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Booklet drama shows race on for grassroots vote

April 9, 2014

CCF BOOKLET: Under attack. Below: Khaiyum’s selective memory.

Ironies on ironies but as those who’ve been fighting for a true return to democracy know, it’s par for the course.

In another important battle in the lead up to the September elections, the illegal attorney

general is waging war on the Citizens Constitution Forum again, claiming a booklet it is distributing is ‘misleading, full of lies and damaging.’

Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum claims the CCF is trying to cause disquiet among landowners, denying there will be compulsory acquisition of land.

He insists thevregime’s 2013 Constitution makes it clear that if the state no longer requires land for public purposes ‘it must give back that land.’

Khaiyum is also wringing his hands over mentions the people can no longer have faith in the judiciary but let him deny there has been no rule of law since the 2006 coup and the abrogation of the Constitution in 2009.

Yet this from the hypocrite: “And all of us need to be very annoyed by this because we want ordinary Fijians to have the right information, to be informed by facts. Let them make up their mind. It does not mention at a single time the fact there was widespread consultation on the constitution. Not a single time.”

Regional governments and its media have been glorying in the ‘new future of Fiji’ since the announcement of a date for the election, the naming of Frank Bainimarama’s new party and the lifting of the travel sanctions.

It is an ongoing challenge though to sift through the propaganda, even as we hear media proclaim Bainimarama has signed up 2,000 supporters, just a week after announcing his party.

As the drama over the CCF booklet shows, it continues to be an unfair playing field and the regime and its well-oiled propaganda machine cannot be taken at face value.

With the guilty verdict of the Fiji Labour Party leader, Mahendra Chaudry, on three breaches of the Exchange Control Act, the focus now turns to the fate of FLP, the biggest party after SODELPA.

Who will take over as leader if Chaudhry is sentence to jail on May 1 and who will benefit from the fragmenting of votes?

source – C4.5, posted by Rusi Varani for SWM
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