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Culture of Fear & Denial

December 31, 2013



As the 8th Christmas under the Bainimarama Dictatorship passed, Fiji and its people are no closer to the promised equal society by the Dictator himself. Instead,what is now increasingly clear is the culture of fear and denial that mark the modus operandi of the illegal regime. That culture, sadly, also now exist in some quarter of the Fijian population. In turn, this has allowed the regime to spread its tyrannical tentacles unchecked. 

Fear has become the overriding consideration in the Bainimarama decision making approach. Fear of losing power and deservedly languishing in jail for his treasonous crime. Fear of his own soldiers usurping his illegal rule resulted in Driti being charged and imprisoned by one of Khaiyum’s appointed judges now plying their dishonest and despicable trades in the Fiji courts. Roko Ului Mara did the right thing to escape the corrupt clutches of the Fiji justice system as there were no guarantee of justice. Not now when it is under the control and direction of Khaiyum and there is no point denying it. 

Denying the reality on the ground in Fiji has taken on an art form. It has become an acceptable form of escapism to pretend all is well. This festive season will be like any other as people regale themselves and make merry as if all is well in how their country is governed. Denying the truth by the regime and its sycophantic cheerleaders is to be expected. After all they have everything to lose if and when the treasonous truth about their corrupt rule gets revealed, as ultimately it will. 

What is profoundly baffling is the state of denial by sections of the Fiji population out of choice, just to be free of the mental capture. Either they have been immunised out of fatigue from the length of the oppressed experience or developed it as a coping mechanism. Whichever one applies, all it provides is fertile grounds for the regime to continue exploiting them and it is doing precisely that. 

The truth remains that Fiji and its peoples cannot wish away the tyrannical types like Bainimarama and Khaiyum. The two are mere nodules of a cancerous infection that now slowly eats away at the core of the Fijian soul. They thrive because they are provided sustenance by naive and corrupt hangers-on who continuously massage their egos in the false hope their good sides will ultimately shine through. 

It is time all the peoples of Fiji have the courage and commitment to confront evil in the face in the form of Bainimarama and his illegal regimeand realise his intention to rule Fiji in perpetuity. Because not to do so is tantamount to Fiji selling its soul to the devil itself. I for one will never allow it to happen and let us all stand together on this.

Source – SL; Posted by Rusi Varani for SWM
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