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Fiji descends from military dictatorship to constitutional dictatorship

January 6, 2015

It’s a new year but the sores of 2014 and previous years haven’t healed and will keep bleeding. Why? Because while the country boasts a democratically elected government, Frank Bainimarama and Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum’s modus operandus for the past eight years hasn’t changed.

And yet we’ve started 2015 with the master manipulators pushing an aggressive campaign to get

Colonial War Memorial Hospital: crisis situation.

citizens, even schools, to ‘combat corruption’, ignoring its own lapses. They’re also making a big deal about this being the year of ‘keeping promises.’

Much has been made about free prescribed medicines and longer opening hours at hospitals, medical centres and government pharmacies.

Reports, however, continue to filter out about the appalling lack of resources and experience in hospitals such as Colonial War Memorial, where there is no guarantee patients with life threatening ailments will get help while those who do get attention have to take their own sheets and family to look after them because there’s so few nurses and doctors and standards are well below par.

Families earning below $30,000 have also been promised free water meanwhile parts of the country have had no drinking water for some time, a problem exacerbated by broken water and sewage pipes which have caused a lot of contamination.

Preschoolers have also been told they’ll get free schooling and yet Mahendra Reddy has sacked Education Ministry staff in favour of bringing in his own team, including his wife. The one-eyed bandit seems to have no regard for process and looks capable of committing blunder after blunder.

Four Permanent Secretaries are meanwhile understood to have lost their jobs: Basudra Kumar (acting PS for Education), Eloni Tora (Health), Peter Wise (National Planning) and Amena Yauvoli (Foreign Affairs).

So what’s ahead of us in 2015? The following posers would suggest more of the same of what we’ve had for the last eight years.

Will Khaiyum ever stop interfering in employment matters and violating constitutional rights?
Will Fiji TV ever get a permanent licence?

Basudra Kumar: Casualty of Reddy’s ‘reforms’.

Will MIDA ever ease up on media and lash the Fiji Sun when it breaches protocols?
Will Joyti Pratibha ever get her facts right?
Will Khaiyum’s conflict of interest in FBC ever be investigated?
Will Khaiyum ever act with transparency – or live down the shame of losing the TV rights to the Rugby Sevens?
Will this so-called government ever fix the country’s dire health system?
Will Parlimentary proceedings such as passing 15 bills in five minutes be allowed to continue?

Mahendra Reddy: Blunders.

Will we get the full and frank details of the auditor general’s report?
Will the regime ever stop using Laisenia Qarase as its whipping boy?
Will the deaths of citizens while in police custody ever be investigated?
Will the Iowane Benedito beating and torture ever be investigated?
Will the true extent of Nur Bano Ali’s role helping the master manipulators ever be investigated?

source – c4.5; Posted by Rusi Varani for SWM
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