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EXPOSED: Bainimarama to fundraise and meet Muslim Community

August 6, 2015

EXPOSED: Bainimarama to fundraise and meet Muslim Community

It says he’s chief guest at the Fiji Day Celebrations but what is the real motive for Frank Bainimarama’s trip to Vancouver?

The answer lies in the programme for the celebrations.

On Saturday 8th August Canadian time, Bainimarama will meet the Muslim Business Council. The programme is littered with events but does not state any other official meeting with any other business organisation.

On Friday 7th August Canadian time, there is a red carpet gala dinner. There will be 200 tables and each table will have 10 people. The cost of the tickets? $50 Canadian.

On Sunday 9th August there is an Isa Lei Night, with tickets at $35 Canadian.

We believe both the dinner and Isa Lei night are sponsored.

So if the dinner is sold out, there will be 2000 people; 200 tables x 10 persons. This means $100,000 Canadian – the equivalent to $162,000 Fiji Dollars – will be raised.

While the former Fiji residents living in Vancouver have paid airfares for Bainimarama, it is not clear who has paid airfares for Mary Bainimarama.

Obviously, Bainimarama has already received per diem for the trip, paid by the taxpayers.

This trip to Canada looks very much like a personal trip with

shades of Bainimarama’s one-time Robin Hood Mahendra Chaudhry’s fundraising expeditions after the 2000 coup.
See the programme above for yourself.

Also an advertisement and a message from one Shalendra Kumar, obviously for a souvenir magazine.

See for yourself.

Source – C4.5; Posted by Rusi Varani for SWM
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