and his deputy, Akuila Waradi, last month at the Warwick.

In the recording, where Reddy also uses the racial slur ‘Kai India’, he defends his decision to order QVS principal Silivio Tawake to leave the school immediately and be transferred to a school in Kadavu, after a parent complained directly to him about his sons being bullied.

Anasa Vocea and Akuila Waradi ask Reddy why he transferred a good teacher without consultation or an investigation into the allegations.

Reddy says he received another complaint from a committee member who claimed an itaukei teacher “is not in the school most of the time” and goes on to say “she just goes to the village to drink grog”.

Later, he tells the pair he hopes they are not defending ‘incompetence’ and reiterates his intention to ‘clean up.’

source – c4.5; posted by waisea varani for swm
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