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Key resignation from Bainimarama illegal government?

June 5, 2014

There is talk Fiji’s chief justice, Anthony Gates, has resigned.

It appears judiciary staff are all over the news but we are of course seeking further information.
Can anyone confirm?

Meanwhile check out this email sent to C4.5:

Gates was three months short of receiving a judges pension when Frank carried out the coup.

he accepted to continue as judge on the understanding that his terms will be back dated so he can qualify for pension.

he has qualified for pension , sold his house and is now ready to leave before the elections is held.

the pension is the salary received during his term of judge for the rest of his life.

this was in the grape vine two years ago and is happening now.”

Also this: 

“Gates has not resigned. There is a deal between AG and Chen Young. “You make us win the election and I will make you CJ.”


“You are right in saying that he is a regime supporter, albeit passive in that he did not challenge the decree making powers of the AG and his attempts to deny the people’s right to access the courts or question those attempts.  Had he shown he would uphold the rule of law, he would have had overwhelming support from the lawyers.  

“Shameem’s influence on him must have been immense.  And I guess the meteoric rise of the Madam in recent times also confirms her total and unquestioned control of the regime and the people of Fiji as well.

Source – c4.5; Posted by Rusi Varani for SWM
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