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Waqavonovono: ‘RFMF should not fear Fiji citizens and politicians’

January 24, 2014


The youth activist, Peter Waqavonovono, says the recent comments of the ‘outgoing Army Commander Frank Bainimarama’ blaming politicians and external factors for the 2006 mutiny are ‘irresponsible and unnecessary.’

 Waqavonovono especially disputes Bainimarama’s claim that his departure from the Queen Elizabeth Barracks should not be met with ‘fear’.


Waqavonovono: Political parties not a threat.

“Soldiers in the Royal Fiji Military Force should not fear the Citizens of Fiji,” says Waqavonovono.

“Nor should they fear the comments coming from politicians and political parties in the lead up to September General Elections.

 “Politicians gather their opinions from those around them, and so far, no political party or politician should be considered a threat to the military – they may be a threat to the political ambitions of Frank Bainimarama, but not to the Security of Fiji.

 “I ask that the RFMF instead respect the will of the People who have embraced the call for Elections and are keen on taking Fiji back to a democracy.

“Through voter registrations and discussions at campaign outreaches, the people of Fiji have decided to endorse the system and will go to elections under the new Constitution.

“If the Constitution must be changed, that will happen in a democratically elected Parliament.”

 Waqavonovono says the only person who can thwart ‘the elections and prevent our desire to regain our democracy is the Prime Minister unelect Frank Bainimarama.’

 “Even after he resigns from the RFMF as Commander, he is still Constitutionally the head of the RFMF and through the interim cabinet, still influences the RFMF that indirectly is still in control of Fiji.

 “Politicians and Community Leader’s want a Peaceful transition to Democracy and there is no reason to fear the will and the voice of the People of Fiji.”

 Waqavonovono says the 2000 mutiny & 2006 coup were influenced by internal elements within the RFMF and ‘we should stop blaming ‘external factors’. 

“In reality the actors trying to dismantle Bainimarama’s grip of the RFMF were military officers.  

“It has always been military officers. 

“The time has come for the RFMF to align and reconcile themselves to the WILL of the People. 

“The majority of citizens of Fiji did not want the 2006 coup; and after the tortures of hundreds of citizens at various army installations since 2006 and after two deaths at the hands of our RFMF, a reconciliation between the people and the security forces is needed. 

 “I invite the RFMF to now walk hand in hand with the people and vote freely with the best for Fiji in their heart’s.

“You should also attend political rallies and read up on party manifesto’s and make up your own mind on what is best for Fiji.”

Source – C4.5; Posted by Rusi Varani for SWM
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