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Fiji’s corrupt judge backs Vodafone scam

February 10, 2014



Vodafone Fiji goes from bad to worse!  Vodafone Fiji, under Aslam Khan, had the monopoly of mobile services in Fiji and for 12 years they cheated the people of Fiji with sky high caller rates, poor services and second rate and end-of-the-line mobile phones.

The sky high rates, in excess of $1.20 per minute, earned so much money that Vodafone Fiji became Vodafone Group’s 10 th  largest earner worldwide!  This led to increased salaries and massive bonuses for Vodafone’s managers and its CEO (reported to earn in excess of $700,000 per year).

Then along came Digicel to Fiji bringing low cost rates at 20 cents per minute, better quality phones and coverage and a far better level of customer service!  This was fantastic for the Fiji consumers. But really bad for Vodafone Fiji and its arrogant and corrupt CEO Aslam Khan.

Vodafone went to court to stop Digicel from entering the Fiji market, but lost as the government, at that particular time, wanted to provide the Fiji consumers with better services and competitive rates.  Yes, this was before the sweet taste of corruption and free money settled into the dictator Bainimarama’s thick head and nostrils.

Meanwhile Aslam Khan and his overpaid managers refused to reduce their high salaries and perks that were keeping Vodafones operating costs sky high.  This skyhigh operating cost only worked when Vodafone had the monopoly in Fiji.  But since Digicel arrived Vodafone has not been able to truly compete on rates, coverage, quality and services.

Vodafone resorted to false advertising and lying –  like introducing 3G services, and now 4G, but they do not provide anything close to 3G or 4G!  However, Vodafone still charged consumers for 3G and 4G!  This is similar to you paying for 50 litres of fuel at the pump but you only receive 25 litres in your tank.  What would you do if this happened to you?   And yet Vodafone is doing this to you everyday with its second rate services!

Vodafone also falsely claims that its services cover the whole of Fiji – it does not!  Government agencies tested this out with their workers in remote areas across Fiji and Digicel was proclaimed the better service provider.  These government agencies switched to Digicel, which caused Aslam Khan to run to the corrupt Khaiyum, a fellow Muslim and close friend, to lie about the government agencies!  Ajit Godagoda was also on the campaign trail hoodwinking Bainimarama [note: this is NOT really hard to do] and threatening government agency managers.  Minister Timoci Natuva also had to succumb when Khaiyum issued a directive to all government agencies to only use Vodafone’s services – irrespective of the high cost or poor quality or the poor services provided by Vodafone.

Now Vodafone is using its network of corrupt people and organisations to takeover a successful Fiji Rugby 7’s team and the Digicel Cup.  Remember, the Fiji 7’s team were poorly sponsored by Vodafone BEFORE the arrival of Digicel.   Now Vodafone wants to steal the results of the hardwork done by Digicel BUT it can NOT match what Digicel provides so Vodafone has organised a group of corrupt business and people to try and out bid Digicel.

No matter what Vodafone Fiji does it will never match the class and sophistication of Digicel.  In the end, some people argue that Vodafone Fiji, will ruin Fiji 7’s rugby…..Lets wait and see as time will tell.

Meanwhile read more about Vodafone’s corruption and nasty tactics in Fiji Leaks.

Source – TFF; Posted by Rusi Varani for SWM
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