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Numbers small but protest pure of heart

August 12, 2014

Post by Frank Robanakadavu.

Video was posted by Frank Robanakadavu but story is by Coup4.5

It’s easy to be smug when you’ve had eight years in ‘government’ thanks to guns and propaganda.

Frank Bainimarama supporters are stroking themselves silly over the turnout yesterday that supposedly numbered 1000 compared to the mere 40 (or 20 as they’d prefer) heckling and jeering the dictator.

What else could it have been, considering the oppression Fiji citizens have been under since Bainimarama seized control?

Anything less would’ve been a waste of the millions of taxpayer dollars he has squandered to stay in power since his coup, omnipotent rule he intends to cement via the election next month.

Snuck in via side doors but acting big with supporters
Most of the supporters last night were Indo-Fijians (there would be at least 100,000 Indians living in Auckland, so is this such a big number?)

Sadly, many see Bainimarama as a benevolent benefactor: his grand gesture the removal of the country’s last democratically-elected prime minister, Laisenia Qarase – ousted supposedly because of his anti-Indian policies and the Qoliqoli bill.

We now know Bainimarama’s motives were less than pure and while the hostilities between him and Qarase made it easy for him to overthrow the government, there was much to it than that.

Indians have certainly had a raw deal in Fiji and there are many who don’t believe they need to know beyond that, least of all Bainimarama’s crimes, including the death of citizens under his watch, the laws he continues to change to suit himself, the muzzling of media, churches, unions and NGOs, the corruption and nepotism, not to mention the trampling of itaukei rights.

There is no rule of law in Fiji so it’s all too easy to play to the audience with throwaway lines about ‘tevoros and losers.’

But we need to keep the focus on making sure people remember the illegals acts of Bainimarama and those in government with him – and the ongoing military dictatorship that will continue after September 17.

Qarase has complicated things by entering the fray again, sparking a sense of Groundhog Day, with his reported comments there is no equality of citizens in Fiji.

And yet there is truth in the thought, albeit unpalatable though it is too many, especially Indians, who are outraged and angered at the suggestion they may not be ‘equal’.

Thankfully, some have seen through the subsequent regime spin doctoring and have come to Qarase’s defence.

Mick Beddoes says Qarase has assured him he was misquoted but adds he understands where Qarase was coming from.

He says there is no better example of the unfair playing field than that of Bainimarama’s talks of equal citizenry and the hypocritical ‘irrevocable immunity’ he has allowed for himself, the president, his Cabinet ministers, the RFMF, police, judiciary and the public service.
The dictator has boasted again just this week that he has equalled us all in Fiji, but this is a lie. Indians have been elevated but it has come at the price of the rights of itaukei. Citizens across the board have, meanwhile, all been robbed of their rights to freedom and a democratic government.
Bainimarama has made things worse for Fiji but that is oft the case when devils assume power because of greed and ambition.

source – c4.5; Posted by Rusi Varani for SWM

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