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Khaiyum forced to swallow Indian boob

February 14, 2014

Despite all the hype about India being a friend of Fiji, it seems its External Affairs doesn’t give a hoot about the illegal government in Fiji.
Yes, the Indian government’s Foreign Affairs team got the surname of the illegal attorney general wrong, and obviously had no worries about plonking right in front of him.
This ceremony was one of many Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum attended in New Delhi recently. In this signing he is putting his name to a double taxation avoidance agreement with India’s Finance Minister, P.Chidambaram.
It will no doubt be said the misspelling is human error but if India really respects and recognises the likes of Sayed-Khaiyum, it wouldn’t have happened.
Easy peasy: diplomats in India get it right.
It was an official visit after all, so all of the names and designations of Fiji’s official party would have been with the highest level diplomats.
So how come the error occured – and was allowed to pass – and putnin front of the supposedly-all powerful Khaiyum?
Some might say the name is complicated: if that’s the case, then the Indians should have stuffed up Jitoko Tikolevu’s one as it is surely foreign to them.
One wonders if the ambitious Khaiyum summoned the Indian High Commissioner here, Vinod Kumar, for a dressing down as he has prone to do in the past. C4.5 recalls him getting into a childish tirade a few years back when a similar mistake was made locally.

Editor’s Note: Another story doing the circuit reinforces the thought the only one Khaiyum really has pull with is the country’s unelected prime minister. According to some eyes the picture on Discombobulated Bubu’s blog shows Khaiyum reflected in the barber’s mirror sparking the joke Frank Bainimarama can’t even get his hair cut without asking Khaiyum.

Source – C4.5; Posted by Rusi Varani for SWM
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