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August 5, 2014

Picture Remember this, the 2014 Budget: selling the farm assets? Yes, Rewa Dairy was also sold to CJ Patel, the same crook who owns pro-dictatorship Fiji Sun newspaper. It was facilitated by the corrupt and lying Khaiyum’s corrupt Aunty Bano Ali, who got paid over one million dollars for her services. The Fiji Airways AIRBUS planes do not belong to the people of Fiji! They belong instead to Waqavuka Limited, which is also run by Bano Ali on behalf of Khiayum and Bainimarama …… What else are these lying, corrupt, criminals also hiding from the people of Fiji?! Especially when the y have banned the auditor general from revealing any of their secret deals and multiple salaries! So if Khaiyum and Bainimarama win the elections then they will do more than just hide the truth from you the people, they will continue to: steal Fiji’s wealth and resources give their uneducated children, family and friends top jobs that they know nothing about steal native lands lie to your faces beat-up and intimidate citizens rule Fiji for ever, because they will change all the laws and the constitution to give them what they want, and worst of all – murder, torture and rape will become acceptable under their dictatorship! Picture Picture Click HERE to read more at Shazzer & Grubby Picture Picture Fiji’s Fiction Broadcasting Corporation [FBC] reports that vehicles belonging to supporters of the corrupt and illegal FijiFirst party have been vandalized. What exciting news! Hooray! The oppressed people of Fiji, who have been intimidated, beaten-up, tortured, murdered and banned from free speech, since December 2006, have found a new medium to voice their disgust at the corrupt, lying and illegal FijiFirst party. FBC reported that supporters of FijiFirst who carry the FijiFirst banner or logo on their vehicle have been targets of stone-throwing patriots of a free and democratic Fiji. FBC NEWS spoke to one of the victims who wished to remain anonymous. “I took a passenger to Vuci Nausori and after dropping the passenger – when I was returning to Suva – a group of i-taukei boys approached my vehicle and damaged the back screen – because I have the FijiFirst party logo there. I did not stop the vehicle because I was alone and it was night time….isa! ”FijiFirst General Secretary Khaiyum said that people should not be intimidated and report such matters to the authorities.“ A couple of people also told khaiyum that they were threatened, couple of cars had stones thrown at – obviously this is the kind of thuggery that the other political parties and their supporters engage in. This is hilarious coming from the illegal and corrupt khaiyum! Fiji’s impotent Assistant Police Commissioner Operations, Rusiate Tudravu, says it can’t take any action because there hasn’t been any complaint lodged. Remember, this is the same tool who has not done anything about earlier complaints lodged against Bainimarama and his fijifirst party. Rusiate goes on to say there should be an official complaint lodged at various Police Stations or written to through any correspondence in regards to such incidents that have happened or in the presence of any police officer – any breach of the law that is done he can defiantly take actions. Wow, did Rusiate suddenly find his balls! Where they hidden in the toilet cabinet or is Rusiate just farting our his mouth again with more rhetoric?! The FijiFirst Party also alleges that it’s members have been physically intimidated and threatened. – Oh, how sad! This coming from the very party whose leader, Fiji’s dictator and self-appointed PM, Frank Bainimarama, committed treason and removed a democratically elected government to stop the police from arresting him and his treasonous backers and sending them all to prison. In doing so Bainimarama beat-up and tortured citizens, murdered CRW soldiers and a baby and threatened everyone not to Fuck with the army! Yes, the FijiFirst party is all about lying, intimidation, torture and corruption to remain in power by hook or by crook! BUT good news! The oppressed people of Fiji are fed up of the lies, corruption and threats and are finally finding their courage and voice. Rock on kemuni! Picture Fiji’s criminal, lying and corrupt dictator, Frank Bainimarama, and his FijiFirst party continue to select low-life thugs into their illegal party. The latest low-life to join FijiFirst is Nemani Bainivalu, who lost control during a heated debate with a voter over land and is accused of saying to the voter, “..o iko na luveni kailoma sega na kemu qele”, which means “Oh, you son of a part-European, you don’t have any land”. Bainivalu then assaulted the man while the FijiFirst party president, Dr Luveni Jiko, looked on with a smile upon her face. But the dictator’s own mother, wife and children are all kai loma / half-cast! Its clear that the dictator, Bainimarama, has set a low-down standard for his party with his acts of: cowardice, when he abandoned his men to save himself, and in the process shit in his pants out of fear running through the casava patch! thuggery, beating unarmed men and women, jumping on the back of a pregnant women and killing her unborn child! murdering CRW soldiers corruption land theft lying and so much more! Bainimarama is NOT a leader. Bainimarama is a criminal running from the law


source – tff; posted by Rusi Varani for SWM

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