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Cyclone Winston cripples Fiji

February 22, 2016

10 year old Salacieli Serevi lost her mother in the Cyclone.

Hundreds of families and friends are desperately seeking news of loved ones as damage caused by Cyclone Winston continues to keep many in the dark.

10 people are reported dead and 7 missing at sea, after the Category 5 cyclone, the biggest ever recorded in the Southern Hemisphere, ripped through Fiji.

Phone lines are down, power is still out throughout many parts of the nation, with roads closed.

Many families are still trying to make contact with loved ones, especially in the Western Division and little islands like the Lau Group, where Winston wrought extensive damage.

The Fiji Times is today reporting the tragic story of a mother from Qelekuro village in Tailevu, who was killed after she returned home to get some clothes for her children.

After taking her 10 and one year old children to the evacuation hall, Sera Tinai told her eldest daughter to wait there while she turned back to get clothes for them.
Her body was later found under a collapsed roof, with the bag of clothes strapped to her back.

The death toll is expected to rise as communication lines begin to return to normal.
Australia has announced it will provide five million dollars to help Fiji.

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