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Bainimarama continues to chase votes as Al Nusra threaten to try captured troops

September 8, 2014


No RFMF officers have gone to Golan since troops were captured.

The Syrian rebel group linked to Al Qaeda, Al Nusra, has threatened to try the captured 45 Fiji peacekeepers by Sharia law.

Reports from Israel citing the London-based Arab daily, Ashark Alawsat, say the missing troops will be tried unless rebel demands are met.

Al Nusra want humanitarian aid distributed around Damascus, 

Bainimarama chases votes while troops missing

compensation for the death of three of its people last week during intensive fighting with Filipino soldiers, and the removal of its name from the United Nation’s list of terrorists.

The Times of Israel says the UN has called on countries of influence to press the Al Qaeda insurgents to release the peacekeepers. 

The 15 council members have endorsed a press statement after a briefing by UN peacekeeping chief, Herve Ladsous, but there has been no acknowledgement by Al Nusra.

Intel sources say the rebel group has refused to talk with the UN team because its demands haven’t been met and it’s feared the insurgents is likely to execute at least one Fiji soldier under Sharia law to make its point.

Teleni: Golan bound?

C4.5 has been told former police minister, Esala Teleni, is flying in to Suva tomorrow from China and will volunteer to travel to the Golan Heights, if no one from camp is prepared to make the trip as they should’ve done a week ago.

This is a huge remiss and will surely hurt  Frank Bainimarama, who continues to pretend he had nothing to do with the fate of the men as he cuddles up with children and old men to win votes. 

QEB has also gone quiet with a very stressed-looking RFMF commander, Mosese Tikoitoga, today not making any statements about the missing soldiers.

Tikoitoga yesterday criticised former coup leader and prime minister, Colonel Sitiveni Rabuka, for suggesting Fiji’s Muslims could face a backlash if the soldiers are harmed. Police are investigating. 

Rabuka: accused of inciting racial tension.

Rabuka has been quoted as saying, “If anything happen to the 45, then the unsuspecting and probably undeserving people who will bear the brunt of the feelings could be the Muslim civil society and community in Fiji.”

He has since said he was calling for ‘strong and compassionate leadership.’

Demands are meanwhile growing for an investigation to help establish the facts surrounding the surrender of the Fiji soldiers and their subsequent capture while the Filipino contingent fought the rebels and either escaped or were rescued.

Editor’s Note: Critics have tried to reject our story about the troops calling Israel for help saying it was impossible for them to have done so. 

The call was certainly made: every Fiji unit in a mission has a direct hotline to their landforce at QEB and can also contact the mobile numbers or the landlines of seniors, with the help of signals unit of the army.

The Phillipines Defense Forum is also the official forum for the country’s defense force, so is a credible source of information.

We have also been assured India’s Lt Gen, Iqbal Singh Singha, ordered the surrender of Filipino units only after the the Fijian units had already surrendered.

source- c4.5; posted by Rusi Varani for SWM
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