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Bainimarama fooled by Canadian ‘Woman of the Year’

September 24, 2015

Frank Bainimarama poses with Annie
A Canadian radio host fooled Frank Bainimarama into presenting her with a ‘Woman of the Year’ plaque that he and his staff hadn’t even checked for authenticity.
The plaque hailed Annie Ji (Katherine) as Fiji ‘Ambassador’ and ‘the voice of Fijians in Canada.’
Unknown to Bainimarama, Annie Ji had no connections and had come up with the gong her self – as a prank.
The ‘prestigious’ award was made to the con artist during Bainimarama’s August Fiji First Party fundraiser to Vancouver.
Annie Ji was even presented the gong at Bainimarama’s farewell dinner in Surrey, by Fiji’s coup leader himself.
The disingenuous former radio host had approached two Canadian MPs plus the organsiers of Bainimarama trip as part of the con.

According to the Asian Star, Annie Ji duped local MPs Jinny Sins and Sue Hammell into attending the event, telling them the Prime Minister of Fiji had initiated the award.

Bainimarama presented her with the gong with no questions asked.
The story was exposed by the Vancouver based paper, the Asian Star, which reported that Bainimarama actually thought he was going to be presented with the plaque!
The paper says the con was picked up by a sharp eyed photographer and TV producer, who took a close up photo of the plaque and wondered about the misspelling of the word ‘Embassador’.
Bainimarama’s trip was organised by Netani Gucake and Bobby Naicker and questions remain about the estimated $162,000 that was raised.
Coup4.5 has also been told that a group of Fijian women brought in to perform the meke at the Fiji Day event have been abandoned and can’t get home.
The local Canadian MPs are meanwhile furious at being duped while the organisers say they’ve been told Annie is sick and has had a stroke.
Annie ji Singh was a host at the Radio Fiji Mirchi station in Surrey, but reportedly quit recently.
A spokesperson at the station says they don’t know anything and to ‘Ask Annie’.
Source – C4.5; posted by rusi varani for SWM
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