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More Bainimarama corruption

January 13, 2014


More Bainimarama corruption


Fiji’s criminal military dictator, Bainimarama, and his greedy, evil, megalomaniac puppet master, Khaiyum, are always talking about good governance, transparency and stopping corruption. BUT these are just LIES when it comes from the mouths of these two criminals. FIJILEAKS has revealed more of these Bainimarama lies and corrupt activities.

In its article China’s railway industry is indebted and corruption-riddled, FijiLeaks reveals that Bainimarama had diverted Chinese Aid money to a Chinese company, Chinese Railway 5th Group, to build a seawall at his home village of Kiuva, in Tailevu.

So what!, has been the response of Bainimarama’s uneducated bakewas.  The interesting point is that the agreement was signed in 2010, BUT the Chinese Railway 5th Group was not registered as a company in Fiji, until the following year – 22 August 2011.  This is corruption!

This revelation can also explain the low grade bollywood performance by the megalomaniac puppet master Khaiyum, who is always trying to act sincere in front of crowds, and talk about transparency and good governance when it is al a lie!  Meanwhile, the truth about his corrupt and evil activities and intentions are being reported on pro-democracy blog sites for the world to see – except for those uneducated and crossed-eyed Bainimarama bakewas.

Source – TTF; Posted by Rusi Varani for SWM
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