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Cafe owner claims he was beaten over email to ‘destabilise government’

November 24, 2015

Rajneel Singh’s scarred back. Photo: Fiji Sun

A 32 year old internet cafe owner claims he was beaten and tortured after reporting he’d found an email of a seditious nature.

Rajneel Singh is believed to have discovered the email on a computer that had not been logged out of.

He is reported to be under guard at Lautoka hospital after allegedly being beaten by police officers on Friday night.

It’s believed he found the email to ‘destablise the government’ and sent it to Acting Police Commissioner Brigadier-General, Sitiveni Qiliho.

Qiliho has confirmed some of the details regarding Singh

Singh claims be was beaten and tortured with hot rods because the officers were unhappy he sent the email to Qiliho and Attorney General, Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum.

Fiji media is reporting Qiliho has confirmed Rajneel Singh is under military guard and that police have been implicated. He has been quoted as saying an investigation is underway.

“They’re looking after him to keep anybody else out who will have access to him,” he is quoted as saying by FBC.

“You understand he’s made allegations against the police and that’s why I have kept the police in the Western division away from him and that’s why I’ve sent a team from Suva who are only the police team that I have allowed access to him.”

Qiliho told FBC he called the military in after he was contacted by the victim in middle of the night on Friday.

He says the military were closest to the pine plantation where Singh is understood to have been abandoned by his alleged attackers.

Source – C4.5; Posted by Wais Varani for SWM
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