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Dictator rejects FRU’s preferred CEO

January 13, 2014


FijiLeaks reports that the Fiji Rugby Union [FRU] faces its worst crisis in its 100-year-history because of the International Rugby Board suspending its annual $3.3 million development grant AND the dictator, Bainimarama, making matters worse by rejecting the FRU Board’s preferred candidate for CEO.  This is just another example of the dictator’s arrogance and stupidity hurting Fiji.

Contrary to his deluded belief, the laws of nature and good business DO NOT alter to suit his demands and tantrums!  Therefore, Fiji can expect more of the same idiocies and mismanagement with the FRU, depending on the dictators “time of the month”.

Not suggesting here that the FRU board and members of staff are the best in the business. Not at all!  But the FRU, as an entity, needs to be able to run itself free from outside influences, gossip and childish tantrums.  FRU must also hire “capable and results oriented” people AND be accountable to the people of Fiji for its results and mistakes  …..Yes, the FRU should also be accountable to the thousands of rugby crazed fans across Fiji… especially when they use “Fiji” in their title.

Maybe then will Fiji be able to select players based on their actual abilities and skills rather than on who they know, how good they look in tights, how much alcohol they can drink or how easy they can tickle the lunatic dictator!

Source – TFF; Posted by Rusi Varani for SWM
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