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Rebel group behind capture of Fiji troops storms Syrian stronghold

September 9, 2014

It last week courted debate with suggestions it was to form an alliance with the ultra militant group, Islamic State.No word from Al Nusra on the whereabouts or fate of Fiji‘s captured 45 troops but the rebel group is never far away from the headlines.

It’s this week wreaking havoc in Syria’s Christian stronghold of Mhardeh, crucial to the rebel advance against the regime.

Residents say the Al Qaeda affiliate has been bombarding the town day and night leaving them with no electricity and with only one road out it has been too dangerous to leave.

It’s going into 12 days now since the 45 Fiji peacekeepers were taken hostage after they gave up their weapons to Al Nusra, which last week abandoned negotiations because its demands weren’t met.

The Fiji regime is at last sending a delegation to New York and the Golan Heights (unbelievably the three-member team don’t even have visas yet) to put pressure on the UN to secure the release of the troops.

The decision is a belated one, prompted by this blog’s ongoing revelations about Frank

Bainimarama’s incompetence in sending the troops to Golan Heights in the first place and its handling of the capture, a poor priority compared to the election.

Fiji is still way behind the game with RFMF commander Mosese Tikoitoga dismissing reports Al

Nusra have threatened to try the Fiji peacekeepers by Sharia law.

Tikoitoga insists:”There is an agreement in place that if our soldiers are tried they will be tried in a Fiji court and under the Fiji laws.”

He has conveniently forgotten the deaths of 10 Belgian soldiers in Rawanda in 1993, after they were ordered by the UN to surrender. The men were tortured and shot by extremist Hutus.

The location of the Fiji soldiers remains unknown but Tikoitoga believes they are within a 50k radius but can’t get out because they’re being well-guarded.

The Filipino Senate has meanwhile passed a resolution praising bravery of its troops for refusing to surrender to Al Nusra and fighting their way out of a standoff. Another real possibility is that they’ve been split up into small groups, because it’smore manageable to keep them that way than in one large group.

It comes as sources reveal the Irish UN troops ‘almost certainly’ would’ve been killed or taken hostage during the fighting last week if it were not for Israeli soldiers saving them.

Sadly, it seems the international community are taking more interest in the fate of our captured 45 troops than the regime, which has its eye on the election.

Its stale ploys of one-sided media reports are currently focused on painting SODELPA leader, Ro Teimumu Kepa, as being ‘afraid’ to debate Bainimarama.

Yet there is no coverage of the voters who were turned away from pre-polling at Yasawa Community Hall, Taci Community Hall and Malolo district school because there weren’t enough envelopes.

There is also the fake Facebook aimed at undermining Kepa and the slew of filth from trolls at Clarendon House and Fiji Post and Telecom, as well as other acts of intimidation such as threats to arrest Laisenia Qarase – all intended to diminish SODELPA and rattle its voters.

The one story the regime can’t manipulate or lie about is the humiliating capture of the 45 troops and Fiji’s tarnished reputation as soldiers under this military dictatorship.


Source – C4.5; Posted by Rusi Varani for SWM

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