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New Year’s Resolutions from Kraiyum Krooks Klan [KKK]

January 7, 2014


Shazzer & Grubby reports that Fiji is an independent country that is being run by a Kriminal gang. It has one true leader, who has shown his power to control everything, even the puppet dictator.

In 2013 we saw Kraiyum Pays take control of every aspect of running the country.

The Constitutional Process – The Trashing of the Ghai constitution and the imposition of the B&K Constitution

The Judiciary – The Assessors Verdicts don’t count. Only Kraiyum Pays has the right to give a verdict.

The Military – All the senior opposition to Kraiyum Pays has been imprisoned, removed or forced into exile.

The Police – Another senior military opponent removed, NoValorHere, the Commissioner, Another military opponent to Kraiyum Pays was removed.

Cabinet – Colonel Sam, another military opponent was removed as a cabinet Minister. Kraiyum Pays acts like the Prime Minister and talks on ever policy whether it falls within his ministries or not. He also controls their pay, even Frankly Bananas, through his Aunty Nur.

The President – Kraiyum Pays makes sure the President’s says the right thing because he controls the speeches.

The Media – 6 month licenses for Fiji TV and a new government controlled board. Fiji Times massive fines and contempt of court cases. CCF also suffered ludicrous contempt of court cases. The Media does not ask any difficult questions of the Regime.

The PSC – 200% pay rises for permanent secretaries and 20-30% payrises for the rest will ensure their ongoing support.

Kraiyum Pays New Year’s Resolution is to be THE RULER in 2014.

Source – TFF; Posted by Rusi Varani for SWM
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