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Plenty of evidence of misconduct but just as many turning a blind eye

January 24, 2015

Look away, look away: Namosimalua can’t face up.

There’s truth in the saying good riddance to bad rubbish.

The departure tomorrow of the US ambassador, Frankie Reed, is a blessing albeit a short one as she has a successor.

Reed frolicked brazenly with the military dictatorship oblivious to Fiji citizens being forced to live under draconian decrees with no redress, despite a supposed democratic and free election.

In media interviews today, the Fiji Times has Reed saying: “I find that here, embassies take on the tone of the country and  I think you can feel it when you walk in, it’s warm, it’s friendly, we talk to each other, we argue also and we’re very serious, but we know how to have a good time…”

Reed and US: Also turning blind eye.

The Fiji Village has her saying “… the people of Fiji must be commended for their resilience and the successful transition of Fiji to a democratic state” and …”an increasingly stable and democratic Fiji is in the best interest of all Pacific Island nations as well as the United States.”

Reed and Barack Obama have long known of the ongoing irregularities in Fiji – prior to the the elections, during and after – all largely orchestrated and co-ordinated by Frank Bainimarama’s opportunistic legal eagle, Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum.

The examples of Khaiyum’s interference are varied and plenty (and as fresh as last week) and surprise, surprise now include dictating how much funding Opposition parties get for Parlimentary staff.

Both the National Federation Party and the Social Democratic Liberal Party have been told they’ll receive just $15,000 for every MP they have in Parliament instead of a preferred minimum threshold based on fairness and duties.

The news came in December from the secretary general, Viniana Namosimalua, who first said it’d be $10,000 and that the directive had come from Khaiyum via letter.

Prasad: Chair of Public Accounts Comm but losing staff.

Two things stink about this latest scenario: The first is that Biman Prasad and his team will only get $45,000, Ro Teimumu Kepa and SODELPA $225,000 while Fiji First gets $480,000 – or approximately $1.2 million over four years. The second is that the decision was made by Khaiyum not Namosimalua.

Khaiyum doesn’t have the authority to stipulate the funding but gets away as he does with other things because he’s running the show for the illiterate, uncouth Bainimarama.

Beddoes: Responding to funding claims.

The funding allocation is therefore an attack on the political parties to try to render them ineffective and shows that Fiji First doesn’t have the wits to take on the Opposition fair and square.

Many have turned a blind eye to the stench of Bainimarama’s corruption and Khaiyum’s interference because it’s easy and it fits their agenda, so good riddance to the Frankie Reeds of the world who’ve enjoyed Fiji’s hospitality but who exit as Parliament is under attack again, with their head up their ass.

This blog meanwhile applauds the Opposition parties for getting information out to the public and putting pressure on Namosimalua to front up with the letter from Khaiyum but asks is writing letters and calling for ‘reconsiderations’ enough? Is securing another document going to achieve anything other than prove what we’ve known for a long time?

It’s a new year so let’s give some thought to a new approach – one that includes sending questions to MPS on a regular basis and making individual MPs aware that Fiji citizens are watching their performance and that being on a Fiji First ticket next time may not be enough.

Follow the funding saga by reading the following documents, starting with today’s statement from Mick Beddoes:

Beddoes responds to Fiji Sun attempts to justify funding

NFP Media Release on funding Jan 2015

Opposition Leader press release on funding

30th December Funding letter by S-G

NFP Reply to S-G’s 30th December letter

S-G’s Funding letter 8th January 


NFP Staff Appointment Revocation letters

source – c4.5; posted by rusi varani for swm
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