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Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum’s secret is out

September 30, 2015

Parliament held a Closed Session on the 27th of August at the request of Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum to discuss what he called ‘confidential matters’.

We have the Hansard from that closed session which discussed borrowing US$200 million to pay Fiji’s debts.

“MADAM SPEAKER.- Honourable Members, I received written communication from the honourable and learned Attorney-General and Minister for Finance, Public Enterprises, Public Service and Communications requesting that proceedings immediately following will be conducted in private. I am satisfied that the requirement set out in Standing Order 24(1) are met and the grounds are in my opinion, reasonable and justifiable and in line with the specified Standing Order, as well as Section 72(2) of the Constitution. I, therefore, order the following:- 1. All strangers as defined in Standing Order 24(2)(b) are to withdraw from the public gallery and this includes members of the public, the media and any person(s) who are not parliamentary staff except staff from Ministry of Finance and the Reserve Bank of Fiji. 2. The live feeds of the media organisations on air and via the internet are to be temporarily suspended. 3. The Hansard will record proceedings but they will not be included in tomorrow’s Daily Hansard. I will now suspend the sitting for 10 minutes to allow my Orders to be enforced, and I thank you all.”

Parliament met in private pursuant to a Ruling under Standing Order 24(1) from 11.05 a.m. until lunch.

source – c4.5; posted by mere varani for swm
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