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The TRUTH is ignored in bilateral talks

February 24, 2014


Shazzer & Grubby write:

Is the TRUTH ever mentioned in bilateral talks?

After talks with Bainimarama, Bishop proudly announced “He laughed a lot” I foolishly believed she was in Fiji as a MINISTER of Foreign affairs and not a COMEDIAN.

At the end of the visit it was further announced that Fiji’s progress towards elections was recognized.

But she was TOO BLIND to see the diversions along the way.

We have a new constitution. It‘s not the constitution the people wantedTHAT WAS BURNT. It is the constitution Bainimarama and Khaiyum wanted.

We have the political Parties decree and its various amendments. That stops any brand new parties from being formed and discourages new politicians from entering the political arena.

We have court cases facing Political leaders
We have unionists barred from politics
We have an electoral Commission made up of handpicked regime cronies.
We DON’T HAVE a supervisor of elections
We have NO IDEA how the elections will be run
The parties do not have the same access to the electoral rolls as the Dictators un-announced party

We have 1 RULE that allows regime members to commit SLANDER & LIBEL. ButPRISON sentences for the opposition. The same rules apply to the media reporting them.

We have the dictator electioneering like crazy paid for by the tax payers of Fiji. He is knowingly BREAKING HIS OWN LAWS but he knows the regime lackey Christopher Pryde will never bring a prosecution.

We have the AG threatening to amend the political parties decree again to stop unionists from even attending political meetings or being able to give their opinion to political parties.

The run up to the elections is FAR FROM free & fair.

But Australia and New Zealand are still pleased with the progress.

McCully and Bishop Please remember this Appeasing Dictators never works. You both seem to have forgotten that lesson, which millions died to teach the world.

Source – TFF; Posted by Rusi Varani for SWM
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