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Are officers pulling strings to get their kids into the police force

January 7, 2014

Is nepotism at work in the Fiji Police Force with the latest list of about 300 rookies showing some are likely to be kin or the children of senior police officers.

Check out these all too familiar names:
• C202 Henry Brown & W819 William Brown (Any relation to ACP Henry Brown?)
• C519 Benedito Bolabiu (Any relation to Inspector Iliesa Bolabiu?)
• C524 Selema Ligairi ( Any relation to Deputy Commissioner Ilisoni Ligairi?)
• C119 Sekove Vuniwaqa (Any relation to IG Isikeli & SSP Unaisi Vuniwaqa??)
• W720 Samisoni Ralulu (Any relation to Deputy DPC West Jope Ralulu?)
• C407 Rosha Odean (Any relation to Sergeant Odean at CPS?)
With un-employment prevalent in Fiji, no doubt senior officers see the Fiji Police Force as a potential place of employment for their children.
Maybe the illegal Prime Minister, with all his promises of transparency, should order an investigation into this latest recruit list and if any of the candidates named above are indeed related to the senior officers with the same name.
Source – C4.5, Posted by Rusi  Varani for SWM
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