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Parliament told teachers loyal to Reddy promoted

November 26, 2015

The examination pass rates in Fiji has been shocking since Mahendra Reddy took over as Education Minister.

Recently, students sitting the year 6 examinations scored zero in English even though they scored 80 or 90 in other subjects.

The declining education being provided to students could be due to nepotism and cronyism happening in the education system.


The following cases presented in Parliament show that Reddy promoted teachers loyal to him and the Fiji First at the expense of other deserving meritorious ones.

Name of Officer Current School Current Grade Promoted School Promoted Grade Remarks
Mrs. Ragni Singh DAV, Ba 8G A.D. Patel College, Ba 3B- Vice Principal Niece of Hon. Minister Mr. Pravin Kumar(aka. Pravin Bala)
Raman Veisaru Sanatan Primary School 6D Tavua Primary School 3C- Head Teacher Promoted ahead of Acting HT at Tavua Primary School, Mr. Satish Chand, a confirmed 5A officer.

Mr. Raman has been seen regulary partying with the Minister and he has also been accused of stealing meat from a certain school, extra marital affairs at Koronubu, embezzlement of funds and many more issues.

Subarmani Tuva Primary, Sigatoka ED5E Nadi Sangam Primary School 1B – Head Teacher Election Campaign Manager for the Hon. Minister for Education in Sigatoka;

NB. Does not meet the MQR, no qualification upgrade.

Dharmend Reddy A.D. Patel, Nadi ED6A A.D. Patel, Nadi ED3C Brother of the Hon. Minister for Education; Does not meet MQR; Many senior Teachers were bypassed.
Ritesh Chand Saru MGM, Lautoka ED8G Lomolomo Public School ED6A 12th Year Teacher replacing a very senior with a 23 Years of service. Cousin of Hon. Minister for Education.
Inayat Shah Lautoka Ahamadiyya Primary School ED8A Lautoka Ahamadiyya Primary School ED4C Broken Service, does not meet MQR, no experience as a Head Teacher
Muniappa Reddy Naidovi Primary School, Sigatoka ED5A Sabeto Sangam School ED4C Cousin of Hon. Minister for Education. Many other suitable candidates within the District were overlooked.
Mrs. Khan Nadi Muslim College HOD 5E Confirmed Nadi Muslim College ED1D – Confirmed Priincipal Did not experience AP or VP during her career.
M. Rofin Nadi Muslim Primary School ED8G Nadi Muslim Primary School ED5E Many other senior teachers who had qualified for this Post have been grossly overlooked and denied the opportunity to get higher promotion.

Source – C4.5; Posted by Waisea Varani for SWM

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