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Bainimarama’s false words

February 10, 2014


FijiLive reports that Fiji’s dictator, Bainimarama, will call for applications from candidates to join his party. [News Mon 03 Feb 2014] SUVA, Fiji

Bainimarama [who is holding Fiji hostage] tells FijiLive that he will soon form his party to fight a battle of ideas to determine the future of the country.

Speaking at the Chinese New Year celebration in Suva, the dictator said he will be asking every Fijian- no matter who they are to join him.

BUT Bainimarama has a reputation for using people and being deceitful and evil.  Just ask:

  • the wives and relatives and friends of the CRW soldiers betrayed by Bainimarama, arrested, tortured and murdered
  • the family and friends of the innocent people who were tortured and killed by Bainimarama’s military goons
  • the women who were raped at the military camps by Bainimarama and his thugs
  • the parents of the unborn child murdered by Bainimarama, as he laughed and jumped up and down on the back of the pregnant mother, forced to lie face down on a cricket pitch at the camp
  • the people tortured by Bainimarama’s Staff Officers, Ben Naliva and  Rokura [who travels with the Fiji rugby team]
  • the parents of the 420 children that died from malnutrition
  • the thousands of unemployed Fijian workers
  • the women forced into prostitution to help feed their families and pay bills
  • the casualties of Bainimarama’s corruption, land theft and lies
  • the senior military officers who were dismissed for refusing to support Bainimarama’s treasonous plans to overthrow the government
  • the dismissed military officers, policemen and civil servants who refused to support Bainimarama’s corrupt practices
  • the thousands of Christians across Fiji who Bainimarama and Khaiyum intentionally insulted on Easter Sunday 2013 by insulting Jesus Christ on national radio and TV.


Source – TFF; Posted by Rusi Varani for SWM

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