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Fiji: From Colonization to Alienation

September 15, 2014

Ni sa bula vinaka!
Greetings in the name of the Sovereign God, Creator and Supreme Ruler of all lands of the earth including our beloved
islands of Fiji.
Special acknowledge to the great Queen Elizabeth II whose reign over our beloved nation of Fiji still holds.
We also fully acknowledge the three confederacies’ paramount chiefs namely the Kubuna confederacy Na Tui Kaba Na
Vunivalu (vacant), the Burebasaga confederacy Na Gone Marama Bale Na Roko Tui Dreketi, and the Tovata confederacy
Na Turaga Bale Na Tui Cakau.
We also greet our chiefly families throughout our nation.
We warmly greet all fellow Fijians and in particular to those who have chosen and call Fiji home . We apologise that we
will refer specifically to the I taukei when we mention Fijian in this commentary in order that we can make our point
clear. You are all part of us, thank you for choosing Fiji as home. Live well and enjoy your freedom in this great land of
To all readers, we are using English instead of our Fijian dialect so that we can cover a wider readership. We will attempt
to keep our language and content very simple so that everyone can read and understand what we need to say. We do
not expect you to respond for that is not our purpose. All we are doing is to create awareness so that readers are better
informed. Please spread the word and the cause!
Why this commentary? Our answer is simple.
The whole world is wondering what is happening in Fiji. Many Fijians are asking questions as to what is really happening.
Especially in our villages where families live and are sustained by our land. They don’t have access to information as we
do that will allow them to relate their existence to the political scene. To this, we have taken the liberty to respond to the
quest for understanding because we harbor a deep conviction that it is our inherent duty to lay before the mass the
scope of Fiji’s life because we believe that there are many in our midst that are not fully aware and properly informed
of what the political events of our nation mean to us and how they affect us as a people today and our future existence.
Some may wonder why we are doing this. Shouldn’t it come from our chiefs, political leaders, church leaders or
community leaders? That’s a valid point. However , our answer is clear.
Right now in our country the stage has not been set properly for any one of the above to take the stagedue to the rigid
and enforced restrictions of the military regime. Many of them would also be involved with the voting process and it
would be impractical for them to do something like this.
We have hereby invoked our liberty as free men to project and express our views and appeals to be read, understood
and hopefully its principles be applied correctly in relation to and consideration of the election before us.
Notwithstanding that this election does not follow the proper and correct processes and procedures to hold one, we
choose to set aside this misconduct solely because there is not much we can do and we are all frustrated and tired by
this government’s heavy-handed policiesthat have been forced upon us. An election, in this instance is thebest
alternative for us. This is why your vote need to be cast with the right party.
We speak as free men and we will for now choose to remain anonymous so that we can still enjoy freedom of speech
without needing to worry about any form of intimidation as a result of what we are saying.
We also appeal to those that may be called upon to locate and find us. Please do yourself a favour – just read this and
spread the word around and pray. Please think really hard and fast on where your allegiance and honour lies. Search
your inner soul . You are a Fijian and a Christian and both these identities will tell you that you are doing wrong to follo w
the orders of those that are destroying both your cultural and religious heritage.

f you are intelligence or military, you have done enough collateral damage and the rules of engagement are changing. If
you had suffered under the hands of the CRW- led coup, we say sorry. It is high time you get over it. Those boys were
doing it for what they believed in, for their people and their cause at the time. It is very unfortunate that it turned out the
way it was. And then again that’s the life of a soldier. Soldiers go to war and they could get killed quick. It is a profession
that can have short life spans . There is also the law of reciprocity – ‘those who live by the gun die by the gun’. But it is so
important that a soldier is fighting the right war and fighting on the right side.
If you had thought that you had been an honourable and devoted soldier by terrorizing and hurting Fijians in the past,
do not fool yourself. The ‘vanua’ will not forgive you if you continue to further the cause of this destructive government.
You need to change your direction now and today. STAND UP FOR YOUR PEOPLE! STAND UP FOR CHRISTIANI TY!If those of your superiors had made their stand in the past (Baledrokadroka, Ului Mara, Driti) then surely there is something
wrong in this military government. They have made their stand and are paying the price. You can always get another
job if you leave now but if you will not leave, then you have your guilty conscience to deal with for the rest of your lives.
We realize that it is bread and butter for you, but at the same time our cause for freedom as a people is eroding away
and we will never get it back once we lose it.

If you had not known this, we are now looking at the clash between the simplistic noble values of the Fijian people
against the foreign invasion of utilitarianism, capitalism and ungodly idolatry which the Indians represent.
Utilitarianism is a word that simply means the push for material progress without regard for human values such as
respect, love, caring and sharing which make us who we are. Utilitarianism is the mark of bigger countries such as India
where social injustice prevails and the rich grow richer while the poor grow poorer. It is already practiced in Fiji and it will
become worse if Fiji First or any Indian party wins. We will explain why later on.

If you continue on with your current military administration, we are telling you that there is no rationale in it. A nation, a
government is for the people. A ‘matanitu’ is the people. A ‘vanua’ is the people. A ‘government’ is the people. These
foundations were there before politics came along, before the army came. How can there be any government if there is
no people? How can you support a government that is stripping the rights of their indigenous people away? You were
sworn to defend our land and its people. Please do that with honour. STAND LIKE THE MAN!

Be very mindful that you are a Fijian first before you are a soldier. You have a family, a tokatoka, a mataqali, a yavusa,
matanitu and vanua just like the rest of us. The days of cannibalism are behind us, Christianity has lifted us from the
claws of devilry, and we are now living in a modern world. Our fathers have thrown away those war clubs. Our weapons
now are RESPECT, LOVE, HUMILITY , CARING, SHARING, CONTENTMENT AND GOODWILL.  That gun you hold symbolizes foreign power, bullying politics, force, control and most are made in America and Europe. The bullets are also American made.  Those bullets don’t have Fijian names engraved on them. Turn those guns where they belong but certainly not towards our people!

To those of you who hold rank, please we implore you to wake up NOW! Lead the men towards real freedom. At the end
of the day, every soldier will go back to their village, to their family, to their vanua, to their chief. MAKE YOUR STAND
We have 2 reasons for calling this document as ‘DOCUMENT 11’. One being that it is being projected on the 11th hour
before the purported election, and the other being that Fiji is being hailed as the 11th country to be Indianised. Both these
points will bear sway on what we desire to say henceforth. We have attempted to lay down the facts as they are
although we have also expressed our own views to make the point clear. It may sound like we are anti-Indian and vying
to get rid of them, but that is not the case. We receive Indians as a foreigner and have been hospitable to them. But our
values and principles cannot allow them to rule over us. We are only trying to portray a comprehensive picture of what
is happening to give those who may be less informed the benefit of knowledge. The unfortunate thing is that it involves
and incriminates our Indian brothers and sisters.

If you are an Indian and reading this, please understand what we are trying to do. Our cause is simple. As much as you
want recognition, so do we. You came in as immigrants while we were the living our lives. Your being here in the first
place was without our consent. It did not receive our approval and blessing. You have your own country of India, this is
our only country. You helped turned Fiji into what it is now and we thank you for that. Now you are vying for equality
across all boundaries, you will continue on until you have dominated us. We have just enjoyed independence in 1970 and
cannot go back to being colonized under the cloak of progress–that’s really what will happen. We were trying to
accommodate you as best we could, you were not happy with what we were trying to do. Now we are in this mess
because we feel that you have gone over your limits. All we are asking is for you to recognize that there are boundaries
and laws that govern us, both universal ly and local. Please respect these!
We are also aware that not all Indians feel the same. Some of you are also innocent bystanders and may be suffering
because of the arrogancy of some hard –headed Indians. We are mindful of your plight. This fight is not against you
but against those who are seeking to destroy our god-given rights. Support us and we will look after you.
It is not too difficult to pinpoint the exact cause(s) of Fiji’s current predicament. Whilst we do not want to precipitate a
‘blame-game’situation, nevertheless for all intents and purposes, we will need to state some observations and facts.
When the 12 chiefs signed the Deed of Cession whereby it ceded Fiji to the British Crown on 10 October 1874 in Nasova,
Ovalau, Fiji was fully recognized as a sovereign nation. Fiji’s humble plea was genuine – please take us under your
wing, help us to maintain our identity, to keep our land/sea rights, our custom, our tradition, and our chiefly system.
Britain responded graciously and would honour this plea.
Before this watershed event , there was no legal or political framework set in place that governed Fiji. Instead, Fiji
existed as a kingdom in which the Tui Viti supposedly ruled, although this monarchial arrangement had not yet been
fully established. The nation was kept under a loose system of customary relations and rules but the boundaries were
very clear. There were inter-tribal wars and disputes but they were as normal as in any other land. Britain’s political rule
would also bring with it western civilization and the greatness and grace of Christianity. Fiji would respond eagerly to
both of them. The transformation was quite dramatic.
In any case, under British colonial rule, Fiji was to enjoy a fairly secured future. Britain’s prime minister then was
Benjamin Disraeli a Jew who might have had some say in some elements of Fijian administration. The colonial
administration had visionary leaders such as Sir Arthur Gordon who became first governor in 1875, and David Wilkinson
who were heavily involved in the establishment of Fijian administration. They could see into the foreseeable future and
had recognized that colonial invasion, social Darwinism (the belief that stronger nations will rule the weaker nations),
ethnocentrism (the belief that superior nations will rule the inferior) and people migration will be a growing
phenomenon. There were bound to be problems associated with land ownership and the most vulnerable were
traditionalist nationslike Fiji. During the initial stage of colonial rule in Fiji, pressure came from European settlers,
traders and beachcombers who were exerting their own agenda and were acquiring land through manipulation,
deceit, coersion and sometimes force. 4 yearslater in 1879, a new party entered the scene. The ‘coolies’ labour system
comprising indentured labourers from India had now arrived on our shores. Queen Victoria’s ruling in 1858 that
Indians would gain equal citizenry in all of the British empire was to have a big impact in Fiji. It was a only a matter of
time before the very fears of men like Sir Arthur Robinson was realized. The rights of indigenous Fijians was to be
forcibly removed.
The colonial administration then set in place a system of laws and measures which would safeguard Fijian interests and
rights. Under their tutelage and leadership, the Fijian native administration was to be established. This also included
the drawing up of various laws and the structuring of native administration which included the Great Council of Chiefs
(GCC), the Native Regulation Board (NRB), Native Affairs Ordinance and the Native Lands Ordinance. These instruments
of governance have remained with us until the Bainimarama government have destroyed virtually all of them. It is to be
noted that all who understand how this system works will appreciate its value and its potential towards good.

It is also important to note that the clear intention of the colonial administration back in 1875 was to set the Fijian
administration framework to run its course until such time the Fijians see fit for themselves to progress further. It was
their prerogative to explore and pursue ways and means where they can move forward. The unfortunate thing is that
this could not take place independently because the Indians question would not allow for Fijians to exercise their
voluntary quest for progress. When Fiji gained independence in 1970, the direct influence of the British was no longer
available and the Indians supremists had free rein to exert pressure against the simplicity of Fijians.

We consider it benefiting if we include information about India to give us an idea of what we are dealing with here.
India itself as a nation is far from being the model country. There are divisions in their population between different
sections based on religion, region, language, caste and race. Their many political parties are strongly separatist with
agendas catering for elitist groups. There is a ‘criminal-politician nexus’ meaning many politicians are criminals. Many
of their elected legislators have criminal cases against them. Some time ago, 1 quarter of their 500+ parliament
members faced criminal charges including human trafficking, immigration rackets, embezzlement, rape and murder.
Their governments have been involved in all forms of scandals in the previous years. They range from bribery scandal,
land scam, housing scam, investment scam, mining scam, provident fund scam, stock exchange scam, import scam, oil
import scam, bank scandal, and corruption.
There is substantial poverty. Some years ago, they had 456 million people (41.6%) who earned $1.25 a day, with 828
million (75.6%) living below $2 a day. 33% of the world’s poor live in India.
They have very poor sanitation. Human waste is a big problem with many of the population defecating in public or in
rivers. This has led to a huge influx of diseases such as cholera, etc which have led to many deaths espe cially the
children. There are 44 million child labourers in India. Corruption is widespread in the form of bribes, tax evasion, exchange controls and embezzlement. Some time ago more than 50% pay bribe or peddle to get a job done in a public office.
There is terrorism, naxalism (similar), caste-related violence and religious violence bordering on ethnic cleansing. In the
1990s, there were numerous violent attacks on Christians, burning of churches, forced conversion of Christians to
Hinduism, distribution of threatening literature, raping of nuns, murder of Christian priests and destruction of Christian
schools, colleges and cemeteries.

When we seriously consider the above observations, it makes us wonder what vocal Indians in Fiji are going on about.
Their numerous and ongoing accusations have been leveled at almost everything Fijian. Did Fijians burn their temples?
murder their priests? destroy their churches and schools? did we force convert them to Christianity? did we rape their
women like they did to the nuns? did we attack them indiscriminately because they were Indian brahmans? This is our point, all these problems are happening in their own country and they have just arrived as labourers about
135 years ago and now they are telling us what to do, belittling our chiefs, condemning our social structure, labeling us
with all sorts of names and some of them wanted to fight us with guns in 1988. What they do not fully realize is that their own prosperity and achievements were only possible because they took advantage of the Fijian’s generosity and how slow to react Fijians were. To them the Fijian way was a perfect platform to launch their dream towards rich and fame. We
don’t doubt their hard work and smartness, but their audacity to tell us what to do is unbelievable!

There is also a big problem with having babies. Today India has a population of 1,248,910,000 people (17.4%), second
only to China with 1,366,580,000 people (19%). In early 1970s, a forced sterilization program pushed by government
failed badly and has been blamed for creating a public aversion or dislike to family planning. Consequently, families are
just producing babies without much regard to the social order. This characteristic would be evident in Fiji. It only took
them about 30 years to outnumber Fijians that by 1946 there were 130,000 Indians to the 119,000 Fijians. This fast
growth in numbers would continue on until their dispersion after the coup of 1987.

Migration was common in British India around 1879 when the first lot arrived in Fiji. The ‘Girmitiyas’ had been subjected
to a harsh agricultural environment and other caste-related issues in their own country so that when there was a call for
‘coolies’ (labourers) to go to the colonies, they were very willing to go. Those who came to Fiji came voluntarily and
they were happy to just get out of the oppression and suppression that they faced in India. Many of these Indians saw
the opportunity for a better life and were lamenting the social, religious and political oppression that they were
experiencing in their own land due to their caste system, the oppressive labour system and the rugged land. The
‘coolies’ experience would also free them from being classed and they could enjoy some equality. Many of them longed
for reprieve fromthis form of drudgery and degradation so that they would rather prefer life in the colonies from life in
India. Many of them that came in the initial wave were from Bihar which was known as the ‘land of sorrows’. An Indian
folk song carries the cry of one of their women, ‘The rail is not my enemy, nor the ship; O! It is the money which is the
real enemy; It takes my beloved from place to place; money is the enemy.’ Money did play a pivotal role in their odyssey
to the colonies. And it still plays a pivotal role today.
They signed agreements (agreement=’girmit’) for 5-year terms and subject to renewal if they wish to stay longer. From
the 60, 553 that arrived between 1879 and 1916, 12,000 returned to India between 1888 and 1912. The rest who
stayed behind were to be the progenitors of those Indians who are here today and they are the very ones who has
contributed to this mess we are faced with today.
Thomas was one of the apostles of our Lord Jesus. He went to India to take the gospel there and in 72 AD, he died
somewhere in that area. The common belief was that he was speared and killed in India and taken to Persia where he
was buried. It seems that Indians are a hard lot to accept Christianity even when they are enjoying Christian-based
values and creations. Christianity came to our shores in the 19th century and immediately we turned away from
cannibalism and embraced the Christian religion. The difference in our responses demonstrates our humanity and sense
of reason.

There are 206 countries in the world that are recognized by the United Nations. About 200 of these are sovereign
nations, meaning it is up to each one how they rule and run their own country. This sovereign right was however bound
by universal practices and laws. The creation of the United Nations in 1945 allowed for a uniform approach towards
respecting the rights of every sovereign nation. Measures and provisions that ensured the protection of all nations
especially those nationsthat are deemed vulnerable were put in place. This right towards self rule and freedom from all
forms of intimidation is enshrined in its universal charter. The deliberate violation then of any terms and stipulations of
this particular charter will deem the act as a universal violation of human rights and is a crime against humanity. The Fiji
military government has clearly stepped over this line when they imposed policies and law that were violations of the
UN charter.
Under the United Nations Charter, the right to be the inherent custodian of any land rests on the people that first set
foot on it.Under this term, they are called the first peoples or indigenous. Many in this class are also traditionalist,
which means that they possessed cultural traditions that govern how they lived. They relate to land as an inherent gift
from their supreme god. Land is ‘Mother’, giver of life, sustainer and provider. They hold a powerful spiritual connection
to it to the extent that should it be taken away from them (dispossession), they would also lose their identity and
spirituality. Classical examples of these are the first nations of America and Canada, Maori of New Zealand, the
Aboriginals of Australia and parts of Africa, Americas and Asia.
Fiji sits with this group. The land is a gift from God, and was given to them when they first arrived by the law of first
arrival. This fact alone has given Fijians the right of custody to be the first peoples –indigenous Fijians.
They were to live and be sustained by the land. They lived in a very complex social structure within a kinship system that
governed their behavior and relationship. Divisions of family groups ensued a hierarchical system ranging from families
to tribes then to clans

They had their own boundaries which were clear to them and it was a big wrong to move the boundary lines or
landmarks. Each person in the clan had land entitlements that could not be sold or given away to somebody else. It was
their customary right. The land was part of them and they were a part of the land.
They also formalized allegiance with other clans to form districts, provinces and confederacies. From this old traditional
arrangements, all Fijians were related, and this is still true today. They planted, fished, raised families and bartered
amongst themselves by exchanging goods. They lived subsistently, cut down enough trees needed to build their homes, took only fish enough for their use, and did not take away extra but just what they needed. They lived in near isolation governed by customary laws and all was good and well. Or course, they had their own problems. Tribalism, territorial wars, and commercial disputes but that is normal for everybody else. Then colonialism came bringing in its wake western civilization, Christianity and capitalism. There was a paradigm shift. Fiji became part of a wider circle of nations and would go through a transition into the modern world. Into this mix, the Indians emerged as a potent force.

Many theories are floated regarding the first arrivals. In Fijian lore, there were mainly two different lots of arrivals. It is a
long story and we may look into it later on. But for time and space, suffice for us to say that Fijians are the first peoples.
The point here is let us all acknowledge the fact that this land belong to Fijians.
Some time ago Alisi Daurewa gave a hightailed account of how Fiji was first inhabited by the Lapita people who
originally came from Tamil Nadu in India. It is useful to note that her discourse came at a time when the current regime
was trying to build their case for equality to justify their takeover and pushing the peoples’ charter across. It was
meant to give impulse on why the Indians had a right to be called Fijians.
A few pieces of Lapita pottery found in the Sigatoka sand dunes does not fare much in the whole scheme of things.
Lapita pottery pieces are scattered all over the Asia and Pacific. Does that mean that the Lapita people are custodians of
all these islands? C ustodians stay on the land, they don’t hop around. If they did pass through, then they must have a
good reason to continue on. Alisi Daurewa’s presentation is immaterial and carry no weight.

Fiji was once known as the Cannibal Isles. If the written records were to be considered, with some other material
evidence, then it may be true. The only written record about Fiji was done by the colonials and missionaries.
Cannibalism if indeed had been practiced, was not the norm but an exception. They only did it for good reason. It was
not that they ate people every day for their meals. It generally was to do with warfare and in dealing with the enemies.
It was a spiritual form of victory. When Christianity arrived on our shores, the darkness of cannibalism gave way to the
light of the CROSS of Calvary.
The important point to note is this – IT WAS CHRISTIANITY THAT BROUGHT CANNIBALISM TO A STOP! Not politics, not
the industrial revolution, not capitalism. This is how much Fiji and Fijians owe to Christianity and the Christian God. It is
forever part of our enlightened history.
The whole world is a religious hotspot, whether we like it or not. Christianity is the oldest religion in the world based on
the premise that Christ was there in the beginning. Way before the industrial revolution, political government,
philosophy, technology and democracy, Christianity was already around. Why? Because Christianity teaches that there
was a higher being who brought everything together in the first place. God is Creator of the whole universe and man
(generic) was the crowning act of His creation. The whole world celebrates Christmas (Jesus’ birth) and Easter (Jesus’
death, resurrection and ascension), and our year is based on Jesus’ years. 2014 is AD 2014 where AD means ‘Anno
Domini’ or ‘in the year of our Lord’. So, it’s 2,014 years of Jesus’ life.
Furthermore, man is not a product of some cosmic explosion or evolved from monkeys. If anyone want to subscribe to
your ancestor being a monkey, then go ahead but keep it to yourself and don’t poison somebody else’s mind with it.
As a sovereign country, Fiji has the inherent right to declare itself a Christian nation. Look at some of the Muslim
countries, there is no law that tells them they cannot do it because it is their sovereign right. And they’ve done it.

In the past there has been calls from some quarters to declare Fiji a Christian state. You know why? Because Christians
are getting fed up with the inroads of secularism pushed through by Indians.
How? Through the TV programs, movies and social media. Bollywood. They are all mediums of change that bring in
ungodly values. And guess who’sresisting the call for a Christian state? Muslims and hindus.
More importantly, leadership in almost all countries are religiously-based. Look around and see for yourself. Which
brings us to our next important point. If an Indian becomes leader, he would either be a Hindu or a Muslim. Is that
significant? Absolutely! Right now the biggest Hindu temple this side of the world is in Nadi. We hold the notion that if a
Hindu leads Fiji, then we might find the biggest temple in the Southern hemisphere built in Ba or somewhere nearby.
The same may apply if a Muslim leads. Why? Because the concept of religion is deeply embedded in our human psyche
that at one time and it still happens that whoever will build the largest religious house is most powerful in the land.
Why did they build that big one in Nadi anyway? Big followers there? Maybe! But remember it’s POWER-related! It is a
show of religious power. Simply put, how can a idolater or a blasphemer rule over Christians?
Speaking of religion, hear this out. The interim government sometime ago removed the celebration of Ratu Sukuna Day
from its yearly calendar. No consultation, just like that. In a twinkling of an eye, it’s gone! Ratu Sukuna was perhaps one
Fijian statesmen that did the most towards safeguarding Fijian rights. Fiji has a special place for him. The day reminds us
of our journey towards self-management where we commemorate our uniqueness and our customary rights. Now it’s
gone. We figure that the decision makers must have gone through the whole list and quickly decided that Ratu Sukuna
Day held no value. Or that it is racially-inciteful. And yet we still celebrate diwali, the Hindu festival of lights (Fiji is the
11th country in the world to do so) and prophet Mohammed’s birthday (the Muslim savior). Muslims believe that Allah is
god, Mohammed is his prophet and they belittle the Lord Jesus as a mere little man. Religiously speaking, this is
BLASPHEMY big-time!! Jesus Christ the Word, the Creator, and He is being pushed to a corner as a nobody.
How can we Christians who are the majority in Fiji and whose ancestors embraced it stand quiet and allow a hindu or a
muslimto rule us? Will we allow the ungodly to rule us? Are there not any among us Christians who cannot lead? Or will
we surrender the throne to a heathen?

It is useful to note that in the 18th century, colonialism was at its peak as there was a strong push by the colonial powers
for more land acquirement for industrial, trade and political development. There was also the growing awareness for
evangelization of the unchurched regions of the world so Christian churches were also sending out their missionaries.
Social Darwinism was also promoted which advocated the right for those who are stronger to lead the weak.
Ethnocentrism was right behind it. Ethnocentrism is the idea that a superior race can and should rule the inferior race.
Perhaps the worst example under this type of colonial suppression took place in Australia when it was settled in 1768 .
When Fiji’s turn came in 1875, colonialism became a protective device. It was not an invasion per se but it took place
under mutual arrangement. One can only wonder how Fiji would have fared had America been our colonizing power
instead. It would have been either one or the other.
But the greater concern is that Fiji today stands on the verge of being re-colonised. This time by the strategist Indians.
It is useful to know and understand the basic tenets of this form of governance. Democracy revolves around the concept
of representative governance and creating a platform of equality for everyone with their political and legal rights. It is a
western creation from Europe with England being the first to fine-tune it and everybody else borrowed aspects of the
English Westminster system. It is to be noted that no one nation adopting democracy governance did it right the first
time. In England itself it went through a time of adjustment until they found the right form. Other countries had to adapt
their systems in order to serve them best. There was no ‘one-size-fit-all’.
What is more profound is that whenever any country would adopt a democratic style of governance, they had to work
hard in order to create the right balance with customary rights.

The drawing up of constitutions became a crucial fundamental work. A classical case of moral injustice in constitutional
drawing is Australia where their constitution does not recognize indigenous Australians as first people. It’s a long sorry
story. But Fiji is not far from such discriminatory practice. The constitution of 2013 is deceptive and a mockery of the
genuine principles of democracy.
The Westminster democracy is purely a British creation. They have clear definitions and parameters of both the political
side of government and the monarchial element and are able to merge the two very well. It is a fine show of political
ingenuity and finesse. A significant point to be noted is how they set up their two houses.
They have the House of Commons which allows for commoners to be elected in and they have the House of Lords for
the aristocracy. Those of the aristocracy are the higher ups in society which included the lords, barons, dukes, etc. But
the common factor among the aristocracy was that they were landowners. So the point is, their democracy recognized
the fact that the landowners hold a special place in society. There is strong reason to believe that the colonial British had
reserved and accorded this same recognition for our Chiefs as a representative body for Fijians as landowners when
they developed the native administration and assisted with the formalization of Fiji’s first independent government.
Thus, the Great Council of Chiefs (GCC) had a special place in government. F iji is for the people and we hold the right to
have the GCC as part of the structure of government.
The interim government has accused British colonialism’s administration of Fiji as archaic and obsolete. They are
repeating the same words that some Indian high-flyers such as AD Patel and Siddiq Koya have been crying about before.
That our chiefly system is backward and cannot work in our modern society. It is making our people become poorer . It
needs to go!

What people like Siddiq Koya fail to see is this – our chiefly system is a God-given right and something God-given does
not need little ungodly people to judge its value. Like any people-system, the key to it are the chiefs themselves. The
system was noble and sensible. Chiefs on the other hand are human beings and human beings are prone to make all
mistakesthat belong to humans. To Fijians, we acknowledge that some of our chiefs failed us in the past. Some of our
chiefs did not live up to the ideals and values of freedom and love and respect. Some of our chiefs may have acted
selfishly. Please let us forgive them! They are still our chiefs. What God has set in place, no man can remove. Let God be
the judge and let us do our part to maintain this god-given right. Our chiefly system will achieve best results if our chiefs
will become god-fearing individuals who honour their God-given role and will serve
To our chiefs, please allow us to appeal to you in the name of God and as your subjects the ‘vanua’, love the LORD God,
love your people and lead us properly to a better , prosperous and happy Fiji.
By the way, people like Siddiq Koya cannot lead Fiji with that kind of rude and unbalanced attitude. It issimple proof
that it is really hard for any Indian to understand this divine principle.
The accusation leveled at British colonialism is an old grudge between England and India. Perhaps it is Indian reve nge on
British supremacy. After all, India was also a colony and their coolies used well by the English. What Indians should be
grateful for is that their existence today is due to English class. Indians are fully immersed in all things English and yet
they have the audacity to condemn English wisdom. Indians are Indians.
Perhaps to give everyone some understanding of how our world operates, we will need to know something about
CAPITALISM. Capitalism comes from the word ‘capital’ which simply is another term for ‘money’. The powerful nations
of the world use money as a means to prove their power and status. Powerful institutions of the world such as the world
bank and IMF use money to control nations through loans and other similar arrangements. This is why those countries
with rich oil resources are talking aloud because they have the money. This is also why the bigger countries of the world
are always trying to control some little ones simply because they hold some resources such as oil, gold, and other
minerals. It also explains why countries are putting in laws regarding land and sea boundaries in their own country which
defines their power to access those resources.

This is the sad case in Fiji and that is why the rights of indigenous are being taken away so governments can have free
access to our abundant resources and allow Indian-cunning to have their way.
The question of what determines the measure of a nation can gather many answers. However, our world being what it
is, the GDP is used to as an indicator to gauge the health of a country’s economy. Because our world places a high regard
on wealth, money and achievement, it has conditioned the rest of the world to fight hard to get on the race towards the
same achievements. There is a word for this – CAPITALISM. It means make money the most important thing. It is to be
noted that the result of capitalism is what the world is facing today. Big countries invading little countries. Countries
fighting over resources. Little countries borrowing money from IMF and world bank and owing debts that they cannot
pay back. Rising poverty because the rich don’t care for the poor. The first peoples in America used to say that when all
the trees are cut down, when all the fish are being caught, when all the oil has been pumped out, then men will finally
realize that man cannot eat money. The measure of a nation is its people, not just GDP.
When Fiji celebrated Diwali in 2013, the Indian Ambassador proudly stated that Fiji is the 11th country in the world to
celebrate this Hindu religious festival. Whereas this may be looked upon as a proud achievement for Indians, it is really a
religio-political statement. What this means really is that Fiji has become the 11th nation to accept hinduism as part of
government politics in a cunning, subtle way. It also demonstrates that hinduism has been fully accepted and part of life
in Fiji. What does the light of diwali provide? There is only one light and this is Jesus. He said “I AM THE LIGHT OF THE
WORLD”. Jesus is the one and only light. What other light does Fiji need that hinduism can offer? What light is there in
worshipping hanuman the monkey god, or the elephant god ganesh or shiva? What light is there in burning bodies to
prepare for ascension from a human to an animal? Can we let the heathen rule God’s people? Violation of UN charter.
Fiji has already been publicly hailed as little India. This ‘little India’ label had been used back in 1942 and is only applied
to Fiji and not to the other 10 nations. Why? Simply because Fiji has become the showcase of Indian supremacy and
rule where the whole world can watch the power of India to colonise another country in modern times. Indians found
in Fiji a very willing host and presented the best setting for them to apply their ingenuity to rule. Jack’s in Nausori is
proudly displaying this label in their shop. Jack’s is another sorry story! Violation of UN charter.

Where did this land bank idea come from? Why does Fiji need a land bank when we already have the Lands Department
and TLTB to handle all land transactions? Simply because it is another subtle tool to break Fijian autonomy without
creating or causing alarm. The issues associated with fair payment to all landowners has an underpinning element that
needed to be addressed without using the gun to enforce the new ruling. Some landowners are relishing the benefits of
this creature. But give itsome time and we will see its true colours. Another violation of the UN charter.
Identity cannot be legally mitigated, forcefully dictated or artificially delegated. Identity is what makes a person who
he/she is. It is inherited, inborn and is tied up with one’s land of origin. It cannot be removed or extracted from anyone.
In the case about Fiji, again it has been a forced concept which did not recognize fundamental social value s and without
the will of the people. Indians cannot be Fijians whilst Fijians cannot be Indians. The British were wise enough to have
the ‘Vola ni Kawa Bula’ drawn up to maintain our identity. Another violation of the UN charter.
The concept of ‘chief’ is a fundamental aspect of any society. All nations on earth recognize that there is a need for
leaders wherever there exists a social community or groupings of people. The variation comes depending on what type
of people groupings exist. For a traditionalist society like Fiji, the chiefly system is bound with the identity and inherent
social structure of the Fijian people. There is no qualms about it. If one is born a chief, then no one can challenge that.

When Christianity arrived on our shores, this system … seamlessly with it. They complemented each other quite well. It
turned out that the Old Testament portrayed the people of God, Hebrews governed by the same system. To draw a
sweet comparison, there were chieftains (turaga), priests (bête), warriors (bati), builders (mataisau) etc.The chiefs were
were held accountable for the people that they led. And admittedly enough, they were not all perfect people. But the
point is, a bad behaving chief does not remove the inherent right that they hold. This is a fundamental right. Chiefs are
born into it and it is a God-given right and carries a God-given level of accountability.
When Bainimarama rudely told the chiefs to go and drink homebrew under the mango trees, it was a gross insult of the
worst kind. He could only get away with it because he had guns. Take away the gun and it would be so different. On the
same token, he had reason to do that. He accused them of being coup plotters. So what’s the problem with that? How
could they not be involved in a fundamental issue that affected their people? They did what was best under the
circumstances. They were there for the vanua and people. Only problem was they did not teach our chiefs how to lead
their people during a coup in Vulinitu and the chief’s best response was to be with their people. They say Bainimarama is
also chie f and he had the right to do that. Judge for yourself!
But if there was one thing that did the most dishonor to England, to the vanua, to the lotu – it was his removal of the
Great Council of Chiefs with their forced decree. A big violation of the UN charter.
No one on earth can dispute the fact that Indians have lifted Fiji’s economy to what it is then and now. That has come
through their hard work and business acumen. But they also had Fijian helpers. Let me explain. Imagine this scenario:
Indians are an ancient people. They’ve been around long and everywhere too. They have a mathematical, analytical
and sharp mind. They work hard. They are stringy and tight with money. Doing business is their natural lot. So they
come to Fiji. And then they see Fijians living in their villages and just doing subsistence living, not interested in running
business for profit. So what do they do? They smile in glee, rub their hands together and sl ap their pockets. Their minds
is already in overdrive. Next thing they ring overseas to relatives to send them some capital to build a shop near the
village so that every village people can come and shop there. Or they just lift up the mattress where they keep their
savings or they just walk to the bank and get a loan.
And so the shop is operating and they sell everything and anything. Guess what then they also start selling white flour,
white bread, white rice, tinned goods that have preservatives and additives, and artificial colouring, and sugar and salt. And the Fijians take the easy way out. Instead of going fishing, they buy the tinned fish. Instead of eating dalo, they buy
white rice. Instead of using avocado for butter they buy sugary jam, instead of eating bele, they buy pasta, and the list
goes on. In other words, they substitute natural, healthy and simple food with processed and artificially made junk food.
And everyone’s wondering why aunty died because of breast cancer, or uncle died because of diabetes or high blood
pressure. It comes from the food that they are selling in the supermarkets owned mostly by Indians.
Fiji’s health department is struggling with both chronic, communicable, life-style and any other disease. Know one way
of reducing this menace? Limit the number of supermarkets that are popping up everywhere. Because these
supermarkets are saturating junk food so easily that people are taking the easy way out. Of course, it’s up to the person
to buy, but human history has taught us the power of the mass. The crowd behavior. It only takes one person to start
the roll and you get the whole crowd. This is why Indians are having a ball by strategically placing their shops in the
towns, cities and villages.
So Indians come in with their skills and industry and they are taking advantage of a care-free and non-industrial Fijians.
And know what didn’t help with the Fijian cause? Because they were not given a chance at all to begin their journey
towards self- determination and productivity because the Indians were around and they had an edge . All-in-all, if Fijians
were left by themselves to begin their pursuit for independence and self-management, it is highly likely that things
would have been different and we would not be faced with our present state of affairs. Fijians were essentially not
provided the opportunity to begin their own journey because the Indians would not allow it. Wishful thinking? No,
understand the facts.

Human beings are shaped by their world view and their value system. Our world view is essentially how we look at the
world around us and how we understand the way things operate. it defines how we respond and behave during certain
events in life such as death, marriage etc. Our value system is more to do with is a set of values or principles or
understanding of the world we live in. These values are internalized and become part of the person. This in turn affects
the way a person think and behave. Because spirituality is fundamental to people, it so happens that the way we behave
and think comes from our spiritual state. Generally a Christian will demonstrate love and care. Everyone is considered
the same. No one is ‘untouchable’. In Fiji’s case, Christian values is a part of Fijian life. For the Indian immigrant, he has
to learn to adopt the same Christian values. Coming from a caste-based society where the bottom rung are
untouchable, he now enjoyed living here without worrying about his caste status.
Chaudhary is another character. He has committed numerous crimes and was able to get away with it. The last one is
another sorry story thanks to a judiciary that is happy to receive $1 million dollars and set a criminal free thereby selling
the integrity of the judiciary for dollars. How insulting to the cause of judiciary!
There are many comments that Chaudhary has made in relation to the Fijian race. Two that I’d like to I’d like to highlight
are: “We did not come to rule..” in the days when Qarase was around. That statement made in 2000?? may have been a
defensive statement to nullify the idea of Indian domination, but can anyone believe that? If Indians did not come to
rule, how do you explain his accension to prime ministership in 2000? This is Indian cunning at its best. ‘We did not
come to rule’ is the cover catchword for Indians who are running around and taking everything they can lay their hands
on. Can we believe a criminal?
The second comment he made was to do with what he did when he was deposed from being prime minister in 2000.
Guess where he went? He jetted off to India to meet with India’s prime minister and pressure him “to force Fiji back to
democracy”. Notice, to ‘force’. They might have sent the Indian army back in 2000. He went to complain to Big India like
a little spoiled brat of a boy.

But in that trip he also asserted that Indians and Fijians got on very well with each other and there were only a few hard
nuts elite that was not happy with the Indian in leadership. Well guess what? Chaudhary is absolutely wrong! Obviously
he has not met a fair representation of Fijians to make that forced judgement. The fact is, all (or almost) Fijians in the
islands, in the mainland, in the urban and rural, educated, in the work places, all over Fiji do not like to be ruled by
Indians. And don’t anyone be fooled to think that this is not so. Even a little village boy will tell you. And there has not
been much intermarriage to prove his statement. Why? Ask an indian philosopher!
Many self-appointed leaders of the interim government have been advocating and pushing passionately to catch up
with the rest of the world. What are we to catch up on? Those countries who are deemed by these leaders are going
through their own set of problems. Look at Europe for example. Nations are bankrupt. Spain , Greece,etc. These are
not companies that are declared bankrupt, these are governments. And these are countries that have been hailed as
leaders? Some countries are dried up physically, from being dug up with mining. Pollution from heavy industrial
activities is a major problem with these big countries and they are the ones that are causing damage big-time by
depleting the ozone layer which is affecting everybody. Backward Fiji is one of those innocent little countries that are
suffering from the fault of the bigger players.
Why the rush? The whole world is a rat-race. People are rushing everywhere. For what? To meet deadlines, to achieve
product quota, to meet with another business partner, to make more money, etc, etc., And in rushing, we nearly trip
over the old lady sitting by the side, in rushing we don’t spend precious time with our loved ones, in rushing we forget
to say our prayers, in rushing we don’t eat properly so our food can be digested well to give us optimum nourishment, in
rushing we don’t talk with uncle who had wanted some help with his garden .

Who says that Fiji has to be on par with America or Australia? Guess what, we can’t! And know what, Americans and
Australians are happy when they come to a place like Fiji to relax. They don’t want to come to another fast-paced town
or city. People don’t run in Fiji except when they are playing sevens rugby. They walk al ong, stop to talk with a friend or
relative they haven’t met for 2 days, have a laugh together, perhaps go and have bila or pineapple together at the
market. Who needs to tell us to be fast? We will live life as we choose!
Who says Fiji is backwards? Those who are saying Fiji is backwards are those who are driven by the capitalist mind-set
and are comparing Fiji with America. Fiji is moving slow so it will make calculated and informed progress with minimal
disruption. We will move when we are ready.
Approximately 83% of land belong to Fijians under native leasehold. Some people say Fijians are lazy and they cannot
farm the land. Stereotyping is unkind. Yes, there may be problems with drinking yaqona too much and they may be too
idle. But what is life to them. They don’t aspire to be capitalists, get rich and be stressed for the rest of their lives. They
are happy to do subsistence farming, allowing Indians to thrive. Did we complain about it?
There is a new generation of Fijians that are ready to put their head in and forward the cause for advancement if they
were given the chance. Except for the mess caused by Indian complaining , no one can do anything !
Fiji used to do a promotional advertisement that says, ‘THE WAY THE WORLD SHOULD BE’. When the pope visited, he
stated that Fiji is a symbol of hope to the world. Now, some people label Fiji as ‘coup, coup land’, a place of tension and
anger, where the coup mindset has settled in and everyone is taking things from others by force. Whatever label we get,
it doesn’t matter anymore. It is the people that makes the difference. Despite its coup history, Fijians will still remain as
Fijians. They may be abrupt at times or are losing some of their mannerism, but those things can be regained.
The coup has also left its mark, and has slowly brought about some changes in people, in the way they think, their
attitude, and relationships. But they are resilient and they will come better. Give us time!
On a world scale, Fiji is recognized as top peacekeepers although the irony is that we need peace in our own country.
That can be explained though. Suffice for us to say, let the world decide. Against the ill resistance of other countries in
the UN , Fiji has scored another win by being asked to be part of UNDOL in Golan Heights. Fiji did not force its way in,
but It was Israel and Syria that asked. Same as in Sinai. Egypt and Israel asked. Fijians were the last to leave Lebanon with
UNIFIL. What does that prove? Fijians have something that’s uniquely theirs.

Know why tourism is going through a boom? It’s the people. Ask the tourism people in Fiji. Ask the tourists that arrive on
our shores. Sure we have the few bad characters who do the silly stuff, but the fact remains that it is the people that
makes the difference.
Fiji used to be tops in world rugby sevens. Now they struggle a bit. But that can be explained. Nevertheless, hats off to
our players for their grit and showmanship. Crowd favourites! Why? Our players smile when they play, they pray before
and after games, they have bible verses written on their wrist bands, they point to the sky when they score a try (an
acknowledgement of God in heaven), they play with gusto, when they win finals they sing church hymns at the
playground. When players get interviewed on newspapers or television, they thank God for their lives. Who else does
The other equally important point is that these players are coming to play with a coup history behind them. Despite the
psychological impact of the coup, despite the hardships they face back at home, they still come to play for honour. Boys,
hats off to you all for your sportsmanship and being true ambassadors. Hold up your heads and be proud of yourselves.
That goes to all our sports people who go out to represent our beloved nation. A big hearty cheers to all you coaches of
all our sports rep. Please keep up the good work!
The old traditional ‘bure’ (Fijian house) all have 3 doors, 2 on the sides and 1 in the front. You know why? Because if the
owner is at home, he can see who will go past through those doors. No one can walk past without being seen and
invited in for a drink, a meal or to rest.13
No doubt there are changes that need to be implemented in the political landscape in Fiji. No doubt there needs to be a
change of mindset for our people in the villages, amongst our chiefs. But these changes cannot be legislated or decreed
by a government that talks behind a gun.
How can a military government who is holding the gun espouse and promote a democratic government by using
undemocratic means? It simply does not add up. Some people say Fijians are thick-headed and the only way to get into
their head is through the use of force. The fact is Fijians are a proud people, who see their land as a god-given gift that
they inherit and they cannot just give it away to any new arrivals like the Indians. What Fijians do with their land is up to
them and no government can tell them what to do with it. They may be slow to respond to the demands of modern
times and changing society, they may be slow to get into business enterprises and ventures, to encouraging education
pursuits but it will come. Today we have Fijians who are well educated and high achievers who have not been given the
chance to lead. Their time will come when they are ready. No one is going to force them to change overnight. They are
playing a fine balance between their traditional ways, their religious convictions and faith, and their political aspirations.
This government, which carries the overwhelming support of India is pushing and shoving hard to make those changes.
This entails a warning. If Indians (using the military) will think that they will achieve their goals of pushing their way
through as they have been doing, the result will definitely be a reactionary retaliation. You are doing it to the wrong
crowd. The resentment against Indians amongst Fijians is growing every time they do something that affects Fijians.
Indians have no right to tell Fijians what to do. Indians need to be human enough to at least show some respect for
fundamental values.

Credit to the interim government’s stupid foreign policy motto of ‘friends to all and enemy of none, we have now are friends with communist China, communist North Korea and communist and terrorist Russia, Indonesia and terrorist hard line Muslim Iran. We ask Khaiyum, Bainimarama and Kubuabola, what do we achieve out of this? Now Russia wants to start mining in Fiji and Khaiyum has been involved with talks that may end up with someone (most probably Iran) manufacturing firearms in Fiji. It is unbelievable! Of course our traditional allies America, Britain, Australia and New Zealand withdrew their help in the past but what else do you expect? How do you expect them to not do anything after you did the last coup? Now we have re-established relations and what do we have? America, Russia, Britain, China, Australia, North Korea, New Zealand all friends of Fiji! We are selling ourself off to anyone who can promise anything without a thought at all about values! This is again the work of muslim radicalism –Khaiyum. By the way, when they held off help, you know who was suffering? Not any of you but it was the people in the villages, in the country and in the towns while you were driving around in your flash cars. Horrendous!

Iran has long been a terrorist nation from the very start. It is a fully fledged hard-line Muslim country who had been anti America and all US alliances and it has always wanted and still is attempting to wipe Israel from the face of the world . It
is building its own nuclear warheads to target every western nation who stand for freedom and Christianity and Fiji has
just made friends with them. It is preposterous for Fiji to invite Israel to be an observer during this election when he has
just made friends with Iran. IT IS FOOLISHNESS AND STUPIDITY! Now, we have 45 men held by al-nusra terrorists and
someone at QEB in Nabua ordered the men to surrender when it was in their power to resist like the Irish and Filipinos
who received logistic help from Israel. Fijians surrendering when their rules of engagement allowed them to fight? Is
this another muslim gimmick?
Now we are asking Israel to help and they are slow to respond. Our men may be tried under Sharia law. What do you
expect from Israel? You think they are blind? It is the same Israel that had been our friend from the start since 1978 in
Lebanon. They also helped us to be in Sinai and now in Golan Heights. They helped keep our soldiers and their families
have food on the table. And what did Fiji do after all that? Befriend Iran, a long-time enemy of Israel! It is absurd!
Where did Iran help in all this? It is Khaiyum and Bainimarama who needs to answer to the families of these men!

It is unreal! By the way in Iran, they still execute people in public and many people clap their hands applaud this public
executions. And we have just made friends with them?
In Russia, between 12,000 to 14,000 women are killed by their husbands each year from domestic violence. This is about
1 woman dead in every 43 minutes. One Russian proverb states,’ if a man beat you, that means he loves you’. Today
Russia is still invading sovereign countries such as Ukraine. And they are looking at mining bauxite in Fiji. And we have
just made friends with them? Indonesia is the largest muslim country in the world. They are also Australia’s immediate
adversary! And we have just made friends with them? There are crazy people leading in Fiji that’s for sure!
One of my friends used to go to the Nasese seawall to get fish for food since he was a little kid. The area belonged to his
grandmother. The last time he went there, the police told him he cannot do that anymore. He need to have a licence to
do that. Hey, it’s his grandmother’s customary land. And its only maybe 6 or 7 fish, and they are not collected everyday.
Another friend went fishing near their village in Vanua Levu for a funeral with his 2 nephews. The Navy sent a smaller
boat from their gunship and after some rough talk took their 2 bags of fish already caught and warned them if they
continue to fish they will be hauled into the gunship. Unless they get a licence. Hey, it’s their customary waters that
belonged to their clan. They returned empty-handed to the vilage.
Now you have to get a licence, and what happens? Well-to-do Indians from Rakiraki are paying Fijian village boys from
Tailevu to get on high-tech boats with fish-finders, huge coolers and generators, and nets and fishing big-time off
Vanua Levu. This is typical Indian style. Driven by the dollars, they haul in loads and loads of fish. And they are using
Fijians who would do anything for a few dollars. At one time they came in their huge trucks in the night in Sawani and
paid Fijian youths to steal dalo from Chinese farms and load up their trucks. There is not much freedom any more and
Indians are cunningly using Fijians to do their dirty work.
The concept of licensing is another capitalist idea. Look at the result: Landowners don’t have control of their customary
lands and seas while government controls and they pocketing the money. But look at the social impact…it is freedom
lost. Another violation of the UN charter.
Fiji is different from other Pacific countries in a unique way. Other people will look at Fiji and judge it based on its
dismantled history. But those who are sitting on the judge’s chair, be mindful that everyone have their own problems.
What is not helping us in Fiji is related to the Indian question. Allow me to explain.
If we were on our own, it would have been different. Because we will deal with our own domestic issues without having
to deal with the Indian-induced problem. And this Indian problem is not small. In fact, it has taken centre stage in Fiji.
The quickest solution is send them away where they came from (like what Australia is doing now). But this cannot
happen. Another solution is to hold a civilized talk with them and make a treaty with them (like what they did in New
Zealand). But Indians will not accept this. The other alternative is to force them out but then it is not acceptable.
Otherwise we will just keep quiet and hope that we will manage. But this not an option either. WHAT CAN WE DO?
It is to be noted that if Fiji First and Bainimarama thinks that Fijians will be happy from this time onwards, then he will
have to think again. Fijians have long memory too and the problem you have brought about will not evaporate in this
generation. You will have your hands full every time you sit up there with your gun.


When the 6 crates of weapons (Soviet-type AK47, bazoorkas,…..) were discovered in the cane farms in Nadi in May
1988, 43 people were detained , and 21 ultimately got charged. One of them was Krishna Datt, a former minister for
Chaudhary’s government. The manifest had listed ‘used machinery’ they came from Sydney on Captain Cook III which
berthed at Carpenters Shipping in Lautoka. The original location was South Yemen, another hard-line muslim country.
Mohammed Rafiq and Mohammed Kahan were two of the movers. Kahan had even written a letter to Yassser Arafat of
the PLO for help in their cause citing Fiji being involved with the Israelis.

Now supposing that the crates were not discovered. Could it be possible that we would have an Indian hit squad
running around in the cane farms who are PLO-trained and shooting all the Fijian troublemakers? Wild thinking don’t
you think? But my point is that there were and I’m tempted to think that there are still today Indians who are ready to
fight for their cause with guns if they have to. Why? Did we ever chase them away to India? NO! Did we attack them
with war clubs? NO! Did we ever put them on a boat forcefully and push them to the sea? NO!
The question that they need to answer is: What wrong did Fijians do when all they wanted was the prese rvation of
their rights

Role of the Military.
It is important that we also say something about the military.
The Fiji army is a world-renowned group. They are recognized at the pinnacle of world leadership -the UN. Our boys
have served well. But sadly,they have allowed themselves to be drawn into a dark corner. Our Fijian boys were being used to hurt, maim
and kill our own people. How can you make sense of that? Did the Fijian people attack you? Did they pose a threat for
you? Please understand that you have been used! It’s time to stand for principle!
The hearts of our boys are torn between their vanua and their word. Khaiyum and Bainimarama are taking advantage
of their indecision. We are appealing to our boys in the army – PLEASE STAND LIKE THE MAN AND BE LOYAL TO YOUR
One month ago, the military leadership took all the soldiers’ registration card. What they did with them we do not
know for sure now. But it does look like there is something sinister going on. They all voted yesterday. You know why?
One reason is that on September 17, they will be on stand- by. Stand by for what? For your information, they have got
riot gears stocked up in locations around the main polling station that they will wear to stamp and crush any sign of
civilian resistance. The gears came from Indonesia courtesy of the muslim connection thanks to Khaiyum.
By the way, do we all remember what army commander Tikoitoga said before. If any government (implying if Fiji First
loses) will win election and set aside the 2013 constitution, they will seize government again. And along the same lines,
he was also saying that the military will not be involved with government. Unbelievable! Some people are really
crossed in their thinking.

The main perpetrator in this downright violation of Fijian rights is Aiyaz Khaiyum who had orchestrated well the
demise of Fijian autonomy and using a loyal partner in Bainimarama. It is both unbelievable and ironic that Khaiyum
had condemned the military’s “ineptitude, inertia and reluctance” during the 2000 coup and yet was able to use them
effectively for their coup of 2006 as well as holding out until today.
His bachelor of laws thesis was titled “Constitution making in ‘Divided Societies’ –Fiji a case study” and for his masters
in law thesis it was titled “Cultural Autonomy –It’s implication for the nation-state.” His latter dissertation contains a
systematic dismantling of Fijian autonomy and it is astounding how he has been able to achieve this before our very
eyes. It is highly likely that his bachelor’s thesis had influenced the drawing of the enforced constitution of 2013.
This is an amazing feat for one man alone to achieve when we consider that the Fijian system had been set up since
1875 and is the combined work of both English and Fijian statesmen and scholars. For a muslim with not many
adherents (unlike the hindus), it is hard to believe that he really did it.
Also impressive is how he managed to do it in direct and clear violation of the United Nations Declaration of Indigenous
rights passed recently in 2007. It is a serious criminal act that is a mild form of genocide (the destruction of another
race).If the law were allowed to take its cause, he needs to be hauled before the UN court charged with secondary
degree genocide.
If that was not enough, he then orchestrated the issuance of numerous decrees to remove any form of opposition or
resistance. Fijians cannot allow him to continue on. Fijians need to hold him accountable. He will need to answer
before the people. He needs to answer before our chiefs. He needs to answer before the UN. One man alone was able to accomplish what had been the mainstay of the Fijian race. FIJIANS CANNOT ALLOW HIM TO CONTINUE ANYMORE.
Perhaps Bainimarama is holding on to an ancient folklore that he was to do some kind of moral clean-up in Fiji.
Perhaps like Alexander the Great who was told before he struck west that he would win that region over, Bainimarama
has embraced the 3- D vision (Democracy, Dictatorship/Decree & Decalogue), in which he will win this election.
Perhaps he has thought it well through that what he is doing is good for Fijians, but where is the rationale if Fijian
sovereign rights are destroyed? What really is driving this man? Is it fame? money? We wonder!
Readers, Bainimarama cannot be allowed to lead. His political background has been violence-based. He has been used
all along. He is a puppet of another bigger sinister force. Other people are doing the thinking for him especially his
speech writer.
All the reforms that he is promoting sound good but any good government can do that. They did not enjoy the power
that Bainimarama has with his gun. All the help that he has done to the villages and rural areas is part of his
manipulative strategy to win people over. Any government can do that! All the new gimmicks and projects that him and
Khaiyum are implementing were timed well so that they will be showcased before the world just before the election. To
win people over. This was the sole reason for postponing and delaying the election until now (from 2009, 2010??).
Because they were not ready with their gift.
He is still the same man that allowed torture and death in the hands of his mercenaries who were toting guns against
unarmed people. He is still the smiling assassin that has removed our indigenous rights and defied the highest authority
on earth – the UN. He is still the same man who has committed Fiji to terrorist rogue nations like Iran and Russia. He is
still the same man that is furthering the cause of muslim radicalism against the values of Christianity that Fiji upholds.
Fiji cannot afford to allow a man of his type to lead our nation. He is not balanced with his polic ies and reforms. The
2013 constitution that he is upholding is discriminatory. It is non-democratic in nature.
Think about what he has allowed. He fought off the reconciliation bill that would not allow for the acquittal of those
involved in the 2000 coup, and he had it written in his constitution that he and his thugs will receive immunity when he
did the 2006 coup. One man alone cannot use and manipulate the constitution to his own end. It is a mockery of what
the constitution stands for. It is a mockery of democracy.

Look at his cunning election strategies:

1. He did not allow other parties to campaign until a few weeks ago. And yet he used his government funded activities to campaign for his party.

2. He drew up the terms of party delegates and violated those terms in front of everybody without considering it as a wrong;

3. He timed his development activities in the rural areas just before the election so he will gain peoples’ support;
4. He is worried if he does not win then he does not know what to do ie. what is his and Khaiyum’s future in Fiji ?
5. He is worried that if he loses then he will be prosecuted and his constitution will not save him;
6. He is worried what he will say to the chiefs if GCC is re-instated;
7. Some people in the rural locations have missed out casting their votes because his team has orchestrated events
so that they miss out;
8. His election office had duped the public to believe that election would be held on September 17 and then told
the public about the altered timetable on the last minute to confuse everyone and eliminate voters;
9. He is insisting that his coup was justifiable for the greater good (What coup is justifiable??);
10. He will fight to win this election;
Readers we cannot allow his party to win!

It is important that we all look at the situation in Fiji through informed eyes. We now set before you these observations :
1. The problem faced in Fiji today found its origin back in 1879 when Indians were first brought to Fiji. No one
can deny that the current problem existing in Fiji has been caused by the presence of Indians. Some people are
saying that Indians have been the scapegoat to cover Fijian politics. This is weak and ill-informed thinking. Fiji’s
political and social history is clear. Furthermore, Fiji is not an exception with the problems that we have with
Indians. In all the colonies that they went to as coolies, they had never been accepted by the local populations.
It was very clear that the locals did not condone any kind of superior social status and attitude that has often
been the trademark of Indians. This Indian superior attitude is also quite evident in Fiji. But resentment
towards the Indians is there in Mauritius, South Africa, Trinidad, Jamaica, Surinam, Seychelles and others.
In South Africa, the Indian question became a huge national problem that was still being dealt with till the late
1990s. Between 1885 and 1941 there were about 61 discriminatory laws against them. In 1927, South Africa
enacted an agreement that encouraged and facilitated repatriation (return to India), in which many did not
respond to. What Fiji is going through now was happening in South Africa until the 1990s when Nelson
Mandela finally extended his hand to them. In South Africa they carried the label as ‘Indians are a foreign and
outlandish element which is inassimilable.’ This means that they come from another place, are forceful and
cannot mix with other people. It was only in 2009 to 2010 that Indians were being systematically attacked by
Australians in Sydney and Melbourne. Why? Their rigid personality and rudeness is well known. The internet
carries well over a million hits on Indian rudeness.
2. Fijians resent Indians and this resentment is deep-rooted. And it’s not because Indians own all the shops, the
buses, taxis, and the pharmacies. It’s because Fijians and Indians are two separate people with their own world
views and value systems that cannot allow them to mix. An easy way to measure this incompatibility is to
look at how much intermarriage has taken place between Indians and Fijians. You can count Fijian/Indian mix
marriage with your fingers and toes and this is real evidence of their vast differences and incompatibility.
People need to understand that thisresentment is more than a political one. It is strongly social, religious and
culturally based. This resentment will not fade away overnight and will remain so indefinitely until are learn to
give respect where itis due.
It is to be noted that the actions of the interim government which is engineered by the Indians regarding the
removal of Fijian rights will only exacerbate and worsen this resentment. It could be the last straw before
Fijians will express their resentment through other means.
3. The rights and privileges of Fijians are recognized by the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of
Indigenous Peoples which was adopted by General Assembly Resolution 61/295 on 13 September 2007.
It is to be noted that every action that had been taken by the interim government relating to Fijian interests
have violated the United Nations terms. We list the ones that have been violated by the interim government:
 Article 1: Indigenous peoples have the right to the full enjoyment , as a collective or as individuals, of all human
rights and fundamental freedoms as recognized in the Charter of the United Nations, the Universal Declaration
of Human Rights and international human rights law.
 Article 2: Indigenous peoples and individuals are free and equal to all other  peoples and individuals and have
the right to be free from any kind of discrimination, in the exercise of their rights, in particular that based on
their indigenous origin or identity.
 Article 3: Indigenous peoples have the right to self-determination. By virtue of that right they freely determine
their political status and freely pursue their economic, social and cultural development.

government in matters relating to their internal and local affairs, as well as ways and means for financing their
autonomous functions.

 Article 4: Indigenous peoples,in exercising their rights to self determination, have the right to autonomy or self government in matters relating to their internal and local affairs, as well as ways and means for financing their
autonomous functions
 Article 5: Indigenous peoples have the right to maintain and strengthen their distinct political, legal, economic,
social and cultural institutions, while retaining their right to participate fully, if they so choose, in the political,
economic, social and cultural life of the state.
 Article 6: Every indigenous individual has the right to a nationality.
 Article 7: Indigenous peoples have the collective right to live in freedom, peace and security as distinct peoples.
 Article 8: Indigenous peoples and individuals have the right not to be subjected to forced assimilation or
destruction of their culture.

Article 9: indigenous peoples and individuals have the right to belong to an indigenous community or nation, in
accordance with the traditions and customs of the community or nation concerned.
 Article 12: Indigenous peoples have the right to manifest, practice, develop and teach their spiritual and
religious traditions, customs and ceremonies; the right to maintain, protect, and have access in privacy to their
religious and cultural sites….
 Article 18: Indigenous peoples have the right to participate in decision-making in matters which would affect
their rights, through representatives chosen by themselves in accordance with their own procedures, as well as
to maintain and develop their own indigenous decision-making institutions.
 Article 19: States shall consult and cooperate in good faith with the indigenous peoples concerned through their
own representative institutions in order to obtain their free, prior and informed consent before adopting and
implementing legislative or administrative measures that may affect them.

 Article 20: Indigenous peoples have the right to maintain and develop their political, economic and social
systems or institutions, to be secure in the enjoyment of their own means of subsistence and development, and
to engage freely in all their traditional and other economic activities.
 Article 26: Indigenous peoples have the right to the lands, territories and resources which they have traditionally
owned, occupied or otherwise used or acquired. Indigenous peoples have the right to own, use, develop and
control the lands, territories and resources that they possess by reason of traditional ownership or other
traditional occupation or use, as well as those which they have otherwise acquired.
 Article 27: States shall establish and implement, in conjunction with indigenous peoples concerned, a fair,
independent, impartial, open and transparent process, giving due recognition to indigenous peoples’ laws,
traditions, customs and land tenure systems….Indigenous peoples shall have the right to participate in this
 Article 31: Indigenous peoples have the right to maintain, control, protect and develop their cultural heritage,
traditional knowledge and traditional cultural expressions, as well as the manifestations of their sciences,
technologies and cultures,…designs, …and visual and performing arts. They also have the right to maintain,
control, protect and develop their intellectual property over such cultural heritage, traditional knowledge, and
traditional cultural expressions.
There are 46 articles altogether but the above list will prove that the interim government used by Indians has violated
almost all of them. It is to be noted also that the interim governmentis using the argument of progress to justify their
actions. This is echoing what Indians in the likes of A.D. and R.D. Patel, S. Koya, and others before had pushed for with
Khaiyum as the latest and most destructive. There seem to be no sign of remorse shown or any respect given towards
indigenous interests. But this is not surprising given that Indians do not really place much value in people as their caste
system proves.

4. Fijian rights were protected in the Deed of Cession signed in 1874 and inculcated in all previous constitutions
until removed by the military government in its constitution of 6th September 2013 . This was maintained in
the successive laws of the Native Affairs Ordinance 1876, Fijian Affairs Act, Native Lands Ordinance 1882,
Native Lands Act 1905 and Native Lands Act 1940. Right now Fijians have lost all sovereign rightsthat are
protected by law that set us apart as landowners.
5. This military government is serving the whims and wish of Indians who are avowed capitalists and
utilitarians which will widen the gap between enriching the Indians and further making Fijians poorer . The
very simple definition of a capitalist is that they are money-driven and a utilitarian is one who push for material
progress without any regard for people. It is rushing Fiji into the modern era when we are not thoroughly
prepared. It needs to be understood that any economic development will favour the Indians who hold the
monopoly over the business and economic sector. Any further development will only benefit them directly and
will cause the gap between Indian domination and Fijian dependence on them to grow wider. This is very
6. The push for equality by this government is an Indian invention that will make them rulers in Fiji. This has
been their cry since they were allowed to stay on in Fiji and this had been their practice in all British colonies.
Their argument is that all Fiji citizens must have equal political and legal rights so that everyone will have the
same rightin all aspects. To access land, to stand for prime minister, to exercise their religion, to dress up how
they want, to say whatever they want, to fish wherever they choose, to dig wherever they can, to choose who
their sex partner is (homosexuals) and so on and so forth. Some of what we have stated here may be going too
far but this is what this equality represents. Equality is the mark of democracy which will allow cunning
strategists to manipulate systems to benefit them alone . In a place like Fiji already divided by race and forced
policies, this will be cunningly used by Indians to dominate further. Besides, the western world where this
equality is espoused is now proving to us all that social disintegration, breakdown of human values and a
weakening of religious faith are the ultimate result.
Let me give a quick example. In the Fiji Live website (it is the national), a few weeks ago had the Muslim
greeting ‘eid mubarak’ on it with a crest and moon. Think about it. It is the national website and our muslim
moderator has seen fit to put their muslim greeting on it. Why? Well, equality isn’t it! It appears that someone
must have spoken to them or they must have gained enough sense to remove it. On the same website, they
now have these promotional sections: HOT LINKS, Fiji dating, LOVE ZONE –kiss & tell, first crush, first kiss, love
horoscope, PLENTY MORE FISH,, Start having fun w/online Dating,…2000
Chinese Women Online, Join Now, Dating Hot Single Asian women, Join free, Find a Match that’s best for you ,
Join Free,, Dating under Infortainment. Let me ask church leaders, community leaders, dedicated
parents, thinking citizens….IS THIS WHAT YOU WANT FOR YOUR CHILDREN? Targeting boys, do you want them
to get involved with the 2000 Chinese women or the hot single Asian women? Do you want your children to
learn how to kiss & tell, first crush, first kiss from the website? And this is supposed to be a national website?
7. The push for a common roll over a communal roll is another Indian tool that will give them a greater chance
to win. With a common roll, every voter will spread their vote wider instead of being concentrated in Fijian
dominated settings like in the villages. Votes in the rural areas will be spread out thus lessening the chances of
Fijian delegates from these areas to win. This fact will provide Indians delegates with an increased chance of
winning. This fact will be reinforced with the one-person-one-vote model. The Patel brothers had been pushing
for this back in the 1970s.
8. The context in Fiji will see Indians dominate and rule us if we are all on the same platform. It is a fact of life
that Indians are good with business and economy. They are resourceful, analytic, smart and industrious. When
we set them against the simplicity, the relaxed attitude, the slow reaction of Fijian people, it is disastrous for

They have managed to manipulate and take advantage of this Fijian laxity to rule the business and economic
will be real slaves in their own land. And in this modern world this is unthinkable.
It has taken some of our very best Fijian to uphold and progress our cause and to see their best efforts
defeated is very disheartening.We have lost out to a handful of determined and cunning Indians with Aiyaz
Khaiyum asthe master orchestrator and supported blindly by men such as Bainimarama. In the years to come
Khaiyum will remain as hero in India and the moslem world. The hearts of true Fijians cry out now!We will
now resign ourselves to be slaves in our own land!.
9. Fijians have their own issues but they need time and space to work thing out. The main dispute has arisen
between the eastern and western regions of Fiji. The western contingent had been pushing for greater say
over governance and leadership because all the major resources are based in the west which includes the
sugar industry, tourism and gold. This is understandable but nothing could be resolved adequately or
attempted because we were pre-occupied with dealing with the Indian-induced problem we now have.
Internal politics is not foreign to any nation. Furthermore, Indians glee in happiness when they see Fijians argue
and fight among themselves. This was their attitude also when the Fijian military were hurting Fijians in the
villages and elsewhere.
There is hostility also between hindus and muslims. It seems that the muslims are winning right now . But they
do combine together when they are up against anything Fijian although there are sympathisers for the Fijian
cause amongst hindus and muslims too.
10. Fijians would need to review the principles of native administration and lifestyle in order to cope better
with the changing world.Until now, we were not able to do this because of our preoccupation with the
national issue regarding the Indians. We were not able to do much to be proactive while the Indians were
bickering and racing ahead.
The key to it is a change in mindset. We need to maintain our social structure , chiefly system and our religious
devotion. It is within these very institutions that we must work in. Our native administration needs to be
proactive and explore means where we can run industries and enterprises by taking advantage of what land
we have and resources. Our leaders need to be strategists and resourceful. We have a strength behind us –
communal power, that need to be used well. We need to improve our lifestyle, lessen the yaqona-sesssions
and replace them with spending time with our students doing extra studies. We need to stop going to Indian
supermarkets and buying junk food such as white flour, white rice and processed food. Stop buying tinned,
packeted and glassed products and eat fresh food from the land and fish form the waters. We need to cook
healthy and balanced meals instead of heavy and fatty meals that increase cholesterol level and lead to high
blood pressure, heart attacks and cancer. We need to strengthen our family base, commit to our religious faith,
and help the unfortunate amongst us. Our chiefs need to be god-fearing, honest, and love their people not
build up their own empires but to serve the cause of their people. After all, their wealth is their people. ‘NA
11. Fijian leaders will need to show themselves. These are leaders who hold a holistic and balanced thinking about
Fiji. They are educated, forward-thinking and traditionalist. They are those who can inject proactive reforms
and policies in our native administration. Even those who are overseas may consider developing and
progressing the nation in any practical capacity.
12. Indians had been pushing for change in the native held land regulations since their arrival in 1879. They
argue that every Fijian citizen should stand on their land or they will be standing on the road. They have won
the first round with the terms of lease extended to 99 years. NLTB has had a name change to TLTB already.

Now TLTB is slowly undergoing reform and restructure and eventually it will be absorbed into the national
system. Some Indians are already holding office with the TLTB, a clear violation of UN charter.
13. Fijians cannot mix with Indians because their world is totally different from ours. They are not bound by a
social structure that value people (with their caste system) and their social policies. They also have specific
gods that give them wealth and many children (fertility) if they serve them well. They have the support of the
Indian government and strong networks overseas.
14. Indians have progressed Fiji to its present economical status through sheer grit and hard work. They have
argued that without them Fiji would not be a nation and reach where we are today. No one is denying this and
we all acknowledge the Indian contribution and are grateful for that. Today, they own almost all the
businesses, the shops, the buses, the industries, the sugarcane farms and the fine houses. On the same token,
their success has been built on the back of Fijian’s non-involvement in these areas. They have been able to
take good advantage of the Fijian way of life to maximize their domination. The result now is that Indians have
a stranglehold on the business ventures and it is near impossible for Fijians to break through this stranglehold.
Any further development that Khaiyum is implementing will further the cause of Indian businesses and will
widen the gap between the rich Indians and the poor Fijians.
15. Fijians were not given the time, space and freedom to progress and realize their dreams of self determination. The smart Indians have been digging in deep while bickering and complaining since they  arrived in Fiji in 1879, so what we have been trying to do ever since was to work with their issues rather than concentrate on ours. As a consequence Fiji has been pushed hard to gain prominence in the capitalist world that favours Indians when Fijians are not ready, mainly because previous progress has come without care for the social capacity-building in areas where it is needed most.

16. Indians have been blaming the Fijian way of life as a barrier and obstacle to progress. If you are a capitalist
and utilitarian, then this would be how you view things so this is no surprise coming from the Indians. The Fijian
way of life is not a barrier but the means towards progress. The problem here is that Fijians have not been
proactive enough and are somewhat slow to respond. Besides, the Indian question di d not help at all. In a way,
this mess is a shake-up and wake-up call for Fijians to act.
17. The interim government foreign policy of ‘friends to all, enemy of none’ is dangerous and destructive to Fiji.
Credit to this government’s muslim-orchestrated foreign policy, Fiji is now friends with communist China,
communist North Korea, communist Russia and hard-line muslim Indonesia and Iran. On Fiji’s lap, we are now
pitting traditional, philosophical and religious enemies against each other. We have sold our soul to the devil.
This will minimize our standing in the free world and the friendlier nations will think twice before they commit.
Fijians and those who understand our cause, there is only one way out! To those who are voting, VOTE FOR SODELPA!
We will explain. To those who cannot vote, please tell our plight to everyone. SEND THIS DOCUMENT OUT TO
As we have explained earlier on, the matter of leadership in Fiji is not only a political entity. Leadership is holistic and
encompassing. Whatever party vying for leadership in Fiji will need to accommodate this criteria of holistic leadership.
Every party has noble agendas and excellent party manifesto and sound leadership values. But these questions need to
be answered if any party will lead the nation:

The above is a list of considerations that need to be seriously addressed for any aspiring party. To be fair to other
parties, you all have noble and high ideals and superb credentials but honestly would fall short when it comes to dealing
with indigenous interests. On the whole, SODELPA is the only party that will provide a workable approach. Your only
chance is to work with SODELPA to take Fiji forward. This is the plea of the authors, please – VOTE FOR SODELPA!!
As Fijians, we cannot foresee and will not support an Indian to be the prime minister or a political leader in Fiji. This is a
very profound statement. Why? Because contrary to the views of the modern democratic world, Fiji is a sovereign nation
with its own unique way. Fijians view leadership not as a political role only but it carries religious, social and customary
meaning. From our knowledge of the Indian psyche, no Indian can fulfill this expectation. Indians cannot fully understand
the Fijian mindset and way of life. They live in a world of their own. Their way of life and values either oppose or is
incompatible with the Fijian way. Besides, their religious beliefs oppose the Christian principles that Fiji and all the
western world embrace. It is to be noted that Christianity and democracy both have western origins and non -western
countries like India are adopting democratic concepts but remain in their religious backwater that is not helping their
nations. They fail to see and reason that religion should impact their political pursuits and save their people from all
forms of oppression. Their animalistic religion that should lift them from an enslaved existence is not working and yet
they haven’t worked it out.
Yes, Indians may lead well in the political and economical aspect of our nation but that alone does not constitute good
governance. Good governance is holistic and encompassing. Besides politics and economy, good governance is respect
for customary rights and privileges because they were there long before any foreigners came along. Good governance is
respect for our chiefly system, our way of life, our social structure. Good governance is having the good sense to realize
that indigenous Fijians have an honour to preserve which cannot be removed by any foreigner. The days of foreign
leadership are over. Sovereign nations have the right to lead their own country. Fijians can lead. So give them a chance.
What was the whole point of gaining independence when a foreigner will lead again.
Indians have made their presence known in 10 other countries already and want to make Fij i the 11th. Please think again.
Fiji is the only land Fijians have so let them be. Fiji is a sovereign nation and Fijians can lead their own nation so give
them the chance. They had never been given this opportunity because since the first Indian arrival in 1879, they had to
weave their way through all the bickering.

Indians have been the mainstay and core of the economy in Fiji and for that we are all grateful. But they have also not
stopped playing their game of usurping leadership and control and pushing for what this military government has now
achieved for them.
It has taken 3 constitutions to try and get the mix right and now a fourth one and a fifth has been forced upon us. I f
another party leads after this election there will definitely be a 6th
. It is becoming a big joke. Why? It has to do with the
Indians. They were unhappy with 3 constitutions. The 4th may have suited them. The 5th is probably the best for them. But
it has been forced against the will of the majority especially the Fijians. And a nation cannot function well based on a
forced constitution.
Fijians do not live life in isolation, they are not driven by the dollars, they aspire to their religion, they consider land as
their god-given gift to look after, they hold high respect for their chiefs, and they had tried to accommodate all those that
came in and made Fiji their home. They didn’t send people away by force.
As a son of Fiji, we also make a very special appeal to all our people in the villages who, on all our behalf have been
looking after our customary lands and seas. We do realize that help had been slow or may not have arrived at all in
some of your villages and districts in the past, and this government had brought in electricity, water, roads, free
education and other developments but there is a reason for that and it can be explained. What is more important and
crucial is that you do not use that basis alone to vote for any party. We can all thank this government for what they
have done for you but I appeal to you please try and see the big picture. And the big picture is more than roads, water,
money, education and development. The big picture is about our identity, our future generation, our land and seas, our
customary rights and priviledges, our social structure, our chiefs, our existence as a people….these have been given to us
from God and we cannot afford to let them go. Please take a moment to think matters through, get a broader and fuller
picture of what is really happening in Fiji before you cast that very important vote. This is a ‘ MAKE OR BREAK’
situation. We have lost our autonomy through a muslim cleverly using our own men in the military, and we will lose
everything else if we allow Fiji First or any other party to win this election. VOTING FOR SODELPA IS THE ONLY WAY
OUT! We now rest our case with you…….live happily and free!
“Our land is more valuable than your money
It will last forever
It will not even perish by the flames of fire
As long as the sun shines and the waters flow
This land will be here to give life to man and
-Chief Crowfoot, Siksika (1825 -1890)
MAT. 26:52 “For all who draw the sword will die by
the sword!” (Jesus)

PROV. 29:2 “When the righteous are in authority, the
people rejoice; 24
but when the wicked beareth rule, the people
mourn..” (Solomon)


Editors Note

The author or authors of the above article have asked to remain anonymous for the time being. I will have to respect their wishes in that regard. The views expressed in the article does not necessarily reflect the collective view of this blog.

Posted by Rusi Varani for SWM

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