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Nalin Patel hangs on to gravy train

January 4, 2014


Professor Wadan Narsey writes another fantastic article about “Good governance, Fiji Airways Board and Auditor General” (1 Jan 2014).

Professor Narsey states that as the 2014 election approaches, all voters (including those who pay taxes direct from their wages/salaries and businesses) must not forget that the Bainimarama dictatorship must also be assessed by the performance of its appointed public enterprise (PE) boards. The boards  are ultimately responsible for the overall performance of the public enterprise (including the appointment of senior management), with the “buck” ultimately stopping with the Board Chairman. There should be no ministerial influence or interference whatsoever…….This is what should happen, but in Fiji, this is not the case.  The PE boards are NOT transparent or accountable to the tax-payers.  All PE  boards answer to the illegal and corrupt AG khaiyum.  Bloggers have reported many instances of khaiyum over turning board decisions to suit his corrupt family and friends.  Professor Narsey goes on to say that if the PE performance is poor, an accountable and ethicalBoard (and especially the Chairman) should resign.

In Prof Narsey’s example, the Chairman of the Board of Fiji Airways, Nalin Patel, should have resigned given the litany of fundamental and comprehensive problems left behind by the previous CEO, with many of the new policies (presumably with the approval of the same board led by Nalin Patel) clearly reversing policies of the previous CEO (and the same Board led by Nalin Patel).  Of particular interest, is how Nalin Patel and his Board of Fiji Airways approved the purchase of three planes costing one billion dollars (with hundreds of millions of FNPF money thrown in as collateral) without a business “development plan”.

Despite all these problems and issues Nalin Patel did NOT resign, clearly choosing instead to ignore good governance, over the past seven years, in exchange for the juicy rewards and perks from corruption. Meanwhile, giving false praise to the corrupt and treasonous dictator Bainimarama and his puppet master Khaiyum.

Prof Narsey suggests that readers do a google search for “psychology of brown-nosing” and read what comes up, starting with this article – Beware of flattery that ends with a quote by Martin Luther (1483–1546) in his letter to Pope Leo X.  The quote is still applicable today and reads:   “The ears of our generation have been made so delicate by the senseless multitude of flatterers that, as soon as we perceive that anything of ours is not approved of, we cry out that we are being bitterly assailed; and when we can repel the truth by no other pretence, we escape by attributing bitterness, impatience, intemperance, to our adversaries”.

Source – TFF; Posted by Rusi Varani for SWM
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