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Bainimarama’s baby tantrums leads the way

February 10, 2014



FijiLEaks reports that the Education secretary Brij Lal punished a Labasa school principal who had questioned him about awarding ZERO marks to students who had sat a Biology exam.  Read story here.

FijiLeaks highlights the VINDICTIVENESS and bullying that has become the hallmark behaviour of those who have climbed to power in the dictator Frank Bainimarama’s corrupt junta.  The bully in this story is the “online internet PhD holder Brij Lal”, the permanent secretary for Education.   But he is not alone.  There are many more besides Khaiyum, the dictator and the dictator’s CEO daughter who have displayed, and continue to display, this same low level of maturity and baby tantrums.

Unfortunately, this type of behaviour will keep investors away from Fiji and from providing much needed jobs for the unemployed.  Investors will be too scared to invest their hard earned money in Fiji where the leadership behaves like spoilt little children.  The risk for investors is the childish tantrums that could lead to sudden and unexplained changes like revoking an investors licence or cancelling their work visas or introducing a silly decree that has a negative impact on the investor, etc.   So why would anyone want to invest in Fiji with its current climate of immaturity by Bainimarama and his military thugs and supporters.  No-one wants to invest under those conditions and especially under the corrupt and lying Bainimarama and Khaiyum.

So, until these two criminals are removed, Fiji will continue to experience low investments, high corruption, high crime, high unemployment, increasing record levels of national debt, and more lies and land theft.

Source – TFF; Posted by Rusi Varani for SWM


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