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Bainimarama Party Funded by Fiji Taxpayer!

February 10, 2014



Shazzer & Grubby report that Bainimarama is busy setting up his party and that he is selecting candidates, recruiting members, getting signatures and making campaign speeches. A lot of this work, says Shazzer & Grubby, is being funded by the tax payer, which is illegal according to Bainimarama’s own illegal POLITICAL PARTIES DECREE.

Shazzer & Grubby highlight Section 22 Subsection 11, of the illegal Decree as follows:

(11) For the purposes of this section, “political donation” includes donations of money, and provision of goods and services at no charge or at a discounted charge.

1- He is using soldiers to get signatures and recruiting members.
2- He is using members of the PSC to organize voter bribes.
3- He is using Ministry budgets to pay for Voter bribes.
4- He is using government Ministers to write his speeches.
5- He is using the Ministry of Information resources
6- He is using Qorvis as his communication advisers. They are paid by the Government and not by his party. (Qorvis is an American PR firm that is paid over $1 million a year by the Fijian Tax Payer.  They are one of the biggest political PR firms in America.)

What this means, says Shazzer & Grubby, is that every single person in Fiji is already contributing to Bainimarama’s party even though it still does not exist.  This even includes:

  • Fiji Labour party members are paying.
  • SODELPA members are paying
  • National Federation Party members are paying
  • PDP members are paying

Shazzer and Grubby say that there is GOOD NEWS in all this – it is ILLEGAL!  Therefore, Bainimarama faces a $10,000 fine and up to 5 years in Prison, which would stop him from standing for election.  BUT, the BAD NEWS, says Shazzer & Grubby, is that he will never be found GUILTY in one of Kraiyum Pays’ Courts.

Source – TFF; Posted by Rusi Varani for SWM
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