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Dictator abuses taxpayer funds

January 4, 2014

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Dictator begins new year with more lies


January 2, 2014 |
The dictator Voreqe Bainimarama, in his New Year’s message to the oppressed people of Fiji, outlined his new political direction.  The reality/truth behind what bainimarama is saying is enclosed in [brackets].

On this first day of the New Year, we [he and khaiyum] stand at the doorstep of our [their] Parliament under [their] new Constitution [that was forced onto you and your children].  Now the future belongs to you [but khaiyum and bainimarama will control your future as they please.  Remember their thugs have the guns, and our warriors are waiting for a leader to emerge].

Bainimarama said that gone were the days of a single loud voice dictating the votes of many voters. “From now, each and every Fijian is free to vote with their minds. The only authority to obey is your own conscience. You must grasp our future with all your might. It is your hands that will steer Fiji onward,” he said. [But the reality is that if he and khaiyum disagree then they will ignore what you want].

Remember the Prof Yash Ghai draft Constitution that reflected the voice of the people via over 7,000 submissions. The people voted against immunity provisions so Bainimarama ignored what the people wanted and forced his version of the constitution on the people.  All the while khaiyum and bainimarama had been falsely claiming that the people had been consulted – bullshit!

He said voters, before the election, must educate themselves and be familiar with all the candidates. Now he said four political parties had registered to contest the election and his party would be the fifth which would be formed and registered in the coming months.

The dictator reminded the parties to conduct themselves in an honest, no-nonsense approach to the election and to the Fijian people [which is exactly opposite to what khaiyum and bainimarama are doing now].

Bainimarama says that the politics of the past are unacceptable.  Why is this?  Its because the indigenous Fijians and their Chiefs didnt want Bainimarama to rule Fiji in 2000. So bainimarama staged a second coup that year and overthrew his Commander in Chief, the President of Fiji, Ratu Sir KKT Mara who had refused to support the Bainimarama and Ratu Epeli Nailatikau 2000 coup.

George Speight and the CRW soldiers were the scapegoats in 2000, and the treasonous Ratu Epeli Nailatikau, a vile Bauan Chief, and the dictator Bainimarama, now hold Fiji hostage and occupy the senior positions that the people of Fiji would not have given them in an election.

Bainimarama and khaiyum’s track record is filled with lies, deceit, fraud, corruption, human rights violations, intimidation, land theft and insulting the indigenous Fijian institutions, race, Chiefs, culture and their Lord God.

But come the 2014 elections we recommend that all voters go to the polls and cast your vote. Have your say because it will determine Fiji’s future, and also the quality of your living standards, and the lives of your children and their children’s children.

Therefore we recommend that you cast your vote carefully by first talking to various people and relatives and friends to get their opinions and then make your decision.

Be warned that Bainimarama and Khaiyum are doing their best to sweet talk you with their lies and false promises and even buy your votes with gifts Fiji can not afford, etc.

If you vote for Bainimarama, God forbid, then you will be giving Bainimarama and khaiyum the authority to do as they please and much more.  It will be too late then to change your mind and say things like, “isa, we didnt know!”

To vote for Bainimarama will be like a chicken voting for Colonel Sanders to kill them, cook them and sell them at all his Kentucky Fried Chicken stores.  In bainimarama’s case you will be giving both bainimarama and khaiyum the right to maximise their corruption, land theft, nepotism, human rights violations, attacks on the indigenous Fijian race and people, multiple salaries, free rides and manipulation of the law and judiciary.  The problems you face now with high unemployment and poverty, increased suicide and rape and assaults will all be magnified.  Because you will have given satan the power to do whatever he wants with you and your children and families.  So be well informed and careful before you cast your vote.

Source -TFF; Posted by Rusi Varani for SWM
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