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How will Fiji repay the $US20m Qatar paid to free soldiers?

November 5, 2014

Fiji soldiers freed: at what price?

There’ll be many issues for the Opposition to dig into with the budget due later this month but one it can’t lose sight of is the deal made by the regime with Qatar to free the 45 peacekeepers.

A deal was made that much is certain: we’re only missing the finer details.

Some of the answers are already there for us: look to the speech Epeli Nailatikau gave detailing the plans of ‘his government’. We quote:

“With a view to reducing fuel prices and increasing our

Israel TV footage: UN finalising deal with Al  Nusra

buying power, my government will follow the lead of Mauritius in taking control of the import of all fossil fuel, such as petroleum and gas, in place of the existing private companies. We will call for international tenders for the supply of fuel and the existing companies will then buy that fuel from the government.

“As well as being able to negotiate lower prices in the international marketplace, the government will generate revenue from the sale of fuel, establish price stability and be able to pass on the benefits of competitive prices to consumers.”

Fiji has tried this before and it did not work: it ended up in debt. But what’s in it for the key players who hustled the deal: Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum, Inoke Kubuabola and Robin Nair?

So much of Fiji has already been sold to China; we need to know what else is now being peddled without our knowledge or mandate.

This was a deal, too, that narked the international community: while the United Nations insisted it didn’t deal

Robin Nair: Fiji Day in Abu Dhabi

with terrorists, it facilitated negotiations for Qatar to pay the US$20m ransom sought by Al Nusra.

Israel TV footage clearly shows UN officials and Al Nusra finalizing the deal, despite the US and the UK saying they don’t negotiate with terrorist organisations and even as the terrorists continue to hold and behead journalists and aid workers.

Qatar pays ransom: international report

source – c4.5; posted by rusi varani for swm
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