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Bainimarama’s EXIT date

January 24, 2014

The Fiji Times reports that the MILITARY commander and illegal Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama asked his officers to give their full support to the next army commander as he will resign from the post on 28 February 2014.

Remember that Bainimarama lies, so this could be just another lie.  A new Commander will need to be as evil and corrupt as Bainimarama, otherwise the risk of a coup, eagerly supported by the people, will be high!  Unless, the new commander is just another puppet!

The new, and still unnamed, commander will take office on March 1, 2014.

Speaking in the indigenous Fijian language the dictator told soldiers that having a new leader didnt mean that his plans to use the military to save himself from being arrested and from going to prison has not changed.  The dictator asked the soldiers to show their full support and commitment to the next commander, just as they have shown to him, the dictator [which the soldiers did under the threat of torture and being fired or both].

The dictator Bainimarama said some officers had worked with him in trying to bring about a better Fiji for all Fijians but [when they realised Bainimarama was lying and corrupt] they had decided to work on other agendas to remove Bainimarama. ….

Yes, like bainimarama, whose agenda is to run from the law, steal native lands for his family and friends, take multiple salaries, murder, rape, steal from Cheap Chinese Loans taken out on behalf of Fiji, abuse his office, appoint his unqualified relatives and friends to senior government positions they have no clue about, receive bribes and become the most corrupt kai-loma and citizen Fiji has ever know!

The dictator said, that this was not a hindrance to his work of making Fiji a better place for all Fijians and to protect the different races that call Fiji home.  This is the “LIE”…. that bainimarama is using to fool the people and hook them into supporting his [bainimarama’s] evil, which is to protect himself, khaiyum and their corrupt family and friends from being arrested and from all going to prison.

Bainimarama committed treason, sedition and murder.  This is a FACT!  The people of Fiji voiced their objections, in over 7,000 submissions, to giving immunity to Bainimarama and his conspirators and post coup supporters. The people said NO IMMUNITY for those involved in the coups 1987 to 2006.

BUT there is a proviso here that anyone who overthrows the dictator and his small group of thugs and supporters, WILL NOT BE PROSECUTED for doing so!  In fact you will be saving Fiji from a lifetime of tyranny, corruption, growing Islamic influence over Fiji and doom!

To the officers and soldiers,…….. do you read your Bibles and praise Christ only on Sundays, for however long you are in Church?  Then every other time you ignore the teachings in that same Bible and tell yourself that you are doing your duty by supporting a corrupt dictator who committed treason, sedition, murder of your fellow soldiers, is stealing your ancestral lands, insulted your God, lying to you, stealing Fiji’s wealth while increasing debt that your children will need to repay?   Bainimarama also insulted your indigenous race, culture, customs and tradition, blaming your Chiefs and Church leaders for misleading you!

So if you stand for Christ then you stand for the truth and for saving your people from a lying, corrupt, murdering, rapist Bainimarama.   Doing what is right is hard, but following Satan is much easier! … so do you stand for Christ and the truth OR do you stand for Satan and his lies and corruption?


Source – TFF; Posted by Rusi Varani for SWM

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