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Reddy implies Opposition ‘dumb natives’ but Draunidalo to be suspended

June 3, 2016

Fiji’s Parliament is debating whether to accept a recommendation by the Parliamentary Privileges Committee for NFP President and MP Tupou Draunidalo to be suspended with immediate effect from today.

The recommendation follows a complaint by Attorney General Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum after Ms Daunidalo called Education Minister a fool and an idiot after what she says he called the Opposition ‘dumb natives’.

“HON. DR. M. REDDY.- If there were any toppers on the other side Madam Speaker, they wouldn’t have raised this issue of petition, Madam Speaker. Unfortunately. They need to have some toppers there, Madam Speaker. I tell you in another ten years or 5 years’ time there’ll be some toppers seated on that side but they’ll be part of this government, Madam Speaker.

According to the audio transcript from Parliament:

(Chorus of inaudible interjections)

HON. A. SAYED-KHAIYUM.- Hey don’t call him a fool. You called him a

HON. DR. M. REDDY.- Madam Speaker as the Finance Minister said, this is the last…
(Inaudible interjections)

HON. DR. M. REDDY.-…I was a topper

HON. A. SAYED-KHAIYUM. – Point of order Madam Speaker, Hon. Draunidalo called the Minister for Education a fool.

HON. T. DRAUNIDALO. – And he implied first in his speech. Calling us dumb natives. You idiot!

The Committee has recommended Ms Draunidalo formally apologise to Mahendra Reddy and to the people of Fiji and be suspended for the remainder of her term of Parliament, effective immediately.

Source – C4.5; Posted by Wais Varani for SWM
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