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SODELPA leader clear winner in C4.5 poll

June 5, 2014

Ro Teimumu Kepa: SODELPA leader streaks ahead.

Rewa Chief, Ro Teimumu Kepa, won hands down in our poll “Who is your preferred Prime Minister?”

1,377 people took part in the poll with 53.63% voting Kepa as their preferred leader – Biman Prasad was next favorite at 17.59% per cent, Frank Bainimarama third with 17.22 %, Mahendra Chaudhry with 8.21% and Felix Anthony 3.34%.

Kepa took the lead from the start with Prasad and Bainimarama neck and neck for most of the poll.

Chaudhry had a late gain but didn’t fire, same with Anthony.

Most of Kepa’s support came from Suva with votes from the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, the United States including Hawaii. There was one vote from Mongolia.

Bainimarama’s votes came from Fiji with a sprinkling from the United States, Australia, Dubai, Samoa and Colombo, Sri Lanka.

There was also an unusual number of votes for Bainimarama from the organisation Clarendon House with the ISP address Digicel Pacific or I-Pac Communications. Clarendon House also voted for Kepa but Bainimarama had the majority.

A battle of sorts took place at both Fiji Post and Telecom with votes also for both for Kepa and Bainimarama.

Most of Chaudhry’s votes came from Australia and New Zealand and Prasad’s from Suva, Australia, New Zealand and California with one vote from Canada.

The survey disqualified votes for all four candidates:  Bainimarama led the disqualification followed by Chaudhry, Kepa then Prasad and Anthony.

The final votes are as follows:

  • Ro Teiumu Kepa 724
  • Biman Prasad 236
  • Frank Bainimarama 215
  • Mahendra Chaudhry 101
  • Felix Anthony 46

Source – c4.5; posted by Rusi Varani for SWM

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