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Composer beaten by soldiers just hours after being told to ‘fuck off’ by Bainimarama

October 1, 2014

The composer of the songs used by the regime led party, Fiji First, during its election campaign has been beaten after complaining to Frank Bainimarama about copyright.
The family of Josefa Bilitaki say he was attacked by army soldiers just hours after his conversation with Bainimarama.
The elderly man remains in the Colonial War Memorial Hospital almost a week after the incident.
Bilitaki’s family say he was taken away and beaten by four army officers last Friday after he rung and complained to newly-elected Frank Bainimarama about Fiji First using his songs without his permission.

The composer’s daughter, Asenaca, says it’s not known where her father was taken but it wasn’t QEB.

She says Bainimarama swore at her father, a former teacher, during their conversation, yelling “Fuck off SODELPA”.
This is not the first time Bainimarama The Thug has abused citizens or has used the country’s soldiers to beat, brutalize and kill their own people.
And neither will it be the last, despite the so-called democratic elections of less than a fortnight.
Bainimarama and family have shown their penchant for thuggery time and time again.
Son Meli Bainimarama took to Facebook recently to threaten revenge on anyone who criticised his friend Alex Elbourne, who used a public radio broadcast to launch an attack on SODELPA leader, Ro Teimumu Kepa.
Bainimarama junior posted on Facebook “so what if he swore at her” “my father gets sworn at 6000 times” and “I’m coming for you SODELPA.”
We wonder what regime supporters and the international community have to say about the ongoing thuggery and the latest unprovoked attack on a citizen?

We also wonder whether the media will cover the story.

The elections may have happened and Fiji First elected but Fiji is still being run at the point of a gun.
source – c4.5; Posted by Rusi Varani for SWM
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