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Russians, same-sex marriage and a new flag

January 18, 2016

It’s 2016 and Fiji is still the way the world should not be.

This week 20 containers of ammunition arrived in Suva much to the surprise of the whole country it seems, except for the acting police commissioner Brigadier General Sitiveni Qiliho, who said the police had given approval for the consignment.

The shipment includes small arms, two trucks and a helicopter.

The two trucks parked at military HQ in Nabua

With a supposed democratic government now in place, Parliament wasn’t informed about the shipment.

Given Fiji’s history with coups, one would think the shipment would be a very important topic to be transparent about.

Acting military commander Read Admiral Viliame Naupoto has now revealed that Russian soldiers will be coming to Fiji next month to train soldiers. He said the weapons were are essential for Fiji’s United Nations peacekeeping missions, as many soldiers were using out-dated weaponry which made them poorly equipped.

If this is the case, why all the secrecy around it?

Also this month, Frank Bainimarama revealed a new Fiji flag would be flying on Constitution Day on September 7.

Everything on the flag will change, except the navy blue colour.

Five designs will be chosen by Bainimarama’s office from March 1-19. The nation will then be asked to vote on these 5 designs and the one with the most votes will be announced by July 1.

Last week Bainimarama put his foot in his mouth again after criticising the suggestion of Fiji legalising same sex marriage.

The suggestion was made by Shamima Ali from the Fiji Women’s Crisis Centre.

“Fiji does not need that rubbish,” Bainimarama said. He added that if a woman wants to “marry” another woman, “they should go and have it done in Iceland, and stay and live there”.

Homosexual activist and attorney Aman Ravindra Singh says Bainimarama has breached section 26 of the Fiji Constitution and should be charged.

“Under section 65 there is a particular offense called inciting communal antagonism. This issue has now flared within our community and in our society as a whole. The prime minister has breached section 65 in that his action has incited communal antagonism, and he should be investigated and charged,” Singh said.

According to him, at least one citizen is interested in bringing formal charges against the prime minister by filing a police complaint over his comment.

Meanwhile Bainimarama denied he violated the constitution explaining that the Fiji constitution does not refer in any way to homosexuality or homosexual “marriage” in addressing the issue of citizen equality.

Bending the rules again to suit himself.

source – c4.5; posted by mere varani for swm
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