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Nepotism in Bainimarama’s Fiji

August 27, 2015

Fiji’s self-appointed and megalomaniac AG, Kahiyum, stated [Fiji Times Aug 21 2015] that NEPOTISM still exists in most businesses and State-owned enterprises, claiming that …  human resources personnel would hire family members for the job within.
According to Khaiyum, there is a need to have a transparent process of selection of employees.    Really?!!   Khaiyum and Bainimarama have hired their unqualified family and friends to top jobs.

Khaiyum made the comments at the 2015 Certified Practicing Accountants (CPA) Congress in Nadi.  Khaiyum’s comments clearly highlights his “two-faced” nature!

Fiji’s dictator and self-appointed PM, Frank Bainimarama, appointed his unqualified and clueless family members to top jobs.  This includes:

  • His brother Meli, WITH NO EXPERIENCE, as High Commissioner to Malaysia
  • His daughter, Litiana, WITH NO EXPERIENCE or clue, is CEO of The Fiji Sports Council
  • His daughter, Rubyann, WITH NO EXPERIENCE is Manager of the National Net Ball Team
  • His brother in law, Francis Kean, who only served a few months of his manslaughter prison sentence, was reappointed  Commander of the Navy when NO CONVICTED CRIMINAL is allowed to be an officer in the Navy.  Kean was later promoted to Permanent Secretary with the Public Service Commission when NO CONVICTED CRIMINAL is allowed to serve as PS under PSC rules
  • The dictator then gave his wife’s brother, Francis Kean, a MASSIVE PAY RISE in November 2013.

The dictator Bainimarama, also claimed a few perks, including:

  • Million Dollar Salary
  • Millions to fund his jet set overseas holidays
  • $200,000 Back Pay Scam
  • No investigation into CRW deaths
  • No investigation into his treasonous actions
  • Escaped Prison for treachery by abrogating the Constitution.

Khaiyum also gave perks to his family:

  • Brother Riyaz, runs FBC the propaganda arm of the regime
  • He is paid over $200k
  • FBC has borrowed over $20m from the Fiji Development Bank and it can’t even pay back the interest. Aiyaz got the gogovernment to guarantee the loan and insists all government departments spend most of their marketing budget with FBC.
  • Aunty Nur Bano Ali got over $500k for a consultancy project on Rewa Dairy. She also takes a commission / handling fee for processing the junta’s million dollar salaries which are handled by her firm. Overseas investors looking to work with the dictatorship must use her firm as consultants
  • Khaiyum also pays himself Million Dollar Salary and receives back-handers [bribes] from various companies including the company that installed new FBC transmission equipment for over $5m
  • Received a bribe from Tappoos who brought his house for 3 times its value.

source – TFF; Posted by Rusi Varani for SWM

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